How to make read more on blogspot

how to make read more on blogspot

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First is the standard square version that can be finished square or as a biscornu and the second is a box pincushion. If you'd like to read more about the threads I'm using then check the previous post. Then I added, "Because you really are interested I'll take a little more time on them." I was actually surprised but when I thought about it, it made sense. Private industry pays a lot more attention to things than government does.

Friday, 12 March Quick Update Hiya everyone! How to download winzip for free for the radio silence - I how to make cell boilies on meaning to say something but then didn't have the energy. Last year's crazy schedule has finally caught up with me, and I've got a bit of a burnout going on. I am also recovering from some very unpleasant side effects of the Corona vaccine.

What's planned: I'm going to take a bit of me time Then I'm going to play catch up with all the missing posts. That is one thing I would never do to any of you! Please hang on in there, and I'll be back asap! Labels: News. Read more ». Friday, 5 February Ornament of the Month - February. Labels: 38 x 38 stitchesChristmasCross stitchEmbroideryfreebieFriday Freebieornament of the month. I thought I'd already done this, but apparently I had not, so this is going up later than planned or desired.

I noticed it was missing because I'm preparing to stitch the February Ornament of the Month and wanted to know how much floss I needed to make the cord for the garland. Good thing I make notes and keep photos! This year's shape is not exactly simple to stuff, so it's done in parts as you work, I'll show you when in the photos. I'll also explain when things are done differently for an ornament version as of course you don't have to make this into a garland like I am. Please read the notes at the end before starting to do the finishing if you are making a garland.

Labels: How to MakeTutorial. Tutorial: Making Cords for a Garland Finish. While making the tutorial for the Ornament of the Month Shape Construction I realised that it would be clearer if I split the cord making part from the ornament making part of the tutorial, so here is a second cording tutorial.

For general cording making instructions look here. This tutorial expands on the previous tutorial so knowing the basics is required. There are three options for how to make cording for a garland finish. Labels: 36 x 35 stitches60 x 60 stitchesEmbroideryfreebieFriday FreebieShimmering Seas. Saturday, 2 January Ornament of the Month - January. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Aug 10,  · Make a test film, no more than seconds, if you are just starting with a new software. This helps you learn the program and the challenges before diving into your vision. Thanks! If it’s more of a plot drive or connecting chapter I can do it between tasks during the day or after my chores are done. What are some Bible verses/encouraging quotes that keep you going? Libby: There are so many. 1 Corinthians will always be my go to, but I’m quick succession I don’t h esitate to quote 2 Timothy and Philippians.

Let's all give a big welcome to Libby May!!! Libby: Thank you Autumn! So question one What are 3 things that inspire you to write? Libby: Music, pictures, and feelings. Sometimes I will have an overwhelming urge, an emotion that can only be described or shared with someone else by building a story around it.

How did you come up with the storyline for Playgrounds and Black Markers? Libby: the storyline for this book was actually much longer in the first draft. So I narrowed down the three to just one and smoothed out the plot to make sure there was no extra threads.

It really just grows as I write. How long did it take you to write your first draft of the book? This was actually a fun fact I shared with somebody. From start to finish it took me days. Where is your favorite place to write? Libby: I love to write at my desk. I have all my trinkets and fidget toys and character cards and pictures around me.

And access to pencils and pens and a computer where I can look up reference photos or get lost on Pinterest on accident. Libby: I do my best writing at night after everybody else in the house has gone to sleep. Libby: There are so many. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? Oh yes. Do it. Just do it. You ARE capable of writing a book. You will finish your story. And the final question Libby: I love to read Contemporary fiction. Especially clean suspense! Asp anything by Roseanne M.

Thanks so much Libby!!! It was my pleasure Autumn. Thank you for joining to the blog tour! Nineteen-year-old Jake Jett always knew what he wanted as his career, but time runs short as his chances to follow his dream seem to disappear. The constant pressure to attend a prestigious college pushes out any hope of pursuing his own desires. Feeling unheard, Jake sinks into his hidden addiction.

Rose Johnson has the best adoptive family she could imagine. Add that to her unexpected reunion with Jake, life is thrown completely off balance. When hearts get in the way, confusion settles in. Life is more complicated than anyone could have realized. Is it possible to leave all of the steps and outcomes at the throne of God? Does everyone truly have a destiny? Visit Geoturtle. And seriously consider preordering the book on April 17th!!

Blessings peeps! Happy National Siblings Day!! This is a shoutout to all my dear, wonderful siblings! All the times we laughed so hard we cried, we fought and forgave, we scolded and and shared, we wouldn't talk to each other and wouldn't stop talking I love you guys!!! Pages Home About Me! Random Photos! Author Interview: Libby May. Happy Tuesday my friends!! As I mentioned in my post last Wednesday, I said I'd be doing an author interview today.

I so apologize that it's afternoon already, but for some reason I thought my post was tomorrow, and yeah Don't forget the giveaway guys!!! Today is your last day to enter!!! Go to Geoturtle. Before you go Playgrounds and Black Markers is now available for preorder!!! If you head over to Instagram you can submit your orders through the links in Libby's bio. Both eBooks and Paperbacks are available.

Or go here! That was so much fun!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Libby's answers and I hope you did too!! Blessings on your day,. Labels: Author Interview , Books , Writing. Book Spotlight: Playgrounds and Black Markers. Hey all! Remember that cover reveal I posted awhile back? Playgrounds and Black Markers is releasing on Wednesday!!!

Today I will be spotlighting the book and on Tuesday I will have a special interview with the author!! Playgrounds and Black Markers. Annnd there's a giveaway!! Here's what you can win!! Labels: Books , Spotlight , Writing. Older Posts Home.

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