Christmas is over now what

christmas is over now what

Christmas Is Over, Now What?

Christmas is Over, Now What? Matthew HFBC December 27, We have just celebrated Christmas. And with the completion of that celebration the media firestorm surrounding the holiday will quiet for another year. We will not hear anymore of the stories that have a tendency to get Christians all up in arms over the attack on Christmas. Christmas is over It is time to put away the things that would hinder us in our service. It is time to express our gratitude for all we have received. It is time to get back to the normal routine. And it is time to start thinking about the New Year.

Pretty much my whole year is built around my excitement for Christmas. I love everything about it. The decorations, the lights, the movies, the music, and occasionally, the weather. Now that Christmas is a few days past, it may feel hard to keep the Christmas spirit alive, but Christmas is more than just a time of year; it's a feeling, and you can make it last until next Christmas.

Although there aren't any spring specific songs that I know aboutthis time of year definitely is great for music. Many artists how to be get a six pack new songs around this time, which means there's rarely a shortage of good music.

There is also the added benefit of not being tired of it as it hasn't been played on the radio seemingly every five minutes. New blooming flowers are a decoration in their own right. This is the season of new, just like the presents you get on December Take the time to enjoy them.

What's not to love about summer? School's out, the weather is great and you already have a fun holiday coming up: the Fourth of July. This ovet the season where you can really enjoy the weather and have the opportunities to do more than you would normally be able to during the rest of the year. Also, this is the time for summer blockbusters so cool off from the heat in a nice movie theatre. Fall is more than just pumpkin spice lattes. It is quite possibly the comfiest season ever. As the weather starts cooling down, nature brings its own beautiful decorations.

Falling orange and yellow leaves can oevr anyone's mind at ease. We're right back where we started, and getting excited for Christmas again. It's time to crank up the holiday music and put on your ugly sweater while you sit around the fire with family and friends.

Taking time to enjoy each season for what it brings makes the whole year a lot more bearable and, besides, Christmas will be here again before you know it. While the 93rd Academy Awards are going to be a bit of a mess as has been with every pandemic-era awards showthe films themselves are nothing to scoff at. I scratched the surface a bit in my initial Oscars reaction piece chrisfmas, but this year's crop of nominees are impressive across the board.

Will the absolute dominance of 'Nomadland' win it all? Could 'Wolfwalkers' be another crack in the Pixar win machine? Will 'Mank's overflow of nominations actually result in any wins? And, most importantly, could we soon be saying "Oscar winner 'Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm?

I re-teamed with my fellow Odyssey writer and film critic Samantha Incorvaia to break down this years nominees. Like last iver, we'll be splitting the predictions between how to clean outdoor grill two articles, so go check out her article for the categories I didn't cover.

We respect the whar, but sadly, no how to stop the hiccups on a newborn on our team had seen enough of the nominees to make predictions that we were wyat in.

Here begins the start of my apologies for not having seen 'The Father' yet, although I've heard so many good things about it that are going to influence a lot of my predictions, including production design. Personally, I think how to make dark circles under your eyes disappear Rainey's Black Bottom' deserves this one, for no other reason than so much of the film is in confined space and has to have so much detail in so little.

However, I think 'Mank' what is a phone esn going to wind up taking this one. The old saying that the Oscars eat up any film about Hollywood kind of rings true here, as Donald Graham Burt and Jan Pascale's work does a lot in recreating so much of the glitz and glamour of the 's Hollywood. Darius Marder's film is entirely based in sound, specifically the human value of sound. That kind of deeply personal approach, combined with the film's recent BAFTA win, make this a fairly confident frontrunner chfistmas the Academy.

The other films all are deserving nominees, but the only other sizeable contender I see here is 'Soul. But if 'Sound of Metal' has the best chance in any category, it would be its namesake. Honestly I wouldn't count out any of these films aside from maybe 'Sound of Metal' mainly just lack of momentum.

All of the pundits seem to be revolving around Alan Baumgarten's work on 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' and I just don't see the same dominance for that film as I did a few months ago. From everything I've heard about 'The Father,' aside ovver Anthony Hopkins' performance, this is where it has the best shot. Yorgos Lamprinos' work has already gotten BAFTA, Critics Choice and Satellite nominations and the film revolves a lot around pacing tricks and camera angles to add to its storytelling.

Personally, I prefer Christmsa Zhao's personal touches on 'Nomadland,' but I think 'The Father' might have the clearest run of all of these. It is a bit weird that Dariusz Wolski is chdistmas up for his first Academy Award this year between his other work the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films, 'The Martian,' etc.

But frankly this is Joshua James Richards' award to lose. Refining his already stellar collaboration with Chloe Zhao from 'The Rider,' Richards captures so much of the film's stunning whzt of beauty and loneliness if I may sound so pretentious with stunning light mixes, fascinating character frames and helping to build the expanse of the American Southwest that helps drive the central journey.

In other words, everything needed and more. It's not the most fascinating year for Best Original Song, but all of the nominees are solid enough choices.

I would also love for "Io si" to sneak in for a win, as 'The Life Ahead' got way too little buzz this year as a whole and the song is lovely for what it is. But it seems like Leslie Odom Jr. What is the population of freeport bahamas Newton Howard's work on 'News of the World' is actually fantastic and it only goes to how much more momentum the film might have had if theaters were prevalent last year.

Emile Mosseri absolutely stunned me with 's 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco,' so seeing him get recognized for 'Minari' feels legitimately earned. Then there's Terrence Blanchard's work on 'Da 5 Bloods' and I'm just happy the film is recognized in some capacity yeah not salty at all.

It's nothing short of remarkable that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross dropped two full Nine Inch Nails albums last year and still had time to craft not one, but two Oscar nominated film scores. Of those two, while 'Mank's commitment to period authenticity is absolutely admirable, it's 'Soul' that has seen the most buzz with it's jazz-inspired ethereal movements courtesy of Stay Human's Jon Batiste. Thus far, 'Up' is the only Pixar film to take home an Original Score Oscar, but 'Soul' looks to join the party very soon.

I admittedly don't usually go too deep into the short film side of Oscar predictions, mainly because I don't wind up watching them until the last minute and this year was no exception. At first, I was ready to cynically declare Pixar dominance again with 'Burrow,' the short film attached to 'Soul' that was delightful, if not a bit simple. It seemed like the obvious pick until I delved into predictions a bit further and, for myself, watched 'If Anything Happens, I Love You. People, if you haven't seen what do dogs eat for breakfast, it is what is jane eyre about the book, but ovdr worth the minute runtime and apparently the pundits and a segment of TikTok seem to think so too.

Netflix's first animated short entry looks to be right alongside 'Burrow' for frontrunner, but given it's unorthodox style and growing popularity on the streaming service, I think it might wind up a deserving, if not tear-worthy, winner.

Maybe it's just my Twitter timeline, but aside from anything involving 'The Trial of the Chicago 7,' this might be the most contentious race I've seen this year christams terms of predictions. Let's ignore the other three films for a minute: in one corner, you have 'Soul,' Pete Docter and Kemp Powers' metatextual opus, beautifully crafted and pushing Pixar into territory rarely explored before. So the question stands: will Pixar lose? It's the much anticipated rematch between Glenn Close and Olivia Colman, get your tickets now!

It how to protect new car upholstery a bit funny thinking mow the absolute crash of momentum 'Hillbilly Elegy' got towards the end of last year, even though there's still a section of fans that are rooting for this to be Glenn Close's Oscar spoiler: it shouldn't be. Amanda Seyfried does have some really lively moments in 'Mank' and, even though I haven't seen 'Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm,' don't be shocked if the buzz might wind up being more ingrained in the Academy then we expect.

She's been up for dozens of Supporting Actress awards for her work in 'Minari' this awards season and her performance is everything the Academy looks for on a consistent basis. If 'Minari' has a shot in anything, it's going to be for her phenomenal performance here. Why did this year have to be so stacked in terms of lead performances? Anthony Hopkins has gained a shocking amount of acclaim for 'The Father,' 'Steven Ovsr breaks so much ground with 'Minari,' Riz Ahmed christma has my vote after 'Sound of Metal,' and even Gary Oldman is electric chrishmas 'Mank' even if his stranglehold on this category is getting tiring.

But then we have to turn to the late Chadwick Boseman, who gave pitch perfect performances his entire career and unfortunately passed last August, just before what might be his how much concrete to set a fence post best work in 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.

If that's not worthy of a statue, I don't know what is. Here we are, the eight films that made the Best Picture race and bringing up the eternal question "if 10 possible slots, why make a complicated voting system? Personally, I love all of these films minus 'The Father,' again, I'll see it soonbut there have to be some immediate exclusions.

That honor falls to 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' and, even if I don't love all of it's choices, I will never doubt the Academy's how to set up a drum for a timely, Aaron Sorkin penned, docudrama, even in a year ovef stacked as this. That leaves 'Minari,' 'The Father,' and 'Nomadland' as the remaining frontrunners. Of those three, while I can't deny the growing momentum for both 'Minari' and 'The Father,' 'Nomadland' looks like the strongest contender.

It's not the out-of-the-box pick to make me look smart, but then again, that rarely happens. There could very easily be a handful of surprises in this category alone, but Chloe Zhao is walking away with at least one Oscar come next week, might as well be the big one. What about you? Who do you think will take home the gold, and who might split the vote for Best Picture?

Constantly introducing young children to the magical works of nature will further increase the willingness to engage in playful activities as well as broaden their interactions with their peers. According to a new research study published in Frontiers in Psychologybeing connected to nature cjristmas physically touching animals and chrjstmas enable children to be happier and altruistic in nature.

Not only does nature exert a bountiful force on adults, but it also serves as a therapeutic antidote to children, especially during their developmental years.

Allan and Kristen Rogers highlight, "The researchers found children who felt connected to nature-feeling pleasure when seeing wildflowers and animals, hearing sounds of nature-engaged in altruism, or actions that helped other people. When I was in elementary school, I remember how thrilled I would be whenever we had class field trips! Those field trips were always exhilarating and a whole new learning experience because we would learn ocer to work as a team and then begin to realize how teamwork will eventually lead to our success in the task performed.

Taking the time to carefully and analytically crhistmas the sublime beauty of nature opens up brand new ways to take care of our planet in the efforts to further maintain the vitality of the biotic factors which govern our lives in a way.

We get to become more eco-friendly and kids are exposed to that relationship early on making it easier for them to always strive to make our world a better place! In fact, nature has been known to be the "natural healer" of many neurological diseases in both adults and children. For instance, medical journals have shed light on the fact that nature is a great cure for children suffering from autism, epilepsy, and stress-related disorders.

Hence, kids should definitely be exposed to nature during the early stages of their life as they will become more inclined to appreciate the vitality and importance of it. If there's one thing I'm absolutely terrible at, it's giving myself grace. I'm easily my own worst critic in almost everything that I do. I'm a raging perfectionist, and I have unrealistic expectations for myself at times.

I can remember simple errors I made years ago, and I still hold on to them. The biggest thing I'm trying to work on is giving myself grace. I've realized that when I don't give myself grace, I miss out on being human.

How to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long.

Dec 28, Christmas Is Over, Now What? How to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long. Bryce Lewis. Dec 28, Baldwin Wallace University. 55 Pretty much my whole year is built around my excitement for Christmas. I love everything about it. The decorations, the lights, the movies, the music, and occasionally, the weather. Christmas Is Over, Now What? Dan Rodgers Philippians , 14 POEM: Not too long ago, the Baltimore Sun conducted a contest, and the following poem received a prize for the best answer to the question, "What would you do if you had one more year to live?" "If I had but one year to live; One year to help; one year to give; One year to love; one year to bless; One year of better things to stress.

Christmas is Over, Now What? We have just celebrated Christmas. And with the completion of that celebration the media firestorm surrounding the holiday will quiet for another year.

Stories about schools being required to remove the nativity that has been a traditional part of the school play for decades because it favors one religion. Stories about a coffee chain that has snubbed Christmas by choosing to use a simple red cup instead of one that recognizes the holiday. Or my favorite. But now all of that is behind us. We can put away our righteous indignation along with our decorations. We can breath one huge sigh of relief that Christmas, with all its commercialism, consumerism, and controversy is over for another year.

But as a Christian I have to reconsider that attitude. I have to stop and take pause at my relief that what should be one of the most spiritually celebratory times of the year is over. I have to ask myself if I am actually missing out on what should be something of a booster shot for an ongoing and joyful celebration. You know, we do that with other things that bring us joy. Or at least I know I do. When something I enjoy comes along I savor every minute of it.

Then I look back on it with fond memories and often immediately begin planning for when I can enjoy it again. For example, I love to hike and backpack. I will meticulously plan for a trip going over and over all the details and planning. I will virtually memorize the route and the topography of the trail. I will plan the meals and where we will camp. And when the time comes I will enjoy every minute of being in the woods. Then after it is all over, after I have treated the blisters on my feet, cleaned all the gear, packed everything back into its proper place of storage, I will turn to my maps and guidebook looking for what portion of the trail I will conquer next.

I look to what work and joy is next. I do the same thing in my daily schedule as well because I also love to eat and some of you may be able to relate. I enjoy sitting down with one of my favorite foods and eating, savoring every last bite and crumb often even going back for seconds before moving on to dessert. But then even as I put away the mess I will often find myself planning for what I will eat at my next meal or perhaps what I will snack on between meals.

And as I thought about this contrast of how we often are relieved at the passing of Christmas while we find ongoing joy in what are ultimately passing things of this world it made me stop and seriously ask the question:.

Christmas is over, now what? How do I go on celebrating Christ? How do I use this season as a springboard or a booster shot that will help me to have an increased sense of joy in Christ? How do I make this season a time that I enjoy every moment of, remember with great fondness, and look forward to again and again? And as with everything I found that answer to those questions in the Bible.

But one that is in reality an account of what Christmas should bring next to the life of a believer. Our passage this morning is found in the New Testament book of Matthew chapter 2 beginning with verse 1. This is likely a familiar passage of Scripture to everyone in the room.

These are the verses that introduce us to the Wise Men, the Magi, those royal looking figures that we often think of in connection with the birth of Christ. Individuals we often associate with Christmas. Now I hope everyone has found their place so I would invite you to stand as I read just a couple of verses from our passage this morning before we pray.

We will be looking at verses but right now I want to read verses 10 and When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I want to start this morning by walking through the passage while making a few observations and then we will look at five things this passage shows us that we should do in response to Christmas and more specifically in response to encountering the Christ. The first hint that we often times look at the wise men out of sequence. Now I am not trying to be legalistic about inaccurate nativity scenes or anything like that, but I do think it is important to understand that this is an after Christmas event.

The wise men were not present at the manger. Somewhere that was far enough away that they made a significant trip and far enough away that they were not completely familiar with the political situation in Judea.

They were indeed wise. They recognized that the promised king, the deliverer of Israel, the Messiah, had come. And they were wise enough to respond appropriatelyby worshiping Him. Verse 3: Herod the king heard and was troubledwhy? He was king only because he and his ancestors had schemed with Rome to obtain the position. He was not even a Jew. He was an Edomite. All Jerusalem was troubled with himbecause they knew Herod would not be challenged, they knew even a hint of revolt or nationalism would cause him to rain cruelty down upon them.

It also betrays that they feared Herod more than they trusted God. Verse 4: Gathered chief priests and scribesthe Sanhedrin and the Jewish scholars who would know the prophecies of the Old Testament. Inquired of them where the Christ was to be bornHerod was no believer but he was not taking any chances. He would not lose his power and position even if this was the Messiah of the prophecies, even if this was the Christ.

The priests and scribes had no trouble pinpointing where the Messiah was supposed to be born, they only had trouble believing it. They had stopped looking for the promised Messiah. This is one of those places in Scripture that points to the beautiful fact that Jesus was born for all nations. Verses Herod schemes to find the child and we find our later in the chapter you can read it later this afternoon that he wants to find the child in order to kill him and any threat to his power.

So he tries to trick the wise men and very likely he did trick them. But we find later in the verses that he did not and could not trick God. Verses Followed the star to where the young child was and they rejoiced with exceedingly great joythey were not just happy.

They were indescribably happy to be in the presence of the Christ. That by itself would be enough of a lesson to take away from these verses. As believers we should be happy beyond what words can describe to be constantly in the presence of the Christ. But more about that when we look at the five responses believers should have to Christmas. Verse Housenot at the birth fell down and worshippedappropriate response from the most unlikely of individuals.

Verse Divinely warnedGod is not fooled and is always in control. Departed to their own country another waywas not convenient but they obeyed. This is an amazing passage of Scripture that honestly many sermons could be preached on. But this morning in the time we have remaining I want to look at five actions the wise men modeled for us.

Think about verses 1 and 2 again for just a moment. The wise men knew that the Christ had already been born. He had been born far away from where they lived. That will be just as good as going to find him. Instead, they saddled up their camels, road for miles, stopped often to ask for directions a difficult task in and of itself for a group of men and all for what?

To worship Him. To be closer to Him. They wanted to be closer to him. We can take a lesson in that. We need to be constantly seeking Him. Not in the sense that we are looking for something we do not have, because we have everything when we have him. But we need to constantly be seeking Him in order to be closer to Him. To live in a way that is pleasing to Him. To have a relationship with Him where we are constantly aware of His presence. How do we seek a closer relationship with Him?

Well I can think of three things we can do. They may seem like trite, churchy answers but the truth is they are good, solid, biblical answers. Things that if we or at least if I took them more seriously would lead to a much closer relationship with Christ. Simply recognizing that God is with us in all places at all times and that He is ready to communicate with us if only we will seek Him.

It seems simple and that may be what makes it so hard to do well. But if we will talk to Him and listen for Him with expectation to receive an answer we would find ourselves much, much, closer to him. Second, read the Word of God. Read the Bible.

Again, sounds easy, sounds churchy, and is something we know we should do. But again, often easier said than done.

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