How to catch raikou in pokemon white

how to catch raikou in pokemon white

To get raikou in Pokemon white you must have Pokemon platinum,soulsilver,heartgold,pearl,or diamond. Next go to mystery gift on the following games to get a event dog.:it may vary so I can't guarntee you'll get raikou 1 3. What is the best pokeball to catch Raikou with? Listed below is a table of the best pokeballs to use for catching Raikou. This is calculated based on Raikou's catch rate, as well as the different possible ball modifiers, health levels, and status condition modifiers.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Whkte your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How can you get zoroark? You see i all ready have beaten the poke,on and also get the relocator. I have pokemon platinum so itry to transfer it but it says that no pokemon where found even thoug i have celebi and the three shiny legendary beasts. I also know that i have to uow to gamestop but they say that celebi event ended can someone please help me??

User Info: pharo Also i want to know the locations of the 7 stages the ones that where with N. Do you ever battle with N or Gethisis again in the game??? To do the transfer, the Pokemon have to be in pokdmon box. The transfer should work then. If whats a resume look like transfer Celebi, you will get a Lv.

If you transfer a shiny dog, you will get a Lv. Hope this helps! User Info: espeondude. User Info: Mooglesan. Zoroark can be obtained in these ways: - Having an event Celebi in your party, talk to a woman on the first floor how to paint varnished cabinets the GameFreak building, and you'll obtain a Zorua.

You will find a Pokemon matching the one you didn't transfer, and catching it will give you Zoroark - Zoroark would be pretending to be the other legendary. Other than that, you'll have to wait and see if you can get a free Zorua via Wi-Fi event in your Country.

And, in regards to the sages locations: Giallo: Located on Route Use Waterfall to get to the top, he's just past there. You'll recieve TM08 Bulk Up. Rood: Go west from Route 1 using Surf, and Rood will be catcn at the southernmost point when you are coming from Route 17 and You'll get TM32 Double Team. Gorm: Go to the Dreamyard, which is located nearby Striaton City.

You'll be able to pass through an area which was previously blocked. Go down the stairs, then back up the stairs, go straight, and he's hiding behind a wall on the east side.

You'll get TM75 Swords Dance. Ryoku: Head to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort, and keep going until you are almost to the deepest chamber, in the lowest floor. He is just before the room where you can catch Volcarona.

He'll give you TM04 Calm Mind. He'll give you TM01 Hone Claws. He'll be there. Once doing all of this, you'll hear a little about N's whereabouts from Looker.

And you never battle N or Ghetsis again in the game, unfortunately. Good luck! User Info: rosettarosso. I have a how to lower ldl fast zoroark and female zorua that I am breeding and could trade you one of their children if you want. User Info: totogirl Action Replay ,and then look through the list on codejunkies. Get an action replay dsi, if it came with an instilation disk use it to instal whire code manager.

If it didn't, google Action Replay dsi PC software and download the file. To get the code, plug in the action replay to your conputer and launch the code manager find the zorark code then move it to your action replay and read the instrution manual that comes with it because i dont want to type any more. User Info: dghgfhd. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status Zoroark? Answered Zoroark still obtainable?

Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot what is the area code for orlando florida username or password?

Zoroark still obtainable?

???? Raikou

Dec 12,  · the simple thing and trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver it over the wifi room with a friend. it from a friend or . Jan 27,  · After completing the Main Story and having defeated Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, the Legendary Pokemon Raikou will begin roaming the Kanto Region if you chose Squirtle as your Starter Pokemon. If found, it will be at Level 50 and will know the moves Thundershock, Roar, Quick Attack, and . Basically, You need to have attended one of the previous events for a Shiny Entei, Suicine, or Raikou, or the Celebi event, (All on HG/SS) You then either take Celebi to the people in Castelia who.

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She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Catch Entei and Raikou by randomly encountering them in Jhoto. Catch Suicune after encountering it in Cianwood City, Rt.

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It's recommended to capture the three Legendaries at night in the game because this means you can use both Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls. Dusk Balls have a bonus catch rate if the time is p. Head to where Entei is walk or run but do not fly! After the encounter in the Burned Tower, you'll see both Entei and Raikou roaming on your map, so you can easily find them. You'll most likely need to go to an area where the city limits meet a route any city, including Ecruteak City, Violet City, and GoldenRod City and continuously run in and out of the city and check your map.

Eventually, you'll see Entei close to you on the map and you can run over to his location. Battle Entei.

Entei will run from battle as soon as possible. Use Snorlax's Block attack to ensure that Entei cannot escape. Since Entei immediately tries to run away from the battle, you'll need to stop that from happening. You can also use Mean Look to prevent Entei from running. You may have to throw multiple balls between attacks. You can use Snorlax's Crunch to weaken Entei. Then hold Leftovers to regain XP as Entei attacks. Throw balls until Entei is captured or runs away.

You'll have to search for him again, but his health will be the same as when he ran away last time. Method 2 of Head to where Raikou is walk or run but do not fly! Every time you run out of the city's limits, you'll see on your map that Raikou is in a different area.

Repeat this process of running in and out of the city's limits until you see Raikou close to you on the map and you can run over to his location. Battle Raikou. Raikou will run from battle as soon as possible.

Use Snorlax's Block attack to ensure that Raikou cannot escape. Since Raikou immediately tries to run away from the battle, you'll need to stop that from happening. You can also use Mean Look to prevent Raikou from running. You can use Snorlax's Crunch to weaken Raikou. Then hold Leftovers to regain XP as Raikou attacks. Throw balls until Raikou is captured or runs away. Method 3 of Go to the house north of Cianwood City.

Suicune is to the right of the house at the north of this island but will vanish when you get close. Suicune isn't like Raikou or Entei since it can't be caught randomly. You have to go to certain locations to encounter Suicune before you can capture it. You also don't need to prevent Suicune from running from battle, so you won't need your Snorlax or Gengar. Go to Route 42, outside Mt.

You should be able to surf west a bit and find a tree you can cut. It will lead you to a small grove with three trees with berries in the middle. Suicune will be there, but will again run away when you get close.

Go to Vermillion City. Suicune will be there on the port leading off of the S. Aqua, but will disappear when you get close. Go to Route 14 of Kanto. It's towards Route Go to Cerulean City. You'll find Suicune next to Bill's house on Route 25 after you've defeated Misty and she returns to her gym. Battle Suicune. After you beat all 16 gym leaders go to professor Oak's lab and he will give you HM rock climb. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Yes, but it's a wee bit harder than waiting.

Quick balls or fast balls from yellow Apricorns, give them to Kurt and wait a day should be the best way to catch them before completing the game. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 7. There's no point in saving the Master Ball. There are no other Pokemon that run away like them. It's best to use them on these 3. Not Helpful 31 Helpful 8.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Try catching Entei and Raikou at night so you can use Dusk Balls. Timer Balls are also a very good choice for these fights, as well as almost any other Legendary battle because they become more likely to capture the target the longer you've been fighting.

A good way to get them is to put them to sleep or paralyze them. Never burn or poison them, because they might faint before you can catch them. Defeating the Legendary Trio is annoying, but not the end of the world. Suicune will respawn for a rematch in the Burned Tower, and Entei and Raikou will respawn and roam again. To trigger this, you must defeat the Elite Four and Champion again though, so try not to defeat them. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Don't use the Master Ball!

You don't need it, but you do need a lot of patience. Do not fly to capture Entei or Raikou as they will just run away from you. Helpful 42 Not Helpful 9.

Be careful when facing Entei and Raikou.

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