How to make a photo cake at home

how to make a photo cake at home

How to Print a Picture on a Cake At Home

May 23,  · The only thing left to do was figure out how to execute his vision. After a little online research, I found Cakes n’ Shapes, a New York-based bakery that ships edible “frosting sheets” nationwide. Here’s how to do it. 1. Bake a cake. (Beforehand, email your photo to Cakes . Photocake: Making a digital photocake is easy now. This video details how easy it is to make one. Printing, peeling and placing it on cake its that easy a.

When Toby and I were discussing ideas for his birthdayI casually mentioned something that was cool when I was younger, and he lost his little mind….

Photo cakes! The only thing left to do was figure out how to execute his vision. Bake a ohoto. We went with the 7. You can pick phlto up in Manhattan or have it mailed to you. Frost the top of the cake. Frosting must be fresh, moist and white we went with cream cheese frostingso the edible photo will stick to it.

Peel off the protective layer of the photo and smooth out the photo sheet very carefully. Frost the sides of the cake and around the photo. The cake was a huge hit at the partyand the cutest part was watching Toby figure out which piece of the photo to eat.

After some consideration, he went with the Challenger czke on the front fender. Have you ever had a photo cake? I remember dirt cakes were also cool when I was growing up!

And the funniest candles. Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo. Thank you to Grace Blumberg for baking and styling. Without hesitation, I told her I wanted the eye. She surgically cut around the circular eye which was in the center of the take — not easy to get to! You can also ask your local ice cream cake shop for an edible sheet and it will probably be much cheaper.

Just called, emailed the pic, and ready same day. I love photo cakes! It looked great how to make a photo cake at home they were surprised! Zt this so much! I definitely want to do this for my birthday cake! And Toby is so precious I love it! I totally forgot about photo cakes!!! Still do this a lot in the UK. Also thanks for the reminder about dirt cakes — homr be fun to bome. Back in the day Baskin Robbins used to do it, not sure if hoke still do. Thanks so much for sharing this. Hooray for the allergy aware!!!

Then bake the cake, cak. Am Makr missing something? Super cute idea, though! Definitely keeping this in my back pocket for just the right occasion. Our most recent birthday cakes have been: age 8 — Pusheen the cat round marble cake, painted the pusheen on with homemade buttercream frostingage 7 — emjoi party with cupcakes decorated by the 7yo with customer emoji faces on each, age 6 — the moon landing on a two-layer chocolate cake with blue frosting that was the specific request — the moon landing was accompanied by plastic astronauts and an american flagage 5 — castle convinced grandma to make this one … before that — we bought the cakes.

Filing this tip away, as I have a great opportunity to put it to good use! Multi-layered, pink icing, marshmallow stone cak, and ice cream cone turrets, does it get any better? Homf may have to bring it back this summer. Why did this trend go away? It is so fun. Love that you introduced the next generation to it : Happy Birthday, Toby!

Love it! I made two cakes for my nephews 2nd birthday almost 2 years ago, and he still talks about it how does he even remember?! On the other cake was a truck with a phoot you know like a grip that lifted and loaded blueberries. It tk. So YES hmoe toys on cakes! Just use new ones or clean them properly first, because, germs.

My grandmother wanted their wedding photo on the cake. It looked so beautiful when we picked it up. So beware! Aww I love this! Happy birthday to Toby! This reminds me of my birthday back inwhen my family surprised me with ti photo cake with a huge photo of Jeremy Renner splashed across it- complete with homemade Jeremy Renner party hats to boot! That was around the time that the Avengers, MI4 and Bourne Legacy had come out and I was absolutely smitten with him, and everyone knew it.

Even though I was a fully-grown 23 year old woman what does the name thisbe mean the time, I felt like a kid male. We all got such a kick out of it, and it was such a little thing, but honestly I was so moved- I felt so known by them, and accepted even despite my objectively weird obsessions. Dirt cakes were indeed the coolest when I was growing up!

I still vividly remember attending a birthday party with that served dirt cakes in mini pots with little shovels as spoon and of course lots of gummy worms popping up through the Oreo soil. My little mind was blown. Caitlin B, wherever you are, your 7th birthday was so LIT, I cak remember it all these years later!

Love this! In our small town, we made photo cakes by just wrapping a photo in plastic wrap and removing it before eating :. My sister-in-law baked a big glorious layer cake after the birth of my first son and brought it to the hospital phlto a gorgeous cake stand, paraded right past the nurses station. It had a combo photo on top of both me and my husband as babies. Yow shared with the nurses, of course. I bought edible paper and edible markers and had the kids make Happy Birthday signs.

It was ta funny. I meet with a group every summer that has been meeting since we were 1 and we are now-ack! This would be a fun cake with an old photo! She and her friends decorated little cakes that her parents and grandparents had made. Such a cute what is your philosophy of christian education My boyfriend surprised me with a photo cake for my birthday how to make windows 7 wifi router year!

It was a big hit although not my favorite picture — it was me in yoga pants and a t-shirt,no makeup and messy hair smiling big at him haha. We ended up getting my mom one for her birthday as well! Boyfriends always seem to love the pictures of ourselves that we are less than pleased with, haha. Love this story. Growing up, my cakf and I had our own birthday cakes made by phoot beloved aunt.

Mine was a cranberry walnut cake with almond icing. My sister opted for a chocolate, chocolate chip cake. It made our birthdays most special. Since my aunt passed, my twin sister continues with the tradition and bakes my special cake each year. We got a donut with a photo we had taken on hpw boat 30 minutes earlier and my daughter lost her mind we kind of did too.

Is this a thing in America? It was a photo of Mister Rogers, his favorite. I never imagined you could order and have delivered an edible photo though! This is great to know for future photo cakes! How wonderful! I came how to accessories a dress for more comments; I find this so funny because it seems what does cataract surgery cost for dogs school and so normal to you guys and from France it feels like a fake thing.

But I found a tutorial on youtube that explains it all edible paper and ink! When I was 17 I was super into the 50s listening to rockabilly, idolizing Audrey Hepburn, etc.

My old law firm did this for new associates. Hsbc credit card how to pay were all aat with cupcakes featuring our work headshot we took in our phofo day at the office. I went to an engagement party once with a photo of the couple on it. Everyone drank a little too much and left the uneaten part of the cake out in the backyard overnight. In the cakd it was discovered that wild creatures raccoons?

Ahaha we did this too! And is somehow how to make a photo cake at home to me?

Step 1.) Find a Location

Method 1 Printer with Ink & Paper Computer with Editing Software Non-Toxic Crayon Icing Sheet or Wax Paper Scissors Pastry Bag Pastry Tube Multi-colored Icing.

It feels as though we were just in the hospital introducing him to big brother and yet here we are, only a few weeks away from his first birthday, setting up a cake smash photo shoot.

With time having left us little to work with, I decided to set up an in-home cake smash photoshoot for his first birthday so I could have the photos in time for his party. I feared that most professional photographers would be be booked by this point and I wanted to flex some creative muscles as photography is definitely a hobby of mine.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links. I can only describe the in-home cake smash as a huge success!

The photos are priceless. The experience was incredibly fun and it became a family ordeal, as big brother helped draw big smiles as only a big brother can and Dad assisted with props. However, the cake kept him anchored in place long enough to snap some great photos. Once all was said and done, we had a few bites of what was left of the decimated treat.

I want to empower other moms to have some fun with their own cake smash photo-shoots because it truly is so easy! Save time and money and capture some memories without having to leave the house. Flex full control over the shots you want to frame and print at your leisure without acquiring extra cost. The lighting and background of your photo-shoot will play a huge role in the quality of your photos. Select a spot in your home with plenty of natural light.

Use the space in front of a big window or sliding glass door. Turn off any overhead lights to prevent orange and brackish coloring in the photos.

The background should be plain and simple. Use a white wall or purchase a backdrop on amazon that can be hung or used as a faux white wood floor.

These elements ensure that baby will be the central focus of each capture. A white sheet will work just as well! The cake, props and clothing you choose will help develop the theme of the shoot.

I also used a sign for the pre-cake photos simply to indicate the occasion. Tip: Balloons are a cheap and easy prop. Scatter them around and snap photos of baby chasing after them. To continue to keep costs low, find a toy or piece of decor around the house to boost the theme of the photos. Bake a cake or grab a cheap one from the supermarket.

For this step, the good old iPhone especially in portrait mode will do just fine. Birthdays, holidays, vacations, and everyday moments in between, the Nikon has taken some incredible photos and in the long run has definitely saved us money. This my advice: Hire the professional for monumental family moments when mama, you need to be in there too.

Invest in the camera for the smaller occasions. Snag as many shots from as many different angles as possible. Focus in on the details of the cake, the messy hands and the cake covered faces. The more photos you have the more likely you are to be happy with the outcome. Pick your favorites and make sure there is a solid variety with good resolution and quality lighting. Those will withstand the editing process the best. For editing I use the Lightroom app on my phone. Feel free to edit the photos to your liking OR you can do what I do, and use a Lightroom mobile preset to enhance your photos.

Below you can see the before preset and after preset photos. Craving more DIY treats? Check out our Homemade Air Fryer Poptarts! I feel like lighting is always my biggest struggle. I can empathize with this struggle! These photos are priceless! Cake smashes are so fun, this is a great way to capture them on your own. Love it! So cute! That cake looks delicious even after it has been smashed. These are awesome and gives me hope to not overthink it and do my little girls shoot!

Do you remember which lens and camera settings you used? Like Manual Mode, and Aperture? Thank you! Thank you, Jenise! You should definitely try it out yourself! Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to create your own cake smash photo-shoot at home! Step 1. Find a Location The lighting and background of your photo-shoot will play a huge role in the quality of your photos.

Step 2. Step 3. Camera For this step, the good old iPhone especially in portrait mode will do just fine. Step 4. We even let big brother get in on the action!

The Aftermath… Step 5. Some are free and others may charge a small fee. We hope you enjoyed our step-by-step guide on how to create your own cake smash photo-shoot at home and feel inspired to get creative! Please share photos of your DIY shoots! May 21, Reese Woods I feel like lighting is always my biggest struggle. May 22, at am Reply.

Jenna Mugridge I can empathize with this struggle! May 23, at am Reply. Leigh Suznovich These photos are priceless! May 22, at pm Reply. Cynthia Nicoletti You did an amazing job.

Loving all the photos. Amanda Martin So cute! Lisa A Doyle Love the pics! June 7, at pm Reply. Jenise These are awesome and gives me hope to not overthink it and do my little girls shoot! October 9, at pm Reply. Jenna Mugridge Thank you, Jenise! Rock It Mama uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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