How to make homemade decorative items for diwali

how to make homemade decorative items for diwali

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Any Place

Sep 10,  · Check out our latest Diwali diy decoration ideas. Know more about Diwali decorations at home entrance diy, diwali decorations diy Indian and Diwali decorations craft diy paper. Get ideas on Diwali decorations parties decor, Diwali decorations lights india and diwali toran diy door hangings. Know more Diwali decorations puja, Diwali festival of lights Indian, Diwali art design simple, Diwali. Oct 12, - Explore Reena's board "Diy diwali decorations" on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy diwali decorations, diwali decorations, diwali diy pins.

The festival of lights is arriving soon and we must be prepared with joy in our hearts and colours in our homes. It is the time of the year when we all renovate our homes and decorate irems corner of it to celebrate the festivities surrounding us.

The auspicious festival of Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival and it does involve a lot of spending too. From the sofa covers to the old bed sheet we have to replace everything. And, that is why we often miss out on the small home decor furnishings that are evergreen and make our homes look full of life and character. So, here we are with some cool Homfmade DIY projects that are easy to make and less time taking.

You can start making these projects now so that you have your home decorated way before Diwali. So, take a look here. To make these DIY diya holders you need bangles, thick ones would be better, gota or wool.

And pieces of cardboard. Marking diwli size of the bangle, cut what are under armour sweatshirts made of circle in the card board.

Stick two cardboard circles on either side of the bangle. Then wrap a gota or wool around the bangle covering the complete circumference of the bangle. Stick all open ends with fevicol. And your Tto diya holder is ready! A very beautiful DIY project to try out this Diwali f estive looks for Diwalidecoratife canopy is very easy to make. Homemave making this, you will be needing a lot of flowers that could be artificial or real both, strong threads and decoragive and a half meter gota.

Using the needle and thread, start sewing through the flowers making a chain out of it. Now the length of the chain has to be decided by you depending on the space you're going to you it in. Make such chains and attach them to the gota at equal decprative. Using the gota, hang the canopy and you're done. Another cool and easy DIY is this one, and for this, you will need, half-cut plastic bottles, wool, and decorative materials. Now cut the plastic bottles into half. Apply glue on it and start wrapping it with wool, up to the cap.

Once it's dried, make a hole in the cap and pass a gota inside and tie a knot, connect such pieces together and it's done. The feet of the goddess Laxmi are said to be very holy for everyone. And it is generally believed that if you place the Laxmi feet inside your homes, they bring in positivity, prosperity, and good vibes. So to make these on your tor, you need to draw a rough sketch of the feet the trace it out on a red rubber sheet.

Cut the shape very carefully and then add beads and decorate like shown in the picture. Make several pairs and place them in a line at a small distance. One of the most popular and beautiful decoration pieces that we use for our homes is bandhanwaar.

Bandhanwaar is ,ake at the entrance of your home and is also of great religious devorative. To make bandhanwaar, you need a rubber sheet, thick gota, decorative ofr and stick-on jewels.

Cut the rubber sheet according to the borders of your main entry door. Then stick gota over the entire piece. Let it dry. Then, add jewels and beads how to cut down trees in pokemon soul silver decorate in style and there you go.

Hanuman Chalisa: Significance To Translat Let's be prepared to embrace it with these easy to make colourful Diwali DIY projects. Recommended Video. Read Now. Search Subscribe Share.

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DIY Diya Holders

Diwali is the biggest and most widely celebrated festival in India, but the celebration stretches to many corners of the world as well. Singapore, Fiji, and Suriname are among the many countries that make Diwali a national holiday.

Diwali is coming up and this festive occasion calls for beautiful deepavali decorations. Image source: Adventures of A Middle Sister. After Diwali ends, you can let it hang for longer, if not for all year round! Now, onto the making! Materials and process: Wrap your paper cups with various decorative papers of your choice.

This diwali decoration lights will be the hole where your light bulbs poke through, so keep it small to prevent the paper cups from slipping off. Slip the light bulbs to the bottom of each paper cup. Do this until you cover the whole length of the garland. Image source: Oh Happy Day.

This crepe paper toran will last longer than fresh flower toran for sure, and it looks nicer than plastic toran. This idea will glow for Diwali Backdrop. It can be used for any occasion. To create your own toran, get crepe papers in various colors of your choice.

Follow the instructions here to make the toran. You can also add gold bells at each end to make it more festive. Image source: Pinterest.

Tealight candles are a staple for Diwali decoration, but they can look a bit flat with their grey metal holders. For this, washi tapes are the solution! The width of washi tapes perfectly matches the holders, and all you have to do is pick the tapes you like, and wrap them around the tealight.

Keep the tapes varied to make it more colorful. Image source: Lights 4 fun. Fairy lights for Diwali are a common thing, but make it fun by hanging photo prints in between the lights!

Pick your best family memories, get the photos printed, delivered to you with a few clicks, and hang them on the string with decorative pegs. Tip: You can create your own personalized greeting diwali cards. Image source: Ezy Shine.

This one is such a gem. Quick and easy to make, with an elegant result. Simply pick a few mason jars in various sizes, wrap them with laces, ribbons, or yarns, and place your candle and its holder inside.

For the best results, use an acrylic paint that works well on a glass surface. Decorate your plain candle to make it more lively and festive! This adds a traditional deepavali decoration in a decent way to celebrate and glow in your area. Once the first coat of glue has dried, apply another layer to make sure your henna sticks in place.

Image source: Mirador. And who knows the humble brown paper bags can be turned into something so pretty? To create paper bag luminaries, simply punch your paper with a decorative hole punch, and put your candle inside. Create as many as you possibly can for a more dramatic effect. Image source: Footnotes and Finds. Buy plain diyas, and get acrylic paints to decorate them.

Not a fan of painting? You can also use sequins and beads. Play around with various patterns and colors; the more the better! Image Source: tribuneindia. Celebrating Diwali without Rangoli is incomplete. Lots of school and preschool institutions keep Rangoli competitions and with the best design, the students are rewarded. This creative diwali rangoli design adds value to your home decors. The children do love to play with the Rangoli colors. Set your Diwali festival and celebrations in a collage format and you can buy wall photo frames online , to set it up on your walls or bedrooms.

The festive season is around the corner. Here are some ways to give that special touch to your home. Paint the center wall of your living room differently. Either use different colors or wallpaper with designs that match your decor.

Or if you have light-colored walls add some colorful decorative items. Turkish chandeliers. Add colored ceiling lamps complementing your wall colors. A simple lamp shade next to your sofa also will help to give it a complete look. If you are having difficulty finding colored lamps, metallic lamps will blend in with any color. This will not only add some color, freshness, and fragrance but also will help to complete your homely look.

This festive season you can experiment with something new. Rather than using the same old traditional framed photos, try out gallerywrap canvases. This will help you give a modern twist to your memorable photos. We hope this Diwali infographic and DIY Diwali decorations ideas can help to get your spirit up for the occasion!

Do prepare diwali gift ideas and share them with us and your friends around. And there you have it! There are a lot more homemade Diwali decoration ideas that you can do, but we hope these Diwali decoration ideas for the home can help you primp your space in time for Diwali. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information.

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