How to keep styrofoam tombstones in the ground

how to keep styrofoam tombstones in the ground

How to keep Halloween tombstones in the ground?

Apr 22,  · Place your tombstone at the desired location and secure into the ground by driving a high-quality inch (or longer) tent spike through each U nail. Sep 10,  · Luis and I wanted a solution to keep our foam Halloween tombstones from flying all over the neighborhood.

I glued down the tombstone on gray painted plywood and have never a problem. Sign Up Sign In with Facebook. Asked on Oct 24, How to keep Halloween tombstones how to make pvc gun the ground?

How do people keep foam Halloween tombstones in the ground so they wont blow tombatones Janet Pizaro on Thf 24, Put heavy duty stakes underneath them and stick them into the dirt. Deverett on Oct 24, DJ on Oct 25, Sabrina Abbott on Oct 17, Good luck! Your comment Suggested Project Book. Would love some unique carving or decorating ideas for pumpkins? Best way to crack open a pumpkin? How to weight a pumpkin? Renee LaCour Cotterman.

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Oct 24,  · Put heavy duty stakes underneath them and stick them into the dirt. Oct 07,  · Items I used: Gorilla Glue Yellow plastic 9' camping stakes Flat black spray paint Foam Tombstones ~~~~~. May 07,  · I use 2 or 3 ft pieces of 1/2 inch rebar driven into the ground. Each tomb stone is attached to the rebar using a thin black wire wrap that that goes around the stone and rebar, and is .

If you cut the hook part off using a dremel tool or hacksaw to just under the size of the styrofoam tombstone, and use two inserted inside the tombstone on each side from the bottom of it, they will withstand winds and wind gusts very well. I had this thought after trying using wooden stakes glued to the back of my styrofoam tombstones in , along with the flimsy stakes they come with that are pretty useless in windy conditions. The shepard hooks I got have a two prong foot on the bottom, looks like an upside down U with the bottom line of the U being a bit more straight.

It really doesn't take too long to trim them down and since they are metal and inserted into the bottom of each tombstone makes them a lot sturdier and quite bit more wind resisant. Just thought I'd pass on this tip to others doing Halloween displays and looking for a better and inexpensive way to keep your tombstones upright.

And you can bend them if you want the tombstone to look as it's falling over backward or forward, or put one side a littler deeper into the ground for a tombstone that looks to be sinking into the ground on the right ot left side.

Each tomb stone is attached to the rebar using a thin black wire wrap that that goes around the stone and rebar, and is not noticeable. They survive high winds without any damage, as opposed to the base mounted pins, etc, which under winds will eventually break through the soft styrofoam. The Shepard hooks with the hook part cut off work just fine and no extra strapping or tie down is needed or required.

They are also thick, but thin enough they also don't break through the tombstone and is why I prefer using them, mainly because they have a better stable foot with the dual prongs in the ground connected together.

Just had one out in a harsh windy Thunderstorm and it sustained no damage, didn't blow over, it barely moved. Just takes a minute or so with a Dremel Tool or about minutes with a hacksaw. Works great. Orville, I use the rebar approach, as I have found that my 3 ft tall styro stones that are maybe 2 inches thick if that have had their metal Shepard hook pins work their way through the stone, given the high winds we get up here on the hill. All it takes is a little back and forth motion, and eventuall ythey wear through.

Maybe not the first year, but they do eventually. That being said I only insert my vertical points about 6 inches into the stone, to avoid it angling and coming out through one of the sides. How far in do you insert your pins, and how tall are your stones?

The rebar costs me nothing, as I use only some of the pieces that I use each season to secure my many blowmolds, etc for the Christmas display, so the rebar is just sitting around. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

Sign in here. Try this! Styrofoam Tombstones blow over? Recommended Posts. Orville Posted April 20, Posted April 20, edited. With the cut down metal shepart hooks, the one I tested with stayed upright and barely wavered.

Sorry no pics or video yet, but will try to get some as soon as I can. Have fun! Edited April 20, by Orville. Link to post Share on other sites. Greg Young 12 Posted April 30, Posted April 30, Orville Posted April 30, Tracy West 52 Posted April 30, Greg Young 12 Posted May 7, Posted May 7, That's a great idea Tracy!

Since I went with the rebar and wire ties there has been no damage despite high winds. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Followers 1. Go to topic listing. Sign In Sign Up.