How to clean vintage rhinestone jewelry

how to clean vintage rhinestone jewelry

Avon Vintage Jewelry (1960's - Present)

Feb 21, †Ј I enjoy finding the vintage jewelry as well as other items for my buyers. This jewelry typically will show some signs of wear and or age. I also seldom clean this jewelry for fear of damage. I will always make known to buyers any flaws regarding missing stones or excessive damage due to age. I also package your items carefully for shipment. Get the best deals on Vintage & Antique Costume Jewelry when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands 24 Pairs Premium Vintage Rhinestone Earring Hong Kong Japan Napier Pat. Pend + $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Ending May 2 at PM PDT 9d 13h. Rhinestone Camel Brooch.

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One of the largest costume jewelry producers of its time, Coro manufactured some of the most collectible vintage pieces today.

Coro was popular in the s, standing out with its unique collection of brooches, necklaces and bracelets. Coro Craft duette brooch featuring swallows. Find it on Holly Puppys Angels. While Coro manufactured costume jewelry mostly for the movie industry, Vendome featured high-end pieces and pearl jewelry for brides. The Coro Duettes, the double-clip brooch that can be worn as a set or individually, were the most sought-after pieces of the brand.

The established itself as the main manufacturer of romantic jewelry styles, which were inspired by Victorian motifs. Some of these were flower designs like tulips, poppies, daisies, roses, sunflowers, as well as other whimsical figures. Coro made a few patriotic jewelry pieces during the years of World War II, which are rare and sought by how to use shock collars for dogs. By the s, Coro sold countless parure, which is a set of various items of matching jewelry, from earrings to necklace, brooch and bracelet.

Bythe assets of the company were bought by Richton International Corporation of New York, and continued manufacturing jewelry. Unfortunately, it lost its dominance to jewelry trends of the sЧbead fashion and tailored jewelryЧand to other competition. ByCoro left the jewelry industry after 78 years in the business. Katz filed most of the Coro patents, including the mechanism of the Coro Duette, as well as some of its designs including several figures of jelly bellies, animals, insects, sea creatures, objects, people and vintxge.

Coro even designed a brooch with a leak-proof perfume bottle, so the wearer could carry her favorite scent. The company created designs using various materials in its collections including pressed glass, Lucite, enamel, faux pearls, rhinestones, colored metal, sterling silver and gold. They also created several unique designs including the famous Duettes, tremblant floral pins which trembled or moved with the wearerjelly belly pins and other elaborate costume jewelry designs.

Building a jewelry collection of pieces from the past is quite intimidating, but you can never go wrong with Coro jewelry. Coro owl duette See it on Ovallegra. Some of the most popular Coro Duette designs feature whimsical birds, including this pair of enamel owl brooch.

See it here. This enameled fish brooch is decorated with rhinestones and moonstones set in rhodium-plated metal. It features the intricacy, detail and stunning hues and textures that Coro is known for. Coro bettle jelly belly pin by Ms Malenas Vintage. Like many other jewelry brands of the time, including Trifari and Monet, jelly belly pins were highly popular and in style.

This one is a perfect example of the exquisite beauty of many of these jelly belly pins. Lucite flower pin by Coro. Add a vintage touch to your feminine style with this carved Lucite flower pin, giving a nod to the Victorian era. Clexn purple necklace by Bygone Allure. This necklace features the statement styles Coro jewelry often showcased. Notice the intricate milgrain design and the way in which the stones have been set in the metal. It truly makes for a showstopping cpean piece.

This stunning cocktail ring features a layered setting with a Victorian design, for a floral look. One of the best features of this ring is its adjustable shank, making it easy to buy your size correctly. Chunky and statement-making, this is for those looking to stand out. Over the course of its existence, Coro established three jewelry lines, and all of which had outstanding workmanship and unique designs.

Coro popularized the Coro Duettes, which were built on high quality metal frames, enamels, glass stones and faceted beads. Nowadays, the Quivering Camellia design is highly valued by vintage collectors. Other designs were turtle-shaped earrings and pins adorned with blue enamel and rhinestones.

Some pieces were nearly rubies or sapphires surrounded by rhinestones rhinesttone golden settings. Coro Craft was more elevated than Coro in terms of quality and value. It introduced the collection of chatelaines, Jelly Belly brooches made of Lucite bellies, as well as sterling silver bracelets plated in gold. The jewelry line also used rhinestones, which were called Diadem Jewels, giving its collection a luxurious appeal. The top of the Coro line, Vendome, also used Lucite, but its jewelry designers formed the material in organic jeelry.

Instead of the traditional Lucite stones, this yo featured Lucite leaves and petals in floral brooches. There were also silver plated bangles, gold plated brooches, cabochon bracelets and rhinestone studded chokers.

In general, the company utilized glass beads, faux pearls, faux moonstones, jewwlry glass cabochons, as well as pressed glass and plastics in its collections. Instead of colored metal and enamel, higher-end jewelry lines used gold vermeil, sterling silver, European crystals and rhinestones.

Some designs were even crafted in heavy gold-plated metal with a textured Florentine finish. Higher-end Coro pieces are made from sterling silver, which, unfortunately, is prone to tarnishing. If not maintained, most pieces will have an age-related patina, though it can be removed with a silver polish and a jewelry cloth. Depending on the design and material used in crafting the silver piece, cleaning might require help of a professional.

While you can still find How to clean vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces in excellent condition, others might jewelgy a few wear marks. Also, the enameled surface can easily be damaged or scratched with aggressive cleaning. Unfortunately, many pieces of Coro and Coro Craft are being reproduced from new molds taken from their original styles.

Here are some of the ways to identify an authentic Coro piece from fakes and reproductions:. Coro ribbon bow featuring one of the brands hallmarks. See it here what is radioactive half- life The Black Rhino.

Coro used a variety of marks in its collections, which can be seen on dlean back of the piece. For instance, early Coro jewelry was marked CRbut pieces manufactured in featured a Coro mark in script. Eventually, it also used a figure of a flying horse, the Pegasus, with the name Coro in script and Craft in print. There were also marks with Corocraft in script. When it comes to Vendome, the letter V was used as a mark. Apart from forged marks, there are also designs marked with various Coro and Coro Craft signatures although many of these have never been credited to the brand.

Since discerning authentic pieces is quite challenging, you might also want to check The History and Marks of Coro Jewelry as a reference. Also, others are generally cruder, have poor quality settings and stones, as what is atomic weight of an element as flashier, bright plating. Depending on the material, vintagge and workmanship of Coro jewelry piece, it can be surprisingly valuable, especially for collectors and the secondhand market.

They might not vintqge as valuable as diamonds, but they could be worth much more than you expect. Coro became popular for its interesting jewelry design, quality workmanship and versatility.

Init created its first Duette brooch, which became one of the favorite pieces of the time. The jewelry piece was worn to decorate the neckline, belts, purses and hats. The company also made fashion accessible with its jewelry lines, which appeal to a wide range of customers. Higher-end Coro Craft pieces were often featured in catalogs and sold in department stores.

Coro also innovated a lot, improving on other designs or adding their own twist. For example, even though the Trifari jewelry brand introduced the Jelly Belly brooches with Lucite stones, Coro soon introduced its own collections and even patented some of its designs.

Even though it eventually closed its doors, the company left a vintgae with its jewelry, now sought-after by collectors. Monet Jewelry Review. Trifari Jewelry Review.

Weiss Jewelry Review. How to Tell Real Coro Jewelry? Is Coro Jewelry Worth Anything? You may also like.


Dec 14, - Wonderful Vintage AVON Jewelry brought to you by the EcoChic Vintage Jewelry Team on Etsy!! AVON In , jewelry became a notable addition to the 80 pins. Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet 7? long $ Available #J Vintage Pendants & Necklaces. Vintage White Enamel & Rhinestone Necklace 15? long, central pendant 2 3/8? diameter $ (SOLD) Trifari Triple Strand Pearl Necklace 15? w/rhinestone clasp (missing 3 stones) $ (SOLD). I recently bought a large estate of antique to s designer jewelry from a Ф clean outФ seller from UK. In this lot is a Clear Quartz crystal and 18K sculpture/ pendant with Emerald eyes. The only marks ive found are 18k and A УJФ forwards and rkslogadoboj.comrds.

Vintage jewelry hardware refers to the various types of clasps, pins, earring backs, rings, and other elements used to create jewelry. NOTE: This is the final article in my four-part series on how to identify and date vintage jewelry. As time went on, the pins became shorter. Although mostly seen on older brooches, some inexpensive brooches are made with C-clasps even today.

The trombone clasp, patented in Europe in , was named after the musical instrument as it had a tube with a round top. You would pull the top out to release the pin. These were used in the latter half of the 19th century into the s, mostly by European jewelers.

Improvements and modifications made throughout the 20th century. It eventually evolved into the modern locking clasps in use today. Safety pin clasps were also popular and were used from the late s until the early s, and are still used on some hand made pieces today.

They are commonly found on hand made brooches from the midth century era, such as painted wooden brooches from Russia or micro mosaic brooches from Italy. The clasps used on bracelets depend on the type of bracelet. Wide bangles typically used secure hinges with tongue and groove type clasps also known as box clasps , while more delicate link bracelets used ring clasps. Wider link bracelets set with stones would often have fancy decorated box clasps. The lobster claw clasp in use today is a fairly new design from the late s, as is the toggle clasp.

The spring ring clasp, introduced in the early 20th century, is the most common vintage bracelet clasp. It has a spring inside the ring that allows it to open and snap closed. A variation of this is the sport ring clap, which works the same way, but instead of a nub, it has a ridged end used to open the ring. Foldover clasps were used on both bracelets and necklaces.

These could be either narrow or wide, depending on the width of the pieces. Pieces with stones would sometimes have foldover clasps that were decorated with matching stones. The sister hook clasp was popular in the s and s.

It had two scissor-like hooks that opened in the middle, then overlapped each other when closed. Early designs were rectangular in shape. Monet had a patented, rounded sister clasp used in its jewelry in the s and s. In addition, there were some specialty clasps used, such as snap clasps, unique pin clasps found on wide link and bangle bracelets, and unique hook clasps. As with bracelets, commonly used vintage necklace clasps include ring clasps, foldover clasps, and box clasps.

Often oval shaped, the long hook was inserted and locked into place. Usually, the necklace had a chain that allowed the hook to use any of the chain links, making the necklace length adjustable. The S-hook clasp is a variation on the hook, with a rounded, S shape. Older pieces will show some darkening of the metal, looking more like brass. In the kidney wire was introduced. This was a more sturdy and secure fastener, as the wire was secured with a hook at the bottom of the earring.

Both fish hooks and kidney wire earring backs are still in use today. Post earrings also known as stud earrings were also common at this time and normally the studs were threaded so that the backs of the earrings could be secured with screws. Up until the s all earrings were made for pierced ears.

In the screw-back earring was invented, allowing women without pierced ears to wear earrings. The earring clip was patented in and by the s became the preferred earring style for women without pierced ears.

The clip mechanism has been improved over time and clip earrings are still quite popular today. There are additional attributes that help to identify and date pieces.

Other jewelry parts such as the metal, plating, stones, and bead characteristics can help determine the origin and age of jewelry. These are additional topics that I plan to write about in the future. I hope this article has been helpful to you. Please click the comments link below this article to add your comments. To share this article, use the share buttons below.

You can also use the Social Media buttons in the right sidebar to visit my pages. Christine, I was impressed with the information you provided. It is simaler to an oval shape. Split at top section of oval.

The strange part is one side front hook is straight. The back half of clasp, how I see a tpye of safety latch. Anyway I would like to know and learn more about jewelry. You have peaked my interest more than before reading your article. I sometimes ramble and get lost in the thinking of it. Anyway these earring clasps are different.

The back piece has an opening for the front piece to go in thus securing it better. I was wonder wher I could find pictures of all different styles. Thank you for letting me ramble on, too. Very interesting.

This is such great information. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I am bookmarking it for future reference. Very informative and loaded with tons of valuable information for future use! Thank you so much for leading the path for some of us who are learning! Do you know of somebody who repairs Italian micro-bead jewelry? It is one of the very few things she had left that he gave her, so I would like to have it restored.

Can you direct me to anybody who might have the resources missing beads and one missing pin to restore it? Thank you. Sorry, Jean. You might want to try Etsy Ч there are a lot of craft people there who work with jewelry. Recently purchased a Czech necklace and did not know it came from a smokers home.

How do you clean the smell? Joanne, you might try putting the necklace in a plastic bag with a slice of bread Ч the bread should absorb the odor. Belonged to New York lady. No markings but brass. One is a bear claw with mink inside middle with pearl inset. Your information is very good for me as a beginner in her sixties.

Such beautiful designs. Thank you again Christine for sharing your well researched useful information with us. I find it very helpful that you also show photos along with the information, making it much easier to learn about the different jewelry styles and eras.

Much appreciated. A Wealth of Information I am anxious to start using. The Photos Really do Help with Identifying. Thank You for all Your Research Efforts. Thank you for your kind comments, Tammie. I thought your article was very informative.

It was interesting to learn about all the different closures, and I will try to keep that in mind next time I go antique shopping. However I was hoping to learn about unique closures. Christina, I too have a bracelet with a heart and rod closure. It large pale gold pearls and i purchased it from China close to 10 years ago. Hope this helps! I started collecting bracelets that had these kind of closures, but did not know why. I guess, my guesses have been paying off for me, if I ever sell the collection, that isЕoh, and something is only worth what some one else is willing to pay for it.

In the crest CM and bottom HR. Any idea or a good reference to further research? Thank u! How have I not found your blog before. So far I am loving it. Wish I could stay longer buy I have to go for now.

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