Find out what properties sold for

find out what properties sold for

Recently Sold Homes

Search recently sold homes, condos, land and more at Find just sold properties from the most comprehensive source of real estate data online. Find Recently Sold Homes in the U.S. Whether youre looking for a specific property price or just browsing to compare home values, we have the real estate data you need. You can view recently sold homes on a map or in a list, filtered by everything from location to price to size. At RealtyTrac, we strive to make it easier for everyone from homebuyers to investors and professionals to stay informed on real estate trends and find the right properties.

Get help from a Pro. Find a Real Estate Agent in your area that can help you with the purchase of a foreclosure or any other property you're interested in buying. First name is Required. Last what is considered red meats is Required.

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Home Sold. Find Recently Sold Homes in the U. You can view recently sold homes on a map or in a list, filtered by everything from location to price to size. At RealtyTrac, we strive to make it easier for everyone from homebuyers to investors and professionals to stay informed on real estate trends and find the propertied properties. By looking at recently sold homes across different areas, you can learn more about neighborhoods, gauge home values, view how many years was vicente zambada sentenced to and more.

Start propeerties search below! Search for recently sold homes in the U. Alabama Alaska Arizona Proerties California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District Of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Propetties Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri See More.

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Want to know how much a house sold for? Find out what research methods are available to you to get the most accurate information on the sales history of a house. Do you need to find out how much a house sold for? Whatever your reasons, the good news is that there are a variety of ways to find out how much someone paid for a house. While you take the DIY approach and look up information online, data on sites like Zillow and Redfin isn't always up-to-date or even accurate.

The best way to find out the actual price a house sold for is speaking with a local realtor it's also free. To find out if a house has been sold, you can check out real estate sites like Zillow, but these sites are not known for their accuracy and often have dated information. The best way to find out how much a house sold for is to ask a local real estate agent who can look up the house on the Multiple Listing Service MLS. The MLS is a database available to agents who use it to list homes, find homes for sale, and share with each other the sold data for any property listed.

But if the property is in a non-disclosure state or county, you may be completely out of luck. In many non-disclosure states, even local tax and appraisals officials, and popular realtor sites like Zillow, have to get their information from local realtors. If the house you are interested in is in one of these states, contact a local realtor for any information on the property.

Zillow scrapes its data from 3rd party sources that access public records. Zillow also gets data when agents update the information on their Zillow profiles. But sometimes this data does not reflect the true net to the seller. For example, Zillow sold prices may not reflect any seller concessions. Or the data may include closing costs which would make it appear that the house sold for more than it did.

Want to know the true value of homes in your area? These tools can help you get a sense of the value of your home and others like it. But the data is often incomplete, incorrect, or outdated. Here at Clever, we can connect you with a top-rated, local agent for a free consultation including professionally prepared CMA at zero charge with no obligation to sign with any agent. The easiest way to find out how much a house sold for in your neighborhood is to ask the agent who sold the house.

Public Records Online Directory is a convenient portal to Recorders' websites accessible by the public. If you still come up empty-handed, you can contact a local realtor who can access the Multiple Listing Service MLS for your area and give you the exact price that the house in your neighborhood sold for. Most real estate websites have either an address lookup tool or a map that allows you to zoom into neighborhoods. Common websites include Homes.

On Zillow. If the information on Zillow is correct and updated, you may get a valid sale price. Real estate websites have limited and frequently incorrect information. Sometimes real estate transactions take a while to update on all websites including government sites. In non-disclosure states, the sales price of a specific home might not be available to the public at all.

This is why the most time-efficient and accurate results will always come from a local agent who has access to real-time sold home prices. Partner Agents have years of experience in their local markets and access to any information you need on local properties. Find a top local agent in your neighborhood today for more information.

These top FAQs about house prices should get you started. Local governments keep track of all property records. Each record contains the address of the property, parcel number, what the property sold for and all past and current owners. Alternatively, you can try the online Public Record database.

Also, the website PropertyShark. Keep in mind that some states have non-disclosure laws that prohibit government offices from sharing real estate information with the public. For most states, real estate transactions are public record. Many county offices even have websites, so you can access data online. Some may require you to visit their local office. When you want to find out the history of a house , you can do a fair amount of research online.

The site homedisclosure. You can also check legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, wills, probate records, tax sales, and even court litigation. These documents will also have the names of all the people who have owned the house, how long they owned it and what they paid for it. If you want to find real estate comps, you can get a ballpark figure by using real estate sites but they are hit-and-miss. Look for homes in the same neighborhood or zip code. The more details that you have on the home you are trying to get a comparable value for the better.

Note the condition, age and features. The exact location of the home is important. Homes near freeways or busy industrial areas are going to be valued less while homes on a corner lot will probably be valued more. Remember that estimates and historical data on free real estate sites are often incorrect or dated so the values you come up with may be off. The best way to find real estate comps is to contact a local agent in your area and ask for a Comparative Market Analysis CMA.

Top local agents are the most thorough and accurate resources when researching properties. Home Selling. Find An Agent. Best of Best realtors near you. Guides Find a real estate agent. Prepare your house for sale. Learn How much does it cost to sell a house. How do realtor commissions work. Selling your home? Get Started. Get Started Home buyer rebates. Getting preapproved for a mortgage.

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Beginner's guide to house flipping. About FAQs. For Agents Are you a top realtor? Guides Find a real estate agent Negotiate realtor fees Sell your house fast Sell a house by owner Prepare your house for sale. Learn How much does it cost to sell a house Average realtor fees near you How do realtor commissions work Who pays closing costs What is title insurance.

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