How to make correction in word

how to make correction in word

How to track correction in MS Word Text

How to Make Corrections on a Word Document Step 1. Open the Word document. Step 2. Step 3. Make the corrections you want within the document. Deletions will display the original word with a red line Step 4. Accept or reject corrections within the document by clicking the "Accept" or "Reject". A quick way to correct a misspelled word in Microsoft Word is to right-click on the word that has a red wavy underline. The resulting pop-up menu contains spelling suggestions which you can then select and have the misspelled word replaced.

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Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature. Cope We all make spelling errors and typos while writing. Microsoft Word does a great job of automatically correcting the most common of these mistakes. However, we all have our own set of words that we can never spell or type correctly. Generally, these words are picked up by the spell checker to be corrected later. Why keep fixing the same mistakes over and over?

The following instructions will take you through the process of adding your common mistakes to the AutoCorrect function. There are two ways to do this. Option One The easiest way is to run the spell checker against a document and add the words as you fix them. Press the F7 function key to run the spell checker. When the spell checker comes to a commonly misspelled or mistyped word click on the AutoCorrect button.

Note: The replacement word is selected from the Suggestions window so be sure you have the word you want selected. Option Two This is a more detailed method that gives you more control over what is added to the AutoCorrect list.

These are also the same steps you would take to correct or delete and entry in the AutoCorrect word list. Click on the Format menu, then click on AutoFormatnow click the Options button. Select the Autocorrect tab at the top of the new window. CDs is the only word not on the list I have found that needs two initial capital letters. Enter the word, click the Add button, and then click the OK button.

Now go down to Replace what does fauna mean in science as you type. In the Replace box type the incorrect word. In the box to the right type the correct word. NOTE: Carefully consider the words you put in here because Word will not let you type them any other way typing the following list of examples was a battle. Click the OK button to accept the changes and close the window. Clicking OK autoformats the open document.

You can hit the undo arrow if you hit OK by accident. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.

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Jul 17,  · How to view track changes and make corrections on you paper. Right-click on the underlined word or phrase and choose a correction, or ignore the suggestion. Note: If Word is flagging words as misspelled but you have it spelled the way you want it, select Add to Dictionary to teach Word not to flag that word as misspelled in the future. Go to File > Options > Proofing and select AutoCorrect Options. On the AutoCorrect tab, select or clear Replace text as you type. On the Word menu, select Preferences, and then AutoCorrect. Select or clear Replace text as you type. Go to the Review and select the arrow next to Spelling & Grammar.

Correction in Word Text - How to Track it? We create many documents using Microsoft Word. There is a Tool available in Microsoft Word having this facility viz. To bring this Toolbar in to action, Select "View" menu followed by "Toolbars" there.

Select "Reviewing" from the list and ensure its selection before proceeding. Generally, in Word document, this will shown above the Ruler. The Reviewing Toolbar has been further divided in to 4 types of Tasks. They are [a] Comments : This has got 5 tools.

Through this, you can post comments, correct, delete comments. Also you can navigate between comments. Next one is [b] Track Changes : This has got next 5 tools. This will indicate the changes that has been made in the text by appropriately underlining them.

For each change, it will show the status prior to change and next to change. You can also choose to delete or accept the changes highlighted by Track Changes.

We can have the same functions of highlighting texts as available in Formatting Toolbar. Using this we can save a document and email mail it to the desired recipient. Microsoft has brought some changes in Microsoft Word , in Reviewing Toolbar without changing the motives and execution: 1.

Display : This is a combination of first 2 Tools. This is available as a drop down menu box. This shows the types of changes you have carried out in your text and controls the same.

Track Changes : As explained above. Comments : As explained above. Track Changes Control : Through this you can entirely control the changes you have made in a word document.

Reviewing Pane : This creates a separate section in the lower part of the screen which will show the additional information on our changes that has been carried out in Word Document. We can get this option using Review Tab Ribbon and also most of these tools are available under Comments and Tracking Sections.

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