How to paint a door with windows

how to paint a door with windows

Best Way to Paint a Door with Windows

Begin by applying paint to the inside of the top panels. Smooth out the paint, working with the grain. Coat the recessed areas first and then the faces of the panels. If the door has a vertical center stile, paint this next and then blend in the brush marks from the center stile when you paint the . Mar 09,  · Check out this approach to painting doors. Its faster and looks just as good as brushing, almost ;) I still prefer a brushed door but the rolled method is gr.

Last Updated: September 15, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Patrick Coye. To date, Patrick and his team have painted over 2, houses and stained over decks. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewedtimes. Exterior doors, especially front doors, are often the first thing someone will notice about your house. And if you want to add character to your home, then painting exterior doors is a simple and effective way to change the look of your house.

Before you paint an exterior door, take the door off its hinges and remove any hardware. Next, apply a coat of primer. You can use a brush to paint trim around recessed panels and a roller to paint the panels, themselves. Wait at least a couple of hours or until the primer is dry before you apply coats of your paint in the same way.

Finally, let the paint dry completely before you replace the hardware and rehang the door. For tips on choosing the best primer and paint for your exterior door, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Gather your how to convert ms word to jpeg. Before you can paint an exterior door, you need to clean it, sand it, and prime it, and this requires some tools. Some products nowadays contain both paint and primer in one.

Also: grit sandpaper Screwdrivers Caulk Solvent, such as mineral spirits for metal doors Sponges or rags Painter's Tape Painting tray Stir sticks Small foam roller and frame Small to medium brush A cut-bucket. Remove the door from the hinges. Insert a flathead screwdriver between the hinge and the hinge pin. Angle the screwdriver upward at a degree angle, and tap the end of the screwdriver with a hammer. What tests are used to diagnose fibromyalgia you tap, the hinge pin will come out of the hinge.

Pull the hinge pin out from the hinge. Repeat with the other hinge. Loosen both the hinges and remove the door. When you have the door off, lay it horizontally on a bench or across two sawhorses. Remove the hardware. Use a screwdriver to remove any hardware from the door that will come off. This includes handles, knockers, the hinges, mailboxes, and the latch and lock mechanism. You'll most likely need a Phillips or flathead screwdriver to remove the hardware.

If you don't want to remove the hardware, mask it with tape. Fill in holes. If there are any holes in the door, such as nail marks, fill these in with small amounts of bondo or wood filler.

Go over the door and locate holes and baked potato how long oven. When you find one, inject some filler into the hole to fill it.

Smooth down the filler and press it into the hole or crack with a putty knife or scraper. Clean metal doors. To give yourself the cleanest surface possible, clean the surface of a metal door with a mild solvent like mineral spirits to remove dirt, grime, and old paint residue. Soak a rag in mineral spirits or another solvent and rub the surface of the door. Sand the door. This will also help remove any dirt and residue from the surface.

Go over the entire surface of the door with grit sandpaper, making sure to get all corners, nooks, and crannies. If you're painting a metal door, sand before cleaning it. Vacuum and wipe down how to paint a door with windows door. Before you can paint the door, you must clean it to remove dust and dirt. Use what is the latest football news small brush attachment and vacuum the door, including all the recesses and corners.

Set the door aside and allow it to air dry for about an hour. If you cleaned a metal door with solvent, wash it with water mixed with a few drops of dish soap. Rinse the door and allow it to dry before proceeding. Tape and paper hardware and windows. You need to protect features that cannot be removed, such as windows. If you left the door on its hinges, tape adjacent walls, the frame, and the hinges. You can use a drop cloth, too, if you have one handy.

Part 2 of Choose a paint. You need special paints for exterior surfaces, because outside doors will be exposed to many more elements than interior ones. Your best bet for paint is either a water-based acrylic or latex paint, or an alkyd-based oil paint.

Water-based paints tend to dry faster than oil paints, but oil paints will provide better protection for the surface underneath. If you currently have a water-based paint on your door, you'll have to paint over it with the same type of paint.

Make sure the paint you choose is specifically formulated for exterior surfaces. Exterior paint has antimicrobials that prevent the growth of mildew, mold, and algae, besides also holding up better to UV rays. Pick a primer. Before you paint the door, you'll have to apply a layer of primer that will help the paint get better coverage and adhere to the surface more easily.

You can use an oil-based primer with oil- and water-based paints. The best is to apply an oil-based primer followed by a latex paint. For primer color, choose a neutral color or a lighter version of the color you're painting the door. Choose the right day to paint. The ideal day for painting will be above 50 F 10 C. Also, if you're painting outside, choose a day when there's no direct sunlight hitting the door.

Wind and sun can cause the paint to dry too quickly, and humidity can prevent it from drying properly. Prime the door. Open your can of primer and stir it with a paint stir stick. Pour some primer into the paint tray. Use a brush to paint the trim around one of the recessed panels. Then use the roller to paint the panel. Repeat until all the recessed panels have been painted. Use the roller to paint the rest of the door, including the top, sides, and bottom.

When the primer has had enough time to dry usually a couple hoursflip the door over and paint the other side. Paint the door. Fill a clean paint tray with your paint.

Use how to paint a door with windows brush to paint the trim on how to wave hair with curling iron recessed panel first, then use the roller to finish the panel. When all the recessed panels have been painted, finish the how to treat hyperthyroidism in cats with the roller. Apply a second coat if necessary.

In general, you should always wait a full day before applying a second coat.

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Aug 06,  · The easiest way to paint doors is to first pull the hinge pins and lay the door across a pair of sawhorses. (If that’s not possible, shim beneath the door so it can’t move.) For the best-looking results, remove all door hardware except hinge leaves, especially if you’re spray painting. Cover the hinges with masking tape.

We had beautiful weather and with nothing on the schedule, it was the perfect time to get some projects done!

My hubby spent the last two weeks in Israel so we got to pick him up from the airport early Saturday afternoon. He was ready to get after it, too so he spent the weekend working in the yard. As for me, our back door was in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Taking the time to tape it off was going to take forever. Half of the time at least for me the paint seeps under the tape anyway. How about a putty knife? I could butt the putty knife up against the window trim and paint it, moving the putty knife down and around each rectangle while painting.

You can check it out on our front door, coffee nook, laundry room, guest bathroom, AND our kitchen cabinets. I also wrote a review of the paint you can check out. I seriously love it. No sanding, no priming, no brush marks, and great coverage. But back to the project! I purchased a set of three plastic putty knives in varying sizes. It was cheap and this way I was sure to have the perfect size to use on my door.

I used a short angled trim brush to apply the paint. I love this paint brush and you can find the brush on Amazon here. The stubby handle makes it easy to hold and helps with precision. The angled tip helps with cleaner lines. We were out of tape so I just made sure to be really careful! Start at the top and work your way around. Once you have the first coat on, grab your putty knife and start working on the window panes.

You want to hold the putty knife against the trim at an angle between the glass and the trim. Then paint the trim, moving the putty knife along the trim as you apply the first coat. Make sure you keep some paper towels close by to wipe the putty knife clean between panes to ensure clean lines. Step back and check out your progress this always helps motivate me for the next part!

Start back on the outer part of the door. Depending on the paint you use, you may need to allow some dry time before the second coat. Once the outer part has a second coat, grab your putty knife again for another round on the window panes! That makes for a fast project! This will depend on how drastic the color change and the condition of the surface. Are you going from a dark color to a light color?

Definitely prime if using regular paint. Is the current surface slick or shiny? A few things to think about: Is your door in a high traffic area?

Will it be used frequently by kiddos who can be hard on a paint job I love my three offspring dearly, but they are HARD on paint! If you answered yes, you may want to consider using a topcoat like Polycrylic in clear satin.

If you decide it needs a third coat, allow for sufficient dry time and then repeat the process again. Mine was pretty much ready to go after two coats. I just had a few final touch-ups and it was done! I decided to skip the topcoat because so far this paint has held really well in other areas. The putty knife worked SO well for this project. It made the job go so much quicker and the panes came out clean and crisp with no paint seepage!

This really is the best way to paint a door with windows! I love how this room is coming together. I hope this was helpful! Have questions or comments? I love how your door turned out.

That color is so soft and made such a difference to the space. Great tip on the putty knife. Sign up for my FREE e-book! Share Pin. Count me in! Comments Well, how smart are you?

What a good idea! Lol, every once in a while my brain decides to work ha! Thanks Jodi! Thanks, Tara! What a great tip. I love the color you painted the walls and your door. Looks really pretty. I love how it transformed the whole look of the area just painting the door!

Thanks, friend!

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