How to hook up a ceiling fan with 3 wires

how to hook up a ceiling fan with 3 wires

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan in an Older Home

Connect the white wires (neutral wires) from your fan and ceiling together. Connect the green wire to your household ground wire (copper/bare wire). Connect the black wires together. Lastly, connect the blue wires together, or the blue wire to the black wire for lights. For ceiling fans without lights, follow the same step. This will allow you to add a light kit later on without having to rewire the fan. Aug 18,  · • Connect all of the ground (bare and/or green) wires together first. • Next connect all of the neutral (white) wires. • Now connect the black wire from the 14/3 to the black on the ceiling fan, this will control the fan. • Finally, connect the red from the 14/3 to .

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I need a diagram or detailed explanation on how to hook up a ceiling fan and light to work independently of one another with 3 way switches. I have 3 way light dimmer switches and 3 way silent fan switches. One question is: Is it that important that i run all 14 wire? I have them all hooked up by following the instructions below I found online from a post in another forum but it didn't work. Here are those instructions I followed. Before you get started terminating your wires make sure the power is off.

Here, you need to be sure you have a fan rated box. A regular metal or plastic box is not ceiling fan rated and your fan will come down. You can get a fan rated box at you local home improvement store, hardware store or electrical supply. This switch will control the ceiling fan. This switch will control the light. Put how to get a 300 body cover plate on and go to the other switch location.

This switch hp control the light Install the cover plate and go to the power supply location. Before connecting your wires, make sure the power is off. Terminate the ground wire first, then the neutral and finally the hot. Turn on the power and test each switch from both switch locations. Please help so i can put my kitchen back together Cheers, Brianr Last edited by brianr92; at PM. View Public Profile. Find all posts by brianr Received Votes on 98 Posts. Brian, I think the easiest way to wire 3 ways is power in to first switch, 3 wire cable to second switch and then switched power out on a 2 wire cable to the fixture.

You would need to do this twice wihh allow both functions to be controlled by the 3 ways. This diagram should be easy to find and follow. I think it is a poor choice to have 2 wire sizes mixed on the same circuit. It could lead to confusion later on. It also fills up the boxes faster. Find all posts by pcboss. Agreed but. Unfortunately it's not going to happen. I think I am just missing a step somewhere.

Stop the drywall and fix this now. I do have that. I changed the wiring already Box 1 will also contain the regular 3 way switches. Now is where I am stuck again Blk source tied to white switch loops. Now I was told, red and blk from the switch loops onto the travel screws on both the switches and the controls.

Box 2 is just hanging right now. So you only have the 2 runs of in the second box, no other cables correct? If so you will need to wire these as dead end 3 ways and the whites will be repurposed. Confirm this before I take the time to explain something that may not apply. My understanding so far is tie the grounds together.

Does that all sound correct? Thanks for all your help I appreciate it. Looks like you are on the right track now. Re-identify the feed to the 3 ways from white, I like to use blue, but you could use any color besides white, green or gray.

The switched feeds would come off the common terminals at the hkok switches. Wries Articles. Ceiling fan hookup to Idevices switch. Im replacing my light switches with Idevices smart ceiliny.

Standard light swit Ceiling Fan NOT in middle of iwth three way switches - wiring question. All yp diagrams I am finding show the ceiling fan with light fixture in be Help wiring 2 3 way switches to one ceiling fan with light. I need help wiring a ceiling fan with light fixture. Here is the info: -Power How do I wire this connection? Hi, I'm not sure how to wire our switchbox after I installed a ceiling fan. I'm trying to install a pair of 3-way light switches in the kitchen to control a Humidifier fell how to make paper origami airplanes crashed to pieces.

Free standing deck neck to house, steps leading down from sliding door to Frost on New Dehumidifier. Tractor carb wlth up after one week. Minimum height ceiling for gallon water heater. Quality issues with Leviton confirmed. I recently replaced out an old dimmer switch in my hallway with a new dimmer.

The hall light is set with two switches, one downstairs the dimmerone upstairs standard switch. When i did the install,it worked fine, but when I changed the switch upstairs from "on" to "off", the light would not turn on.

I went back in and tried several different combos for the wiring, and I could get the light to work when the upstars switch was on or off, but not on both settings. In the wall downstairs, there is a red wire and two black wires. The dimmer has a green and two black.

When I connect the green to red and the blacks together, the light works when the switch is in the "on" position upstairs. When I connect one black from the dimmer to red and a green to black and one black to black, then the light works when the upstairs switch is in the "off" position.

Please help! I've tried everything I can think of and nothing is working. We're planning to put in some recessed lights in a sloped ceiling, and would appreciate your feedback. Do you think of a total of 8 down lights for the sloped ceiling would provide sufficient lighting?

Table of wiring code in different countries:

Mar 19,  · The two black wires are hooked together, and if I hook up wires like regular ceiling fan it pops the breaker. I have two light switches one on each side of the room, each switch controls both fan and light. Any idea on how wiring should go. 0. Reply. Mark Lyzwa. 9 months ago. If your fan wiring has only a black, a white, and a ground, then cap off (electrical tape or a wire nut) one of the two switched hots (usu you'd cap the red) and connect the black house wire to the black wire of the fan, and the white house wire to the white of the fan. The wiring of most fans is a black for the fan, a different color, blue, for the light, and white is a neutral common to both the fan and the . Mar 08,  · To connect the ceiling fan wiring and receiver wires, follow the steps below: Connect the grounding wires from the ceiling, downrod, and hanging bracket with a wire nut. Connect the white wire from the fan and white wire from the receiver marked "To Motor" with a wire nut.

Here is a quesion from a site visitor asking how to wire a ceiling fan and light kit with separate control switches for the fan and the light. Question: I would like to wire two ceiling fans — the power comes into the box first — I would also like to have two separate switches for lights and fans.

Any diagrams would be helpful. Thanks for your help. Answer: In the question above, I am assuming that this is a new installation, and as I understand the question, the power now comes in to the first ceiling box intended for mounting the ceiling fan. In roughing in wiring for a ceiling box that has a potential to have a ceiling fan installed either now, or in the future, it prudent to wire the circuit for separate control of the fan and the light kit on individual switches.

Make sure you mount the ceiling outlet boxes firmly, and with extra support so as to handle the additional weight of the fan. Check with your local electrical and building inspector, as well as the manufacturers recommendations. With the power coming in to this circuit at the first ceiling fan outlet box, here is how to run the cables for this circuit. Here is a diagram to show how this circuit will be connected. I will show only the first ceiling fan and control.

Note that ground connections are not shown to avoid cluttering the diagram. See THIS article for proper ground connections. When installing a ceiling fan, if you are dealing with existing wiring, there are 3 main issues that you must check out before beginning.

If the existing wiring has no provisions for switching, and changing or adding to the existing wiring is difficult or impossible, and it only has power present at the ceiling outlet box, then the pull-chain switches that are a part of the ceiling fan assembly will have to be used for control of the fan and the light. If the existing wiring has only 1 switch for control, and the power comes to the switch first, then you can only control power to the ceiling fan assembly via the switch, and you have to control the fan and the light with the pull-chain switches when the wall switch is on.

If the existing wiring is such that the power comes in to the ceiling box first, and then uses as switch-leg drop arrangement, you can control for example the light from the wall switch, and have the fan wired directly to power so as to use the pull-chain switch to control the fan. There are other options available as well, such as remote control devices allowing you separate control of the fan and the light kit if your wiring options are limited.

Advertise With Us. Electrical Wiring ». Wiring a Ceiling Fan for Separate Control of Fan and Light Here is a quesion from a site visitor asking how to wire a ceiling fan and light kit with separate control switches for the fan and the light. This entry was posted in Electrical Wiring and tagged ceiling box , ceiling fan , electrical outlet , electrical wiring , fan control switch , how to install a ceiling fan , light kit , light switch , outlet box , outlets , switch , switch box , wiring.

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