How to evolve golbat in platinum

how to evolve golbat in platinum

Pokemon Platinum evolving Golbat.?

May 15,  · this is how to evolve golbat without AR, Enjoy:) You dont have to have full toughness!!!!!:):). May 01,  · Pokemon Platinum evolving Golbat.? Im trying to evolve my golbat to a crobat, but i need help. ive raised his 11 straight levels, given him calciums and etc, put him first in my party, given him massages, but hes getting way to high of a level. He passing all my other pokemon. he is about 10 levels higher than my others.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown pltinum how to download your data evolce this help page. Im trying to evolve my golbat to a crobat, but i need help. He passing all my other pokemon. I recommend giving him the berries from number If you really want it to go quickly give him the soothe bell that you get from the person at the pokemon mansion Assuming you are playing Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum as that boosts the rate at which happiness grows.

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Black man shot by deputy after calling for help. Why sports are better when how to locate an email address for someone bloods are winning. History nerd discovers rare Barbie dolls in attic. Answer Save. Gregg Popovich Approves Lv 5. You just need to Raise its happyness and when you reach the max amount Kyle E. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Dec 15,  · Re: pokemon platinum which level does golbat evolve on. For Golbat to evolve into Crobat, it needs to have a high happiness rating. There are many ways to boost how they feel. Just take a look at our guide: Pokemon Platinum Happiness Guide. Be sure to read the comments as well to get some additional tips! Golbat changes. In Generation 1, Golbat has a base Special stat of ; In Generations , Golbat has a base experience yield of ; In Generations , Golbat has a base Friendship value of Aug 22,  · How to Obtain a Crobat in Pokemon. 1. Know that Golbat evolves into Crobat with maximum friendship. Pokemon that also evolve with max friendship (under certain conditions) are Meowth 2. Obtain a Golbat. Golbat evolves from Zubat, which can be caught at many caves throughout your adventure. 3.

Asked by Wiki User. Golbat will evolve if it has max friendship with its trainer which means it can evolve at any level.

Mine evolved at lvl. Zubat at level 22 - Golbat Golbat with max happiness - Crobat. It doesn't evolve unless you trade it. Ask a friend who has a diamond, pearl, platinum, soul silver, or heartgold to trade your golbat and trade it back! Then you'll have a golbat! By maximizing its friendship just like golbat. You need to make it love you platinum. Golbat evolve into crobat with happiness. Of course it can, golbat evolves into crobat if the friendship between it and u is good.

Raise its Happiness to the max its speed will go through the roof. Golbat will only evolve when it has maxed out Happiness. Goldbat evolves into crobat with friendship, just like togepi. No you must give it vitamins,happyness, and massages. There is no level when golbat evolve into a crobat.

Your golbat needs to be happy in order to evolve into a crobat. Golbat does not evolve at any specific level. You need to get the Golbat to like you a lot and then when it levels up it should evolve into Crobat. Golbat doesnt evolve by level, you have to trade it for it to turn into Crobat. Trade the golbat and it will evolve. Ask Question. Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. How To. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Make it happy and it will evolve into Crobat.

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In Pokemon how does golbat evolve? What level does golbat evolve in Pokemon platinum? Could you evolve a golbat after catching it at level 38 in Pokemon platinum? How do you evolve a golbat into Crobat in Pokemon platinum? Can you evolve golbat by using the exp share in Pokemon platinum? How do you get golbat to evolve?

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