10 days in france what to do

10 days in france what to do

10 days in France: Itinerary Ideas

10 days in France: Itinerary Ideas French Riviera. The French Riviera is hopping in the summer, and warm enough in the winter to head home with a sun-kissed face and arms. Its a wonderful counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of Paris. >>Ideas for a 3-day French Riviera itinerary. 4 to 5 Day Trip to Paris, France - France Travel Planner.

Learn more. This food and history-themed itinerary begins in Paris where you'll visit the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dameand join a gastronomy tour in Canal Saint-Martin to sample the city's top artisanal producers and markets.

On your last morning in Paris, you'll take a class at a French bakery to learn the secrets of making the perfect French baguette and croissant in a course taught by the master artisan baker himself. Make sure to check out the embroidered Bayeux Tapestry what foods burn calories fast learn about the dramatic story of the Norman invasion of England intold in 58 vivid scenes.

You'll also take a day-trip to the stunning island of What are the usual effects of prolonged anxiety Saint Michel where a guide will take you through the narrow cobbled streets around the village with granite or half-timbered houses.

During a free day, drive around the towns of the Loire Valley set on the banks of Europe's last untamed river. One of the highlights will be a restful lunch away from tourist groups in a beautiful privately-owned chateau still inhabited by the family. This day adventure combines three how to transfer photos from computer to phone France's easternmost scenic gemsa nice option for travelers interested in experiencing the French Alps by train, where you can relax and soak in the views.

This is where you can wander the narrow cobblestoned streets in search of the famous traboules hidden passageways. Perhaps Lyon's best attraction, though, is its dining scene; gourmands will love checking out the wide array Lyonnaise restaurants, informal brasseries, and Michelin-starred Auberge de Collongesfounded by the celebrity chef Paul Bocuse. You'll get out of the city with guided tours that visit cheesemakers, farmers, and vineyards in the Beaujolais wine region.

Your next train destination is Annecyone of the most popular towns in the French Alps, thanks to its surrounding forests and mountains, plus a freshwater lake called Lake d'Annecy. The picturesque town is also home to a number of important places and monuments in France.

The next day is a free day to check out the beaches or visit more historic sights in town. Chamonix is best-known for Mont Blancthe highest mountain in France, which stands at the edge of the town, as well as the popular alpine ski resort. That being said, the town is busy year-round with those seeking to enjoy outdoor activities in the stunning settings that surround the region.

You'll also have access to the Glacioriuman interactive presentation that answers questions related to climate and the environment and how glaciers will change in the future. Ideal for adventurous types, this exciting self-drive itinerary best during warmer months gets to the heart of How to assemble a rubbermaid shed starting with a boat tour in Calanques National Park where you can swim in the park's hidden coves, or hit the trails.

Next, you'll drive north to the medieval mountain village of Les Baux de Provence and explore narrow cobbled streets, charming houses, and a fortified castle built during the 10th century. You'll also have time for outdoor excursions in Les Alpilles Natural Park the perfect place for rock climbing, hiking, and horseback riding in the pine and oak forests.

Next is a visit to Avignonthe medieval city that housed the Pope in what is 7 degrees f in celsius 14th century.

You'll also have time to explore the city's pretty squares and the medieval bridge along the Rhone River. Then create your own adventure as you weave through the beautiful villages, vineyards, and orchards in the fertile Luberon area. Later in the trip, you'll take a sunrise hot-air balloon ride for birds-eye views of the Alpes de Haute Provence. You'll want 10 days in france what to do snap plenty of photos before making 10 days in france what to do way to Lac de Sainte Croix du Verdonwhere you can enjoy sailing, swimming, windsurfing, or kayaking in its emerald-green waters.

Then visit Moustiers Sainte Marie near the entrance to the spectacular Gorges du Verdonthe deepest canyon in France, a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts with hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing, to name a few. Finish the trip in Aix en Provence and explore the city's rich heritage, art, and culture on a walking tour with an expert guide. No need to do it all in one day as you'll return here at the end of the trip. From Paris, travel by train to Bordeaux a pedestrian-friendly city, among France's most exciting, vibrant, and dynamic places.

Next, spend three nights in the Loire Valley and tour a handful of gorgeous castles with private guides including one boasting a two-story gallery standing over the Loire Riverthe perfect place to learn more about France during Renaissance times. These glass boats embark at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with open-air observation decks for exceptional viewsa great way to finish the trip. For more great trip ideas, check out all of our day France tours and itineraries.

Planning a ten-day trip to France? If variety is what you're after, start or end your trip with three days in Paris, and split the rest of your time between two other areas. Provence pairs well with the French Riviera, or opt to chase the wines of Bordeaux with castles and history in the Loire Valley.

Learn more Plan your trip to France Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip. Get Started. Create your custom-made trip to France.

Pre-trip Essentials

While the best known sites in France are in Paris, there is so much more to see in France! In this 10 day France Itinerary, you will get to see the bustling city of Paris, drink authentic champagne where champagne was born, ride a boat through the Gorges du Verdon, run through the rolling lavender fields of Valensole, see the rich and famous in Monaco, and relax in the quaint beach town of Nice.

This guide will hit the best of France but also the hidden gems that are still untouched by tourism. I want to fair warn you.. But if you are planning or thinking about planning a trip to France, I really encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and focus for this wordy guide. Please keep in mind that this is a very active itinerary for people who like to cram in as much as possible to see. I have always believed there is a big difference between a vacation and traveling and this is definitely not a relaxing, laying on the beach for ten days type of guide!

TIP: Best places to stay in each city are listed at the bottom of the guide! I did a lot of research on best locations to stay in and I highly recommend all of my choices! Day 1: Check into your Hotel, Explore your Arrondissement. If you are flying from the United States like me , you loose an entire day due to travel time and the time change. Once you finally get off that darn plane, check into your hotel and grab some dinner at a local cafe! For dinner, head along Rue Des Archives if you are also staying in Le Marais district where you will find tons of restaurants and bars to choose from for dinner.

This guide only includes 2 full days in Paris, so that means cramming in all the famous sites! This is my favorite memory of Paris, getting a new pastry to try every day at a new cafe! There are endless to choose from on almost every corner. You can take the train directly to it, and it takes roughly one hour and costs only 7 euros to get there.

The Palace of Versailles is open everyday except Monday, as early as 9am. This is an extremely popular site, for good reason, so with that comes tour buses. That should paint a pretty picture of how enormous this place is! While the inside of the castle is beautiful and well-kept, the gardens are what truly made my jaw drop.

On the backside of the castle, there are gardens that go for miles and miles. It holds a vast forest, large lake where you can rent boats, fountains, and garden mazes that hold beautiful sculptures.

If the weather permits, you can spend at least an hour exploring the gardens alone. If you are traveling to France in the summer and the weather is good, I would recommend going into markets to get food for a picnic.

People are literally walking around selling bottles of wine to people picnicking. I doubt you will run into any problems, but if you do, just be respectful and put the wine away. From here you can spend some time exploring the area and shops. If you only have 10 days in France, you will want to whip yourself into that time zone as quickly as possible!! My go-to is Melatonin , which is an all-natural vitamin that is actually good for you! I decided to create a separate guide for you!

There are two main regions of Champagne: Epernay and Reims. These two regions hold the most famous champagne houses and so much history! Reims is home to the popular champagne brand, Veuve Cliquot.

It also has a lot of history and an adorable village. This is the more popular of the two regions, based on what I saw online. Reims did not offer that! The tours are long and affordable and teach you SO much about champagne.

Most champagne houses are along one road, but if you travel just 10 minutes outside of the downtown area, you will find the beautiful views of the vineyards.

I chose Epernay because I felt it gave me more of a variety to see! Again, you can read all about which champagne houses I visited and most photogenic spots in Epernay here! On the map, these seems incredibly far away from each other, but thanks to the Metro, this is all easily doable in a day!

Due to the protests in May , The Louvre now requires that you buy tickets in advance to secure a time slot. Like this photo!? I would recommend buying the earliest possible time-slot, for many reasons: One, because you only have two days in Paris and you want to start your day as early as possible. Two, if you want pictures in front of the Louvre you should aim to get there before the crowds begin to roll in.

And three, it is so empty the first hour the Louvre opens because the time slots begin to overlap. Let me explain: The 11am time slot will most likely have people from the 9am and 10am time slot still. So if you chose the 11am slot, you have to share the space with your time slot, the time slots before you and guess what? In an hour another time slot is going to be funneling in. I go into more detail with this decision on my Guide to the Louvre.

I chose the earliest time to go in the Louvre and the first hour was wonderful. We stayed about 3 hours, and I honestly would have stayed longer but the field trips and tour buses were taking over to the point where it was hard to walk through the exhibits.

If you want a detailed guide on how to buy tickets, how much it costs to visit the Louvre, what not to miss, and what to bring for a day at the Louvre, click here! After your brain is overwhelmed by all the history of The Louvre, walk through the beautiful Tuilieres Gardens to see all the kids playing in the park, couples picnicking, and people relaxing by the fountains. The metro station to get to The Arc de Triomphe is located just outside the Tuilieres Gardens and is only a 15 minute ride.

The metro will spit you out directly in front of the Arc de Triomphe. You will immediately see crowds of people surrounding the famous architecture trying get their perfect picture.

The most popular spot being the circle that is located in the middle of the street where you can fit the entire Arc de Triomphe in your backdrop. I highly recommend NOT waiting in a long line to get that picture, because why would you want to re-create the same exact picture thousands of people are taking every day? There are so many good photo ops, just like the one pictured above! You can climb the stairs to the top of the Arc de Triomphe that will give you one of the best views of Paris, because the best view in my opinion includes seeing the Eiffel Tower in the view!

To get to the Arc de Triomphe, you first take an underground tunnel located on the north side of the Champs Elysees. To get to the top, you will have to pay roughly 10 euros to climb the stairs. Head back to the same metro station to go up to Montmarte. Montmarte is an art district that is filled with so much history. Perched on top of the hill, this picturesque area is where famous artists, like Picasso and Van Gogh, practiced their craft.

Today, artists still gather in this district and are inspired by the beautiful views of Paris. You could easily spend an entire day exploring Montmarte, so if you do have an extra day in Paris, I would recommend splitting this up into a full day. If you end up spending more time in Paris, I only scratched the surface on things to do! Click here for more ideas on bucket list things to do in Paris. The train ride from Paris to Marseille is only 3 hours and runs constantly throughout the day.

This is the easiest, cheapest and least stressful way of getting to the south of France from Paris. You will need to reserve train tickets in advance using one of the train sites, I used RailEurope! Marseille is very scary to drive in, especially right by the train station. Once you get just minutes inland, the roads are very open, much like the USA.

You also save a lot of money on the rental car itself by doing this, so win-win! The agents spoke great English and were extremely helpful. Most European cars are manual and there will be an additional fee for automatic. Lavender blooming season is literally only two weeks. Whatever you read differently is simply not true. I went in the beginning of June and all the fields were still green. Driving through Valensole and seeing miles of rolling fields, I could only imagine how breathtaking it would have been.

People travel from all over the world to see this beautiful sight! Luckily, I was extremely determined and drove around for over an hour to find a small field of bloomed lavender. There are hundreds of bees in the fields and they will be buzzing all around you. If you are terrified of bees, I would just stay in the car or on the outskirts of the fields. The drive will be winding and narrow, but if you drive slow I promise you will be okay!

Moustiers St Marie is the most beautiful town I have ever been to. This quaint village is nestled on top of the mountain with beautiful views of the surrounding farm town. Walking around the village you will find locals selling lavender, a waterfall centering the town, and a narrow creek lining all the restaurants. What makes this town so important on this perfect itinerary is the contrast between the bustling city of Paris and this quiet, homey and authentic French village.

This is your time to unwind and appreciate the French culture! My best memory of this town is the strong aroma of flowers everywhere you go and sound of birds chirping at all hours of the day. I did not see a single american tourist while I was there, which made the time I spent there all the more magical! This place still feels so untouched from tourism , I was hesitant to even put this on the itinerary. The family-owned hotel had outstanding views, perfect location, and the friendliest staff.

Plus, they have a hot tub with a view, so need I say more?! This was by far my favorite day of the entire 10 day France itinerary.

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