Five for fighting what kind of world

five for fighting what kind of world

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Don't be shy, the satellites can look the other way. Lose the Earthquakes - Keep the Faults. Fill the oceans without the salt. Let every Man own his own Hand. What kind of world do you want. Think Anything. Let's start at the start. Build a masterpiece. Be careful what you wish for. Jun 06,  · Five for Fighting is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and pianist John Ondrasik. Ondrasik was born in Los Angeles into a musical family. As a .

Five for Fighting is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and pianist John Ondrasik. Ondrasik was born in Los Angeles into a musical family. As a child, he learned to play the piano. In his teens, he learned to play guitar and started to write music. Spotlight Central recently talked to Ondrasik about his musical upbringing, his rise to fame with Five for Fighting, his songwriting experiences, in addition to his thoughts on the world today.

Spotlight Central: We understand your dad was an astrophysicist. Was he musical? So he was musical, even though he never really pursued music as a profession. My dad would always bring home the latest pictures from the moons of Saturn. His job was navigating the unmanned spacecraft and figuring out where things are. Spotlight Central: Is it true that your musical training started at the age of two with your mom teaching you the piano?

And she was wise, too. John Ondrasik: [ Laughs ] Well, my sister got a guitar for her fourteenth birthday, which I somehow commandeered, and I taught myself a few chords. Her name was Tracy. I was 15, she broke my heart, and I wrote a sad love song on guitar. After that, I got into recording and writing. At the time, there were these beautiful eight-track Tascam reel-to-reels with their own little mixers. I was able to talk my dad into a deal: if I worked through the summer in the family business, he would help me buy one of those Tascam reel-to-reels.

Once I started recording and writing my own songs, that was it — I was basically all in. Spotlight Central: As a young man, you studied opera. Were there any specific classical composers or genres you admired? Steve Perry from Journey was my favorite singer. I found him out here — his name is Ron Anderson — and he was the voice teacher to many rock stars including Steve Perry. So I started with him, and his process was to classically train his pop singers. Basically, his theory was if you could play Rachmaninoff on the piano, you could play anything —likewise, if you could sing Don Giovanniyou could sing pop music — and it really was a way to teach the technique of proper singing.

I got to the point where I had some aptitude for opera and had some opportunities where I could pursue that, but I was at home listening to Prince and The Beatles and Peter Frampton, and even though I was intrigued by the science of opera and the science of singing, my passion was more in rock and roll. I was very excited; it was kind of a dream come true for me. Who cares what you call it? Spotlight Central: Not to five for fighting what kind of world a great story! John Ondrasik: Yeah, an important point; great stories are hard to come by!

How did you do that? This is way past Billy Joel and Elton John, so at the time, there was really no piano being heard on the radio. And the song was slow.

It was a ballad. And I think it was just one of those things where, how to find my gateway address it was different and because it caught on, it became the standard it was.

But there are a lot of miracles that you have to have happen to succeed in this business. I was a rocker! But, yeah, I almost killed my own career. You write five different bridges. That was more typical of the process, and kind of the same as what I do today for songs you think might be kind of commercial, popular songs.

I kind of wrote it, frankly, as a little snipe at celebrity culture, where we have a lot of people — whatever their cause, whatever their politics, whatever their world view is — who like to talk. And, of course, John was on top of the world. Get out and do it! My dad is 82, and because of the pandemic, he how to do a handplant on a skateboard locked down how to make the greatest paper airplane in the world his house.

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World (live) Five for Fighting. World (live) Lyrics. Got a package full of wishes A time machine, a magic wand What kind of world do you want Think anything Let's start at the start. Think anything Let's start at the start Build a masterpiece Be careful what you wish for History starts now Sunlight's on the bridge Sunlight's on the way Tomorrow's calling There's more to this than love What kind of world do you want What kind of world do you want What kind of world do you want Think anything Let's start at the start Build a masterpiece, yeah History starts now Starts now Be careful 4/5(3). John Ondrasik of the band Five For Fighting launched a charity-driven Web site in ,, the first music video community site that raised money for charitable organizations. Visitors to the site could contribute by making and posting a video for the Five For Fighting song, “World,” or by watching videos on the site. The charities were personally chosen by .

Vladimir John Ondrasik III [10] born January 7, , known by his stage name Five for Fighting , is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, record producer, and philanthropist. He is best known for his piano-based soft rock ballads, [2] such as the top 40 hits " Superman It's Not Easy " , " Years " and " The Riddle " He also had a string of moderate hits on the adult contemporary charts in the late s and into the s, including " World " , " Chances " , "What If" and "Christmas Where You Are" Ondrasik has recorded six full-length studio albums, one EP, and several live albums as Five for Fighting.

Ondrasik's song "Superman" was nominated for a Grammy in Ondrasik was born in Los Angeles, California, a child of a musical family. In his early years, he learned the piano; in his teens, he learned to play the guitar and started to write music.

While he also learned to sing opera briefly, he soon decided that he would like to be a singer and songwriter. While in college, Ondrasik continued to pursue music in his spare time.

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in applied science and mathematics. Ondrasik later described the band's genre as "pop metal", comparing their sound to Bon Jovi. John Scott signed a management deal in the early s, but any hopes of mainstream success were shattered with the rise of grunge and the decline of the hair metal genre. Although John Scott did not release a studio album at the time, three songs co-written by Sheets and Ondrasik later appeared on a arena rock [13] album from Sheets' band, St.

Clair, which also featured Sarzo. Ondrasik did not perform on the album, but received writing credits for "After the Fire", "Shadow of Myself", and "Turn the Wheel".

After John Scott parted ways, Ondrasik says he then "went back to the piano, where I belonged. Ondrasik spent the early s playing singer-songwriter gigs around Los Angeles.

He signed with a music publisher, Carla Berkowitz, who discovered him in a bar on Melrose and Vine. Ondrasik and Berkowitz later married. He adopted Five for Fighting as a "band name" that same year [17] [18] at the request of EMI executives, who found Ondrasik's name difficult to pronounce. The song "Ocean" appears alongside "Bella's Birthday Cake" on some promotional cassettes, suggesting it was viewed as a potential second single.

AllMusic called Message for Albert "intelligent and well-crafted", concluding that it was "a promising debut that sadly lost its shot when EMI spontaneously combusted after the record's release. Capitol Records later re-released Message after the success of America Town. Aware Records' Mark Cunningham made initial contact with Ondrasik. His second album, America Town , was released on September 26, It received moderate airplay and peaked at 26 on the Adult Top The second single, " Superman It's Not Easy ", was a commercial success, reaching number 14 on the Billboard Hot chart and number 1 on the Adult Top After the success of "Superman", two more songs were released as singles — the title track "America Town" and "Something About You" in and , respectively — but neither song charted.

While America Town did not reach the top 50 of the Billboard chart, the album eventually was certified Platinum. His third album, The Battle for Everything , debuted at number 20 on Billboard chart in February It received mixed reviews from critics, with AllMusic praising the record's "nice craftsmanship" and noting that it was "one of the more interesting, detailed" records in its genre.

However, AllMusic was critical of the "pompous narcissism" of the lyrics, calling Ondrasik "deadly serious". He singled out "The Taste" for its surprising energy, writing that during "the only pure guitar-rocking song among the twelve midtempo ballads, John Ondrasik screams.

It's a raucous, Howlin' Pelle Almqvist moment of sheer unselfconscious exuberance. But then there's 'The Taste,' whose delicate opening gets pulverized by slashing electric guitar and a raw, screaming vocal. If we wanted drama, we'd get a thirty-piece orchestra.

If we wanted a rock edge, we went after it with reckless abandonment. Two years later, the album Two Lights was released; this became his first career top 10 album, debuting at number eight on the Billboard chart in August Its first single, " The Riddle ", became Ondrasik's third career top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot chart, peaking at number His fifth studio album, titled Slice, was released on October 13, , and appeared on the iTunes top 10 albums on the first day.

The album was produced by Gregg Wattenberg "Superman", " Years". Academy Award-winning composer Stephen Schwartz , who penned the songs for musicals such as Wicked , Godspell and Pippin , co-wrote the title track, as well as the track "Above the Timberline".

On July 21, , the first single from Slice, called " Chances ", was released for digital download. On May 27, , Ondrasik announced that he had left Columbia Records and his album Slice would be re-released on Wind-up Records along with the song " Slice " being released as a single in July Five for Fighting's sixth studio album, Bookmarks , was released in , peaking at 54 on the Billboard Ondrasik wrote and recorded the original song "All for One" for the one hundredth episode of the television series Hawaii Five The song debuted during the opening montage of the season eight finale of American Ninja Warrior.

He also appears on screen performing the song. In , Ondrasik re-recorded an unplugged version of "All For One" that was featured in the series finale of Hawaii 5—0. Ondrasik has been variously compared to other piano singer-songwriters like Elton John , Billy Joel , and Ben Folds , albeit "while still maintaining a harder rock edge exclusive to Five For Fighting. Ondrasik makes heavy use of falsetto vocals in his music, with Variety describing this as "a pleasant two-tone voice -- a tenor for setting up a situation and a higher register for driving a point home".

While Five for Fighting's singles prominently feature piano, his early albums contain songs with traditional hard rock influences [43] "Happy" on Message for Albert , "Boat Parade" on America Town , "The Taste" on The Battle for Everything , and others.

Accordingly, Ondrasik has acknowledged Nirvana as one of his influences. On his style at the turn of the millennium, when "Superman" became his first mainstream hit, Ondrasik said, "I kind of fancy myself as a rocker and a rock guy and here was this ballad. It will always be my first born. Five for Fighting's live performances take a variety of forms: sometimes Ondrasik appears alone, switching between acoustic guitar and piano. Five for Fighting sometimes appears with touring musicians on bass, electric guitar, and drums.

Five for Fighting also began playing orchestral shows in the early s, often accompanied by a string quartet; Ondrasik has also appeared with the backing of full symphony orchestras for these shows. He often covers songs like " American Pie ", " Rocket Man ", " Message in a Bottle ", [50] and " Bohemian Rhapsody " [51] at the end of live performances.

Five for Fighting has released a steady stream of live recordings since , including six live albums and EPs. Referring to Five for Fighting's success in the s, AllMusic called Ondrasik "one of the decade's leading balladeers".

In , Ondrasik became active on the public speaking circuit. Presenting on themes of creativity, entrepreneurship, and collaboration, Ondrasik uses his music, life as a musician and working in the family business to highlight his message. In the spring of , Ondrasik created the first video charity website. There have been five CDs for the troops and over one million copies given away. Ondrasik currently lives with his wife and their two children near Los Angeles, California.

He is an avid hockey and basketball fan, supporting the L. Kings and Lakers. Kings and is often featured on radio and TV interviews. Ondrasik's first car was a Ford Mustang that he painted purple due to his affinity for Prince. Ondrasik later restored the car to its original powder blue color scheme. He still owns the car and wrote a song about it called "65 Mustang", which appears on the Two Lights album.

Ondrasik is an Independent voter. He was a registered Republican prior to Ondrasik is of Slovakian descent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American singer-songwriter and pianist from California. Soft rock [2] heartland rock [3] alternative rock [4] Americana [5] pop rock [6] [7] adult contemporary [8].

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