How to blow a mallard hen call

how to blow a mallard hen call

The Flash Mallard Hen Duck Call

Jul 01,  · Stream Intro To Mallard Hen Calls by Duck Commander from desktop or your mobile device.

Several years ago, prior to the first season of Duck Dynasty, Balog traveled to Monroe, Louisiana, to spend a few days with the Duck Commanders. While there, he extensively interviewed all of the Duck Commanders in true Balog fashion. Following are excerpts from an interview he had with Jason Robertson, known as Jase to his fans, about duck calling.

My favorite call is the Duck Picker family of calls. They're easy to blow. But we have all the ducks covered — gadwalls, teal, mallard drake.

Everyone zeros in on the mallard hen. All calls are a little different. Some manufacturers just get anybody, pay them minimum wage, to put their duck calls together. With our system, everyone assembling the calls is a skilled caller.

But I like doing it. The original wooden call has been our number one seller for 38 years. We go from how to wave hair with curling iron tree to the call, and we do it all ourselves. Our calls are friction fit. No other calls are like that. The fit is one of the elements that affect the sound. These or note highballs, they're not natural. People say there are different calling styles, like an Arkansas style.

But ducks don't change their voices when they fly across state lines. And I see them get excited. The more ducks there are, the more they get excited.

So we use confidence calls in the background, like gadwall calls and mallard drake calls. Our calls sound like our decoy spread looks. The main difference between us and everyone else is that everyone else wants to be the world champion duck caller. Well, our judges have wings.

Put your call in your pocket, and just listen. Realtree waterfowl editor Brian Lovett has been an obsessive duck and goose hunter for more than 30 years, chasing his passion on the Dakota prairies and the marshes and open water of his home state of Wisconsin.

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Apr 07,  · Put one hand over the other. Pivot the edge of whichever hand is on top, then align the thumbs. Inhale from your throat before attempting a duck call. Put your lips over your knuckles and blow hard to make the duck call. Stream Intro To Mallard Hen Calls by Duck Commander from desktop or your mobile device. This call will do everything a Mallard hen does and will do everything a human thinks he should do on a duck call. Quack it, feed it, or hail on it with equal enthusiasm. Crisp sound creates smooth cadences; Short barrel; Modified from the Pro Series reed system ; Easy to blow.

At Wingsetter, we are committed to providing fast and efficient wholesale orders, we would love to establish a relationship with your company. If you are interested, click below. This unique call is designed and produced by famed caller Mickey Saso. Its unique 8-in-1 combination includes calls for pintail, teal, widgeon, wood duck, mountain quail, bobwhite quail, gamble quail and valley quail. The 8-in-1 call features an easily adjustable slide to allow for quick tuning adjustments.

Easy adjusting makes for always having the perfect pitch. Wingsetter EZ Flutter Game Call - The EZ Flutter game call is perfect for those hunters who look to call in game birds that use whistling noises; such as pintail and teal. With this call there is no need to flutter your tongue making it easier to match the perfect pitch of pintail and teal by letting the call do the work for you. The Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call should set the wings on those ducks- with a double reed it has been used in many areas with overwhelming success.

Manufactured by time Pacific Flyway Calling Champ Mickey Saso, this sweet-blowing call will have ducks turning your way. It's a double-reed mallard call that makes the seductive sounds of a raspy hen. Close menu. Shopping Cart. Shop Now. Featured Products. Specs - Produces sounds of many types of game birds Includes - Call, Lanyard, and instructions. Specs - Works for all whistling waterfowl and other game birds Slide tuner allows for adjustment of tones No need to flutter tongue Produces a pure imitation of whistling ducks with ease Most user friendly call.

Raspy Hen Mallard Call The Wingsetter Raspy Hen Duck Call should set the wings on those ducks- with a double reed it has been used in many areas with overwhelming success. Easy to blow, well suited call for beginners Double reed system produces raspy tone with little air through the chamber.

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