How many years was vicente zambada sentenced to

how many years was vicente zambada sentenced to

15 Years For Vicente Zambada Niebla, A Cartel Figure Tied To Murder, Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking

May 30, CHICAGO A former high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico was sentenced today to 15 years in prison for his role in trafficking large amounts of illegal drugs to the Chicago area. VICENTE ZAMBADA-NIEBLA conspired with other Sinaloa members to import and distribute large quantities of illegal drugs into the United States. May 30, Vicente Zambada Niebla, the son of one of Mexicos most powerful drug lords, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday morning, but could be a free man in as little as five years.. Zambada, 44, appeared contrite in Chicago federal court as he begged for forgiveness for the harm he did during his years as a high-ranking drug trafficker, and pledged to lead a moral life upon his .

Zambada, 44, appeared contrite in Chicago federal court as he begged for forgiveness for the harm he did during his years as a high-ranking drug trafficker, and pledged to lead a moral life upon his eventual release.

The what is suspension in chemistry with examples Zambada has kept a lower profile than infamous Sinaloa capo El Chapo, but since the early s he has held steady control over vast swathes of smuggling territory. By the early s, Zambada had become a top leader in the cartel, and was responsible for coordinating drug shipments from South America, working out of an office in Sinaloa to receive drugs from abroad and send them north to distributors in the United States.

Following his extradition to the United States in February ofZambada attempted to use this meeting as grounds for dismissal, arguing that the agents he met with that day had promised him immunity in exchange for continuing to provide information to U. The government acknowledged that its agents had in fact met with Zambada that day, but argued that it had been nothing more than abortive introduction, and that its agents had not promised Zambada immunity and in any event would not have been authorized to do so.

Judge Castillo eventually ruled that Zambada failed to prove that his meetings with DEA agents warranted a dismissal. After about a year in custody, he began cooperating with U.

In light of that cooperation, prosecutors recommended just 17 years in prison for their star informant, arguing that his cooperation significantly mitigated the harm he had caused. And he has done everything asked of him by the government, even when his cooperation came at a great personal cost. In his statement to the judge, Zambada acknowledged the harm he had caused, and apologized to his victims and his family alike.

The year sentence issued by Castillo includes credit for time served, including the 11 months Zambada spent in Mexican prisons prior to his extradition,so Zambada is likely to be reunited with his wife and children as a free man in as little as five years.

He will then be subject to an additional five years of supervised release, the terms of which ban him from any association with people he knows to be involved in the drug trade, possession of firearms, or drinking alcohol to excess.

Prior to sentencing Zambada, Judge Castillo took a moment to criticize the strategy of the war on drugsarguing for a more humane solution to the issue of drug use. Are you kidding me? For the latest news, follow us on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. The deposition, in which Allen Weisselberg discussed leaving the legal side of money matters to others, hadn't previously been reported, said the Daily News.

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May 30, A former top aide to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman whose testimony in New York helped convict the Sinaloa cartel kingpin was sentenced to 15 years in Author: Jason Meisner. May 21, Vicente Zambada-Niebla, 44, coordinated trains, ships, Boeing s and submarines to move cocaine from South America to Mexico between and He also supervised Margarito Flores and Pedro Flores, twins from Chicago who smuggled tons of coke to Chicago. They both got year sentences after they cooperated against the Sinaloa cartel. May 30, Zambadas attorney asked for 12 years and time served. In the end the court handed him a 15 year sentence, with credit for time served. A reminder; the Flores twins, who comparisons were drawn to Zambada, received 14 years and time served.

In their page filing, prosecutors said the information and testimony provided over the years by Zambada-Niebla disrupted a major pipeline of illegal drugs flowing into the U. Unlike other cartel figures who offered cooperation only at late stages in criminal proceedings, Zambada-Niebla already had tried to leave the family business behind several times before he finally agreed to cooperate in , prosecutors said.

Attorneys Christopher Hotaling and Erika Csicsila wrote. And he has done everything asked of him by the government, even when his cooperation came at a great personal cost.

The bombshell news that Zambada-Niebla was cooperating did not become public until , more than a year after he secretly pleaded guilty in a locked Chicago federal courtroom. Zambada-Niebla was arrested in in Mexico City and extradited to Chicago a year later. After his arrival, authorities at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the Loop refused to let him exercise on the rooftop, citing concern over an assassination attempt or escape by helicopter.

Zambada-Niebla was later moved to a Michigan facility, and for years he appeared in court in Chicago only via teleconference. After his guilty plea in the Chicago case, he was secretly moved to an undisclosed location, authorities said. The U.

Bureau of Prisons website has no record of his whereabouts. In October , Margarito Flores attended a meeting with Zambada-Niebla, Guzman and other cartel leaders at a mountaintop compound in Mexico, the charges allege.

Flores told authorities that Guzman discussed a plot to attack a U. Court records show Flores later secretly recorded a telephone conversation with Zambada-Niebla, telling him the weapons were going to cost twice as much as they had thought.

The Flores twins were each sentenced by Castillo to 14 years in prison in Twitter jmetr22b. Skip to content. The sentencing is set for May Read more local breaking news . Latest Breaking News. Breaking News Fight at Elmhurst tavern spilled into parking lot where suspect, a Chicago woman, fatally shot man, prosecutors say during Saturday bond hearing.

Breaking News Cards with messages against police brutality dangle from Grant Park trees following vigil, protest.

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