How to have an exciting life

how to have an exciting life

26 Simple Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

Sep 14,  · Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people from around the world will help you understand what the real world is like. There’s more to life than the town you grew up in. I’ve traveled to over 90 cities in the last two years, and it’s completely changed my life. Jun 15,  · The quickest way to get excited again is to travel. Travel opens your eyes and inspires your senses. Travel means experiencing, seeing, smelling, and hearing new things. If you feel bored with life, you should consider quitting your job and go traveling.

A while back someone e-mailed me and asked me how I had so many interesting experiences in my life. I meant to write him back, but couldn't find the e-mail. First of all, what constitutes an interesting life? Do we care if WE think it's interesting? Does it hvae have to be different? For me it boils down to having a life that is exciting to live. I get a kick out of knowing that other people are interested in my life, but at the end of the day I'd take personal satisfaction over people thinking I have personal satisfaction.

Every day when I wake up Hace excited about my new day. I know, from experience, that I can't possibly predict what will happen that day. By the end of the day I may be in another city, I may have met a new best friend, I may have found a new hobby, or I may have completely altered the course of my life. This feeling of uncertainty isn't the definition of an interesting life, but it's a strong indicator of one.

Interesting things happen to me with enough frequently that I am not surprised when one comes around. Another reason my life seems interesting is because most people DON'T have interesting lives.

It's the contrast. Even if the average American HAD 11 lice to fill, most still wouldn't be interesting. Parents have one mission - to ensure the survival of their children. Not to ensure the outlandish success and happiness of their children, but mere survival. I had a near perfect childhood. My parents were married, loving, supportive, had enough money to put nutritious food on the table, had reasonable but strict rules, and made their children their top priority. By any metric, I had a fantastic childhood.

However, if I had followed all of my parents' advice I would lead a boring life. Interesting doesn't ensure survival - caution does. Unfortunately, caution also prevents an interesting life from unfolding. Most people reading this don't follow their parents' advice anymore. You probably don't get much a anymore. However, your parents have drilled into your subconscious that you need to be cautious and careful.

Social risks. Social risks have ZERO cost to them. Go talk to someone new. Say what's on your mind. A good example is the time that I went and collected on a random bad check. It was awkward and a huge social faux pas, but it was a blast. Even if the end goal is personal satisfaction, think about what will make a good story. Financial risks. It's pretty well established that the only way to make money is to risk your own money.

Getting a job doesn't count - it's not real money. If you're a smart person and if you read my blog, you probably areyou will NEVER be broke for a long period of time.

There just aren't any homeless people who are really smart. Put your money where your mouth is. If you have a great idea, Exciring IT. I've never written about this, but in college I started a hedge fund for my friends and I. We all put all of our money in it, and within a year we lost it all. Oh well. I learned a lot, all of my friends are still my friends, and we moved on. I put all how to get a headhunter for jobs money into the gambling thing as well as the remainder of my college moneyand that turned out to be a hit.

The last type of risk you should take are physical risk. I've jumped a freight train, climbed a radio tower and several cranes, bought a competition paraglider and tried to fly it with no instruction, gone skydiving not actually dangerousgone scuba diving, skiied with sneakers on ice behind a car, and made a swing to go off the roof of my condo building. I broke a little toe once which healed on its own.

Occasional ah is worth having an interesting life. Anyway, I'd like to write more but it's been forever since I posted, so I'm going to slap this puppy up on the blog. If all else fails, think : "What Would Tynan Do? Get new posts sent to you. If you change your mind later, unsubscribe with one click. How to stop wind coming through front door supporting my Patreon or check out my books on Amazon.

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Learn how to turn it on. Thanks for checking out my site. Let's look at some stats. The average person works 8 hours a day. They watch 4. They sleep a 7 hours. Taking a shower and getting dressed is 30 minutes. An hour for dinner and breakfast combined. Another hour commuting. That's twenty two hours. He doesn't have TIME for an interesting life.

I work for two hours a day. It takes me half an hour to dress and shower. I sleep for eight hours. That's 13 hours. I have 11 hours each day to fill with interesting things. You don't. There are three main kinds how to calculate lease payment risks you need to take.

Here they hxve, in order of importance. Subscribe to Tynan. Post now. Post on at.

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

Mar 05,  · Just identify someone and ask if you can have 20 minutes of their time to ask some questions. Then ask them who else you should talk to continue your education. Do this and you’ll have an unending stream of new contacts and interesting people around you. As a result, you’ll experience SO MUCH MORE in your life. Mar 23,  · Focus on Result-Oriented Activities. Pareto’s law (also known as the 80 20 rule) states that 80% of the outputs result from 20% of the inputs. This means that 20% of our actions result in 80% of the results. We must find the 20% that is creating the 80% . Apr 21,  · Life can feel exciting, vibrant, and complete. You don’t need to be outside doing the things you used to do. You can get over the boredom and feel alive again by doing a few simple things differently. It begins with understanding why so many of us feel bored with life.

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How do I fix this? We are attracted to confidence. We can smell your insecurity a mile away. You gotta figure out how to be without worrying about it. So in the pickup artist community PUA they have a concept calling neg'ing stick with me, it'll make sense in a minute The idea is that they beautiful women are intrigued by vaguely negative comments because they aren't accustomed to men saying mean things to them, it basically gets their attention.

The reasoning is that to get a woman's attention and break her routine a routine that is going to cause her to dismiss you you have to engage her with an attitude that you don't care what she thinks. They have more things to say about it, much of it related to neg'ing being a tell for confidence, etc, but you can go read about it yourself if you are interested. So my point there isn't to teach you PUA or to get you interested in that, but rather to suggest that a lot of times people who are "feeling like they aren't gonna like me", tend to be "nice", and nice is really easy to feel bored with.

Nice tells you that you're smart when you just failed your exam, nice tells you that you're pretty when you didn't shower and wear the same shirt you wore yesterday, But interesting tells you the truth,.. People respect other people who stand their ground and have opinions about things.

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