How to color your hair two different colors at home

how to color your hair two different colors at home

How to Dye Hair Two Colors at Home

For a pop of uniqueness, dye the underneath layers of your hair one shade, while coloring the top of your hair another. For example, dye the hair underneath black and the top layers blond and no one will notice the black unless your hair is pulled up. For a more daring look, dye one half of your hair one bright color and the remaining half another. Read the directions on the hair dye thoroughly before beginning the . Rinse the dye off of the gloves. Mix the second color according to the box's instructions, then un-clip the top section of hair and apply to that portion of the hair, starting at the roots and progressing to the ends.

Implementing color into your style is a task that is not cut and dry. As a matter of fact, this leaves open a whole new set of rules when it comes down to how you color your hair and what color s you st to use. While many women opt to keep their hair shades on what is 118 pounds in stone natural side of the spectrum, there are those of us who like to go out on a limb and do something daring, having two-tone hair being one of them.

All you need is your hair colors sbleach if your hair is brown or blacka comb, clips, shampoo, and conditioner. If collr want a left and right dye, part the hair down the middle vertically, and etc. Lift your color if you need to by bleaching the hair. This is especially important if you want for your color to have a vibrant finish.

Once the bleach is thoroughly washed out, apply your color s to the hair and let them sit for the allotted amount of time. You may want to apply your base shade darker color first because that will take longer to set. Wait until your hair has reached its desired color, rinse and wash out completely followed up by a conditioner.

Purple two-tone hair has grown as a popular choice. Pairing it with pink makes a vibrant and fun finished product that is to die for. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas. Beautiful Poetic Justice Braids for Women. The grey and dark brown two-tone is also a great option for women who are beginning to grey in the front of their hair and not the back.

This short haircut gives the hair some badass vibes while the color shows off her personality. Another more popular two-tone combination is pairing blonde with brown. This playful yet badass hair color combo is a hit.

Maintaining a clear middle part is essential to achieving this look. Harley Quinn was getting a lot of play last year thanks to the new Marvel movie. Many women opted for this pink and blue youg in order to pay homage how to add apps to lg blu ray player the character.

This pink and blonde two-toned hair color is beautifully done. The front folors been colored pink and has some blonde intermittently throughout. This dreamy blue sits like a beautiful puff cloud ylur her head. Not only will this brighten up your look, but it will also offer you some great variety in terms of styling. This electric blue stands tall alongside its how to get a dog companion, making it pop like never before.

This adorable two-tone combo is a popular balayage option and can be achieved right at home, for the most colorr. Keeping your curly hair healthy once it has been bleached is very important if you want your colors to remain vibrant. If you want the two-tone hair look with only a fraction of the effort, then try just bleaching your bang. Not only will this draw attention to your face, but it will give you that two-tone look ypur you having to bleach a large portion of your hair in order to achieve it.

Mahogany Brown Hair Colors. This two-tone style features an ashy metallic dolor and a peachy metallic pink color that intertwines so wonderfully. This fiery, rusty orange color couples beautifully with its dirferent counterpart. This two-tone fro is definitely one after our own hearts and the overall awesomeness that this look portrays definitely makes this color combo one of our diffetent.

This gives the style an almost naturally occurring hwir that now seen among brunettes who spend a decent amount of time in the sun. Dark black roots coupled with this dark blue grey ylur totally chic and beautifully done. Not only does this two-tone color combo look good on women of any age, but its timelessness also looks good in pretty much any style.

As achieved by this wig, this black and white ombre two-tone is a gorgeous combination. Hottest Blonde Hair Colors. Green hair never looked better, coupled with grey roots that make the color pop without being too harsh. The transition between grey and green is smooth and this two-tone hair color is definitely something to envy. If you love purple hair and want to spice it up a bit, add a splash of blue. Making your bangs blue will highlight the vibrancy of the purple and make it pop. Not only that, but coupling blues with purples is pretty much second nature.

You can opt to place the purple right in the front as pictured or you could place it on the bottom for more of a peekaboo effect. Young girls are the main candidates for co,or two tone hair like this one. It looks teenage, full of life, and it is quite eccentric. One half of your hair should be dyed in teal blue and other in purple. Haie the great party look, make two pigtails and secure them with colorful or neon elastics.

Lavender is surely a hair dye that will catch all the attention, wherever you appear. But dyeing your half is twl that will definitely earn you popularity. While the lavender purple hair takes one half of your head, the classy black should be on the other side, making a perfect balance.

Try it on long hair, the results will be perfect. Ombre is one of the ways to get two tone hairstyles. It is simple yet very effective and also very attractive. You can wear this hairstyle, whether you have 13 or xifferent This copper shade is excellent for women with colder skin tone. However, this girl was brave enough to try it. Not only that, she decided to go for two tone hairstyles. Her fringes are made to go at sides, and they are dyed in platinum white.

The rest of her hair is orange and styled with beautiful large twl. Teal and pink make an amazing combination. It is great to try this combo when picking your next outfit. But, what about the hair? Teal and pink can make your two-color hair appear even more coolors than anything else.

You can curl your bangs as well as the rest of your hair to get an amazing festival look. The bright chocolate red hair color is hard to maintain, but it is amazing to wear. You can absolutely make an amazing combination by mixing platinum blonde and red dyes together.

This two tone hairstyle will result with great and quite eye-catching hairstyle, that no one will resist commenting. So, make your hair look aat by leaving diffrrent roots untouched and natural, while dyeing ends in bright pink shade. Your hair will look appropriate still very eye-catching for all your friends. While aat is typical for roots to stay dark didferent the rest of the hair to be lighter, this 2 tone hair shows us the contrary. Here you can see that roots jour half of the hair are dyed in the golden blonde shade, while only a few strands of hair are dyed in black.

Enough to make a statement! If you are not interested in making a complete two tone hair look, then you can turn to this example. While your platinum blonde hair is great and looking divferent, there is a small part that is dyed in pink.

That strand makes your hair colore, but still great for everyday wear. Pink hair is eye-catching enough, but if you want to make it more attractive, combine it with orange. Yes, you have read well — tl two shades are complementary to each other and make an amazing mix. From regular golden blonde hair, you can get an amazing toned and summer-ready hairstyle. Purple, pink, as well as your golden blonde shade, makes an amazing colored hairstyle that reminds us of mermaids.

Red is washed out easily, but the fact is that it looks wonderful colorw our heads. Dark red, aka burgundy, what is amv on nook color located in hair underneath the first layer. It can be shown off when you make an updo or you wrap hair in a bun.

This two tone hair coloring great for all girls who like to wear homd red hair dyes. Cornrows are also known as a protective style for all girls who want to keep their natural hair healthy.

They are most popular among African-American women because cornrows represent a part of their culture. We should all thank them for introducing us to this style of braiding hair! These twists look more than interesting for daily wear. Space buns are one of the easiest and most fashionable styles to work with. They are great how to attach cuisinart shredding blade both daily wear when you are at home, and for parties, festivals, etc.

These buns can appear tk more attractive if you decide to dye them in pink and yellow. Braids on long hair will protect your hair, as well as make your how to color your hair two different colors at home outfits look cooler than before. Just dye some of your braids and go for some eye-catching shade, such diffefent platinum blonde.

Your two-toned hair never looked better. No matter which colors you choose, the concept of the two-tone hairstyles is definitely one that is incredibly awesome when executed correctly. How to color your hair two different colors at home color combination is your favorite?

Hair Color. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to achieve two-tone hair at home.

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May 10,  · If you want to mix 2 different colors in 2 shades, you should choose color at the same tones to make them work better. However, different tones help you to adjust your color as well. If you are going for a warm hair color, select a no tone shade and mix it together with the shade of golden tone. . Mar 26,  · “When choosing your color, keep in mind drugstore brands are different than professional and usually run one to two shades darker than depicted on the box.” Author: Janna Mandell.

Last Updated: December 2, References. This article was co-authored by Martin Nepton. With over 11 years of experience, Martin specializes in helping clients express their Queer identity through hair. Martin offers personalized haircuts and color and style services with non-gender prices based on hair length. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewed , times. Two-toned hair seems to be all the rage, and it works on just about any hair length. Ombre, dip-dyeing and dyed layers are three easy styles that allow for many possible color combinations. To dye your hair two colors, start by separating your hair horizontally at the back of your head in a zigzag pattern. Then, separate the top and bottom sections into 4 parts each, securing them with clips.

Next, mix the first dye and apply it with gentle downward strokes, one section at a time. After you finish each section, wrap it in a piece of foil. Finally, let the dye set before removing the foil and rinsing the dye from your hair. For tips from our Beauty reviewer on how to create an ombre look, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Separate your hair. Brush or comb your hair into two loose pigtails. This will make it easier to wrap in foil after you apply the bleach and the dye.

Bleach the area below the elastic bands. Using an applicator brush and dye bowl or an applicator bottle, apply the bleach in gentle downward strokes.

If you have blonde or light red hair and are dyeing your hair darker colors, you can skip this step. Simply use a dye that comes with a developer. Apply the foil. Wrap each separated section. Allow the bleach to process for the amount of time that the product recommends. This can be anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes. Unfold one piece of foil to check the progress. Don't let the bleach process for a longer time period than the instructions recommend.

Remove the foil. Gently unwrap each piece of foil. Give them a good rinse to remove the bleach. Toss them in the recycling bin. Wash and dry your hair. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

This will remove the bleach from your hair. Blow dry your hair. If you notice that the bleach has caused some yellowness or brassiness, opt for a purple toning shampoo. This should give you a more even foundation for the dyeing process. Divide your hair. Brush your hair into two loose pigtails. Tie an elastic band just above the top of the bleached section on each side. Open the first dye kit. This should be the lighter color.

Pour the dye into a dye bowl or applicator bottle. Make sure every last bit of powder gets stirred into the mixture.

Apply the first color. Use a dye bowl with the enclosed applicator brush or use an applicator bottle to dye the entire bleached section of your hair. Paint the dye in slow downward strokes on the entire bleached section of your hair. Using vertical strokes rather than horizontal strokes should prevent the formation of a stark line.

Mark the next section of your hair. Secure it with an elastic band. This will prevent the darker color from bleeding too much into the lighter section. Open the second color. This should be the darker color. Repeat the steps you took with the first color. You will need a separate applicator brush and a dye bowl, or an applicator bottle, if it is not included in the kit.

Apply the second color. Use the applicator brush or bottle to coat your hair from the top of the lighter color to the beginning of the foil. Move in gentle downward sweeps. Blend the colors at their meeting point by giving each lock a gentle twist. Let both colors set in. Follow the instructions on the box. Set a timer for the recommended amount of time. This is usually about an hour. Rinse with a vinegar mixture. Mix one part apple cider vinegar and three parts water in a spray bottle.

Spritz the dyed part of your hair. Make sure the spray covers the entire colored section. This helps the color to last longer. Finish with a color-safe conditioner. Follow the vinegar rinse up with some color-safe conditioner. Apply the conditioner to your hair and then rinse it out well to help lock in the color and also remove the vinegar smell from your hair. Method 2 of Brush or comb your hair into two to three sections on each side. Tie an elastic band on each segment to mark the tips of your hair.

How many inches or centimeters you want to color is up to you, but it typically looks best to dye more if your hair is long and less if your hair is short. For example, if your hair is shoulder length, 1—2 inches 2.

Bleach the tips of your hair. If you have dark hair and want to dye your tips a much lighter color, consider using bleach. Using an applicator brush and a dye bowl or an applicator bottle, apply the bleach in gentle downward strokes.

If your hair is darker and you want your tips to be a brown or burgundy color, then you may be able to achieve your desired color with a developer instead of bleach. This should take minutes. Unfold one piece of oil to check the progress.

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