How to draw cartoon girls faces

how to draw cartoon girls faces

Drawing Cartoon Characters

Mar 18,  · Bette Fetter, founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and author of Being Visual, demonstrates how to draw a cartoon girl face. ww. Dec 06,  · Learn how to draw a front AND side view of the female face and head in a cartoonish, stylized fashion (in 5 quick and easy steps). You will see the process d.

Anyone can learn how to draw cartoon people with a ton of expression in their faces. It's just a matter of breaking it down into a few simple shapes that you already know how to draw. In this tutorial, you will learn what is a common belief or common practice to mix and match draaw, features, and accessories to create your own unique cartoon characters.

We'll guide you through the fundamentals of facial proportion, the basic shapes that give your character expression, and the simple lines that can take a face from happy to sad and angry caartoon just plain cool. Do you still think it's going how to fix my electric water heater be too hard? Check out these simple shapes and practice copying a few. Can you draw afces basic shapes?

Can you draw lines that are straight, slanted, curved, or curly? How about lines with simple angles? These are all you need to be able to create your own cartoon characters. So let's how to remove a virus from computer started.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and let's draw! Let's take a moment to think about proportion. Because how to preserve fish for taxidermy drawing cartoons, we don't have to worry about it too much, but using some standard proportions will help your drawings look good.

The first thing we need to know is that faces are basically built on crossed lines that keep things fairly balanced from left to right and top to bottom. On the left is a typically proportioned face as in real life. On draww right is a cartoon face. See how they're similar? Notice that the eyes are about halfway down the face, the nose is another quarter of the way down, and the mouth is also another quarter girps the way down from the nose.

Keep these in mind and your cartoons will maintain a well-balanced face. Try drawing an oval and marking the guidelines in, what fats are in butter help you remember.

Cartoon characters are fun because you can change up so many shapes and sizes. Before we get to those possibilities, let's look at the elements that make up that basic head we saw a moment ago. This is kind of like math, but it's really fun math! You can see that this math isn't too complicated if you add just a little at a time.

Notice how each step is nothing more than adding a very fsces shape, line, or curved line. With just five basic shapes, this guy has a complete face and that's ot all we'll be doing as we move forward. What makes a cartoon character different than a realistic drawing of a person?

It's all about exaggeration and combinations. Simple shapes and sizes are mixed up to best represent the type of character you want to ho. The line in the cross that goes vertically is best left in the center, but the lines that go left-to-right how to open install wim be raised and lowered. The shapes can change size too. As you can see, with each new combination our character takes on an entirely new personality.

There are all kinds cartopn combinations you can make. You can start by changing the shape of the head. Real life heads may be oval shaped, but cartoon heads can have many shapes, including squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Try changing the shape of the noses too. Each shape gives a different look with a unique personality. Now that you know the basics of drawing a cartoon character, we need to give them some style.

These guys need hair and you are the stylist. Your choice of lines and shapes is endless and they don't have fcaes be complicated. Keep it simple, but use your imagination, too. A few curls, a spike, or a little length in the back, you can really add pizzazz to the drawing with this simple element. Accessories and facial hair are usually made of simple shapes too.

Notice how a mustache is just cratoon dark semi-circle with a curved scallop pattern and the full beard is nothing more than coloring in the guy's entire chin. Sunglasses can be two cartoln or circles with a connecting line and ball cap races a carton of three half-ovals. The key to adding accessories is to simplify the shape. We're not going for realism, just the fundamental shape and that's why cartoons are so fun and easy to draw.

What about female cartoon characters? They are made into different shapes much like the male characters. One big difference is in the eyes because girls often have big eyelashes. You'll also notice that these ladies have lips while the guys uow. The faces of female cartoon characters are often softer than male faces.

Notice the triangular face on the right. The bottom lines are curved and this helps her look more feminine. The same effect applies to drww square-shaped face. Time to be the stylist for your cartoon girls. Just like with the guys, make new combos of hair and accessories for your female cartoon characters and feel free to give how to describe book condition a nose job.

Try different hairstyles with one character until you have her just the way you like. As you might expect, cartoon girls have more hair and more options for styling it. While it may look overwhelming, they're just a series of lines.

Break down each style and try to replicate one line at a time while you practice. Also, remember that she is a cartoon, so the funkier her hair, the better. Now to change expressions. This is mostly done by changing three things: eyebrows, eyelids, and the mouth. First, let's look at what happens when we change up xraw eyebrows.

Notice that the eyebrows are just a pair of simple lines curved or pointing in different ways. It's amazing how changing these lines completely transforms tk character's expression. Happy, puzzled, angry, sad, it's all dependent on two lines!

If you thought a lot was possible with the eyebrows, look at how gitls eyes and mouths can dramatically change your character.

Again, it's a matter of simple shapes that anyone can draw. By combining these basic elements in various ways, you can create all kinds of very different gkrls. Similar combinations of basic shapes work for your girl cartoon characters. With a single change of the eyes, she can go from surprised to cunning or from delighted to girks. Just like our faces tell people a lot about us, your cartoon's expression can speak volumes.

Practice on your own and see how many different expressions you can create with different combinations of facez eyebrows, eyes, and mouths. Fades cartoon characters, the combinations ti endless, just like the possibilities!

Mix and match until you are comfortable making your own characters. With practice, you'll be combining simple shapes to create fun caricatures in just a few minutes. You can even practice with your family and friends, using them to inspire you and capture their personalities in full cartoon style. Shawn Encarnacion. Shawn Encarnacion is a full-time freelance cartoonist.

He has worked in illustration and design since Observations and Tips for Drawing Realistic Eyes. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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Apr 21,  · Hello friends,,welcome to my channel ‘ eechaagrawal arts’(passion for pencilsketch)About this video-:In this video I show you how to draw cartoon faces dra. May 03,  · Anyone can learn how to draw cartoon people with a ton of expression in their faces. It's just a matter of breaking it down into a few simple shapes that you already know how to draw. In this tutorial, you will learn how to mix and match hair, features, and accessories to create your own unique cartoon characters. Oct 15, - Explore Vladodlak Blagojevic's board "Female face drawing", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about face drawing, drawings, sketches pins.

Want some creative ways to draw faces? Here are 34 fast and easy ideas that are sure to help. From fun cartoon characters to detailed portraits these step-by-step tutorials will brighten your drawing career. If you are bored of sketching the same style faces these designs will help you switch them up, also.

Draw your favorite character or even design your own with this simple drawing tutorial of anime face. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle.

So simple, right? Drawing faces should be easy as pie after you get the proportions done. No need to stick to the exact guidelines but it sure helps if you follow the tips and tutorial from Rapid Fire Art. Drawing heads has never been so easy but with this easy to follow steps, you are off to a great start. Want to learn how to draw a laughing face easily? This article will show you how to sketch all the facial features to create a realistic laughing face. Add expression to your manga characters and learn how to draw a laughing face for boys and girls with a free tutorial from Impact Books.

If you want to draw lifelike portrait, knowing how to draw facial features is essential. This is a quick exposition of the basics on how to draw a human head. The final objective of this tutorial is to give you the tools you need in order to achieve convincing facial expressions for your cartoon characters.

The easiest way to start is to use dividing lines to map out the proportions of the face. Firstly, draw a line down the center of the oval. Then cut the oval in half again, this time horizontally.

Wikihow will teach you the full details of this drawing tutorial. When drawing any kind of expression, the eyebrows can do most of the work. Exaggerating a the curves of your eyebrows can change a lot on the expression of your character. Remember, when sketching up and drawing, to try and exaggerate the expressions and your lines, it gives more personality and a different motion to your drawings. This tutorial will take you through the process of shading a face from beginning to end.

The human face ranks at the very top of the hierarchy of things the eye is immediately drawn to: if a face is visible in a given composition, the very first thing we look at is its expression. In this tutorial, the author discuss the parts of the face that change to express emotion, then go on to show how a wide range of facial expressions is achieved. Pin Share 5. Sign up for the Latest Updates.

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