How to get dab in my car

how to get dab in my car

How to get DAB radio in your car

Jun 29, †Ј The cost of the converter alone may cost upwards of ?, not including installation. If money is no object, a fully-integrated kit is the best way to get DAB in your car, short of a total conversion. One popular kit that is sold with installation included in the price is the JustDRIVE Add-on car DAB Digital Radio kit. Pros. Highly discreet. Check your car compatibility using their online catalogue. All DAB radio needs a dedicated antenna, the Dension glass mount is small and easily fitted DAB+ Antenna DAB+ over a AUX input or FM transmission We also have a couple of universally compatible DAB+ units from Dension, which are the DAB+A and the DAB+M.

DAB Digital Radio is the latest technology taking the world of radio by storm. We launched our business in Decemberand since then we have installed literally hundreds of kits. We are in the process expanding our JustCONNECT product range with the introduction of some new products that will cater for all people, no matter what type of solution you hod. These are very what what butters south park if you drive more than 1 vehicle in your busy life, as they can be moved from car to car very easily.

They work by having a small built in tuner receiver, which through the kits antenna, collects the DAB signal. Once collected it pushes the signal into your existing car radio using FM Modulation. This type fixes to your windscreen, like a portable sat nav would. This type is normally mounted to a flexible hwo neck bracket that plugs directly into your cigar lighter socket. The antenna is usually a wire that needs trailing up onto the top of the dash.

If they are installed correctly then your vehicle interior will be unchanged as a result of having it fitted, so they are great for retaining the OEM look of your car. In good kits the antenna would be either a discreet glass mount amplified antenna or an external body mounted antenna. Kit control is via the existing steering wheel buttons that were fitted from factory.

So a limited solution as you need steering controls for it to work. This type is exactly the same as a fully integrated, with dwb difference.

These kits use a wireless remote for kit control. Good kits use RF technology for the remote, so it does not have to be pointed at anything for it to work. They all offer DAB replacement radios. We think this is okay if you drive a vehicle that is say 10 years old, but if you drive something newer then you will require a lot of additional parts to make the radio fit into your car, so lots of hidden cost.

We are launching a DAB Digital replacement radio set very soon. One word of warning here though, watch out in can be very costly as it eats into your data rab. This is not a fully comprehensive In Car DAB guide, but it certainly covers the best options currently available in the marketplace.

3. Add on conversion kit

Hi everyone,Welcome back to Kevs this video I am going to attempt to install a DAB radio adaptor to my existing car all honestly I think yo. They are also the most affordable way to get DAB Digital Radio into your car, as a good one usually costs between ?60 & ? They work by having a small built in tuner receiver, which through the kits antenna, collects the DAB signal. Once collected it pushes . Most new cars are fitted with DAB radios. However, if you are replacing your old car radio with a DAB receiver, you will need to check whether the existing car aerial is suitable for DAB.

Most new cars are fitted with DAB radios. However, if you are replacing your old car radio with a DAB receiver, you will need to check whether the existing car aerial is suitable for DAB. If not, you will need to install a DAB one. Like all radio services, DAB reception can be affected by the area in which you are travelling. Unlike FM and AM radio, whose audio quality tends to degrade when there is a low or poor signal, DAB can suddenly drop out and the station you are listening to suddenly disappear.

You may need to contact your car manufacturer to check. The best place to put a DAB aerial is on the roof of the car and as far from the engine as possible, to avoid any interference. If your car radio is showing no signal or no service for a station you usually receive, this could be down to one of the following things:. DAB Transmitter Fault. If you know your location, you can use our transmitter checker to see whether there is a problem.

If not, then check the radio and the aerial to confirm they are working correctly. Poor DAB reception can also be caused by equipment used in the vehicle. For example, phone chargers or dash cams sometimes cause interference and affect your radio signal.

Try unplugging the items to see if one of them is causing any interference. Delete the presets and re-tune to the services in your area. When travelling in the car, your signal can be affected by natural features of the land, for example, hills, valleys, rivers, etc. The signal should return once you move away from these features. Please see our help page to see how DAB multiplexes work , Therefore, you may not be receiving this service, as there is not a commercial DAB service in your local area.

To check what coverage of DAB services are available in your locality, please see our Transmitter checker tool. Firstly, poor reception might be down to poor coverage, so it is best to check you are in a DAB coverage area. Use our transmitter tool , which will tell you what national and local DAB services are available in your locality. Secondly, If you are in a good coverage area, and are still receiving poor DAB reception please try our Problem Assistant for further advice.

DAB reception is rarely disrupted by high-pressure weather conditions, but under some circumstances, signals from very distant transmitters can cause reception to break up, or be lost for periods of time.

If you suspect this - particularly if you are also getting interference on FM - wait until the weather changes. For more information on finding and storing these services, see our Help guide on DAB secondary services.

This is because the power used is lower, and is forced to work outside of its normal operating parameters, resulting in electrical impulse interference. For more information on interference, please see our RTIS site. Coverage and location. If you live in a basement flat, or your building is steel-framed or reinforced concrete, coverage may be affected. Most DAB radios can be tuned easily at the touch of a button. Sometimes a full scan is required.

Portable radios should be tuned in a location in your home where the best possible signal is received. Most DAB radios come with built in signal strength meters which can be helpful.

From time to time radios should be re-tuned in order to discover new stations. Telescopic aerials. Telescopic aerials on portable radios should be fully extended to receive a good signal.

Tilting and swivelling the aerial will help to get the best signal. Broken aerials may affect reception. An externally mounted aerial can be attached to many types of DAB portable radio and hi-fi systems. An indoor aerial may be good enough, but for the best reception use an outdoor one. Ideally, this should be on the roof or high up on the outside of the building, though it may also give good results in the loft.

Cables and Connectors. If you have an external aerial, a radio signal will always lose some of its strength as it passes along the cable and through the connectors. It is important to minimise the loss by using good quality cable and connectors. DAB uses different frequencies from FM radio. We advise you check that your antenna is able to receive DAB, in the majority of cases you will need a new antenna. An exception is "helically wound" FM aerials. See our guide on DAB radio in cars. Qualified Installer.

The BBC cannot recommend individual Installers. The CAI Confederation of Aerial Industries is a recognised trade body which will can put you in touch with one of their members in your area.

By using our Transmitter Checker , you can check which DAB radio services are available at your location. It will also show you any transmitter faults. Works and Warnings. Check whether there are any known works or warnings that might be causing the problem.

DAB uses multiplexes to group services together. The BBC network stations, e. Nations and Local radio services are carried on a mix of commercial multiplexes.

Try switching your radio on and off. If this does not work, a full re-scan might be needed. Check your radio manual for specific instructions on doing a full re-scan. Portable Radios. Try moving the radio around to see if you can find a better position where you get good reception of all the stations you want to listen to.

In most circumstances the supplied telescopic aerial should be perfectly adequate, and as a rule of thumb DAB aerials tend to work best when vertical and extended at least 35 cm.

If your radio reception is poor then you could consider an external aerial for best reception quality. Even in good areas an external aerial will guarantee optimum performance and will also ensure consistent listening quality. Many Digital radios have a signal strength display which enables you to position the Radio for the best reception usually a number of blocks as a guide of reception quality.

Unfortunately, some radios are less sensitive than others and need careful positioning to work reliably. If your radio displays signal strength, use this as a guide to ensure the best position. Our DAB installation guide provides further information.

External aerials. It is important to check the cables and the aerial for damage and that they are operating correctly. Make sure any cables between your radio equipment and aerial are connected securely. For further information see our DAB installation guide. Damaged Cables. Water can get into external cables and can cause reception problems. To rule this out see our guide on water damage to cables.

Car Radios. Radio reception can drop out when on the move due to changes in topography. See our car radio guide for more information. Radio signals can be affected by fine weather including high pressure. The only solution is to wait for the weather to change, you should not re-tune during this time. Our information on h ow clear skies and fine weather can affect your radio reception may be useful, please see our weather guide. If all other stations are working ok and you have just lost one station.

The problem could be due to a number of reasons, the station may have stopped broadcasting or have moved multiplexes rather than a radio fault. All of the stations in one multiplex should be behaving the same way. If you are still having problems, it is possible an unwanted signal is the cause. For information on the symptoms of interference see our sister website RTIS. The BBC cannot recommend individual installers. The CAI Confederation of Aerial Industries is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of their members in your area.

Where can I find them? When Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is on air, you should find it right next to 5 Live on the list of stations on your digital radio. It can be found next to Radio 4 on the list of stations. When do they broadcast? Radio 5 Live Sports Extra has a dynamic schedule. To see what is available when, the BBC keeps a schedule on the sport website.

How to find these services. It is best to re-tune your radio when they are broadcasting, so it will store the station in its memory. It is worth first checking to see whether the problem is with your own equipment, or the local transmitter.

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