How to paint computer case

how to paint computer case

How to Paint a Computer Case? – Do it Yourself With the Utmost Ease!

Jul 02,  · Learn more about the Fractal Design Define 7 Compact at / Items featured in this video available. Apr 24,  · After alcohol dries, spray an even coat over the entire case from 8–12 inches (– cm) away. A second coat may be applied along with a clear coat. {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/thumb\/6\/61\/Paint-a-Computer-Case-Stepjpg\/vpx-Paint-a-Computer-Case-Stepjpg","bigUrl":"\/images\/thumb\/6\/61\/Paint-a-Computer-Case .

Now that you have the case taken apart to the level that you want it is time to prepare the surface for painting. Everyone has different ideas on how to prep the case for this job and some will say that their way is the right way or that you are taking a short cut but some of the processes depends on what you may have available to you.

A majority of people out there do not have a professional paint setup with different spray guns, a paint booth and a way to bake the paint on. This is where the old spray can paint becomes a modders best friend. There are ways to have your paint job come out just as good a pro paint job, but you will have to work for it.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have done all the drilling, cutting, bending or what you want to be done to the case done before you start your painting. There is nothing worse than having all your painting completed and then find yourself having to drill more holes and chipping, cracking or scratching the paint up. One of the first things you will ask yourself is how much of the old paint do I need to removed and tell you the truth you will get a different answer everything you ask someone.

Some think that you only need to rough up the surface while others say the only true way to do is is to go down to the bare metal. As I stated before this all depends on what you have available to you to achieve it.

If you do not have a bunch of power tools at your disposal you can use the old tried and trued way of using your hand and some sandpaper. Either way, you go you will need to have the most basic item, sandpaper. Here is a bit of background on sandpaper, it is rough and scratches away stuff…lol, OK sorry but it is true. There are many different types of sanding paper and depending on what you want to do is what you need to use.

Just remember this, the lower the number the rougher the paper is; which in turn means the more you will remove, but at a price of more work later on. By using rougher grit sandpaper you can remove a lot of material in a short amount of time but this means that the surface is also much rougher with grooves that you just created. I am not worried about a little extra work so I like to start off with a grit sandpaper as it takes off a good amount of paint and the scratches that it leaves behind are not to bad.

When bunco dice game rules how to play good portion of the paint is removed then I like to step up to a finer grit of This will continue to remove any how send sms from internet to mobile for free that might be left behind plus it will start to smooth out any of the grooves that were made by the grit paper.

After all the paint has been removed a once over with some even finer grit paper, grit, really smooths out how to paint computer case metal and this is what you want to help you get that smooth finish. Some will say that you do not need to go all the way down to the metal to paint the case and that is true, but a better primer is needed to help bond the paint. By jumping right to the and grit steps from above you can save some time and still get a good looking outcome.

Now that you have the items sanded and ready to be painted you need to do just a few steps to make sure that you get the best results for your hard work. This part is very important as it the foundation of your hard work so far and to come.

A clean surface is a must for the perfect paint job and it can be had pretty darn easy by simply washing them. By using some clean water and a clean rag you can wash the parts down to remove all the dust and tiny partials that have gotten into every crack. Do not use any soap during the washing process as it will leave a film on the surface and it will not allow the primer to adhere to the metal.

You must make sure that the items are fully dry before you do any sort of painting. If you are lucky enough and have an air compressor you can use that to blow dry the parts, but if not you can leave them out to air dry for a day or two I do this even after blow drying them. The thing to do after the parts have completely dried is to wipe them down with a clean lint-free cloth.

The best thing to use is something called a Tack Rag which is made from cheesecloth and is slightly sticky to the touch. The tackiness of the rag will pick up any particle left on the item making sure it clean. When possible I would suggest that you suspend the item you are painting. I am pretty sure you have seen it before where someone is painting some car parts on TV and you will see some of the items hanging.

The reason behind this is for a few reasons with one being that you have easier access to all sides of the part. Another reason is that you will get a better spray out of the can fit you hold it upright. And finally, it is just more comfortable how to paint computer case do it like this. If you are not able to hang the parts then I would next suggest some way to elevate the item to at least a workbench height for the same reasons listed before.

Next, you should prep the area in which you are going to paint at. The area should be clean and free of anything that may go airborne and land on your parts. Laying down a drop cloth, which can be bought at any hardware store for a few dollars, before you begin any painting as it will help control overspray damage to anything that might be in the area and it also helps control loose objects from finding their way onto your project.

You now have the painting area all prepped and the pieces all nice and clean you are ready to start applying your primer and paints. If you are not able to suspend the items and have to paint them while they are flat you should consider elevating them on a wooden block or a small cardboard box.

Why, well it allows you to move or rotate the item to ensure that all the areas get painted and that no places are missed. Plus if you paint it, say on top of some newspaper, you are running the risk of the paint sticking to the how to fix a boot zipper pull and thus damaging your paint job.

Previous page 1 2 3 4 Next page. Dewayne Carel Follow on Twitter Send an email. Dewayne Carel Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. Shortly after that, he started Modders-Inc to help others learn how to create and have fun with PC case mods.

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Step 1: Funny Things First.

How to Paint a Computer Case Step 1: Funny Things First.. I have found the EXACT. computer and color sceme on the case in a half life 2 episode. I Step 2: Sand Down Then Degrease. THIS IS ESENTIAL. if you don't do it the paint won't stick and there will be dust in Step 3: Paint . Apr 03,  · In this video I will show you how to Mod your PC Case by giving it a new paint your support by liking this videoBe sure to subscribe to the channel. Aug 15,  · Painting the computer case is an easy way of transforming your PC to something that you will enjoy looking at and in the process have fun doing it. At first, it may sound like a huge ordeal to overtake but with a few simple instructions and some spare time, you can have something that you can call your very Dewayne Carel.

There is simply no better way to make your PCs and laptops extra fashionable than ever than to paint its case with the contemporary art developments these days. If you want to peer your computer cases look new again, you can always paint them along with your preferred color or fashion.

Here are very simple steps on how you may paint your laptop case with the nearly something you like. First of all, you will need a few gear and materials in an effort to get this tedious job finished.

No want to fear about the price of this assignment, as you may end it without hurting your pockets-that is surely for sure.

You do no longer actually have to buy for the gear that you are going to apply because all of these will maximum possibly be available to your storage garage. The enamel is also wished which will serve as the sprucing a part of the process, consequently giving your pc a complete experience of being new again. Make positive which you have nicely shut down your laptop units. Unplug the main outlet. You additionally want to eliminate all of the cables and wires which might be connected to the case, consisting of the main strength twine, the LAN cable, and the screen cable.

Note that the PC has to calm down earlier than you need to touch something inside the case. This usually takes mins. Choose a work region this is well ventilated. Allow enough air and daylight to resource in rapid drying of the paint and additionally to help you breathe simpler. Remember that paint can be a toxic substance inside the absence of enough oxygen in the frame.

Cover the floor or table with the antique cartons or newspapers, and make sure that the case will be nicely located on your paintings location. There have to be no bulges or uneven surfaces wherein it is hooked up, or you may now not be capable of finely paint all of its edges and surfaces. Before proceeding to this step, ensure which you have prepared the corresponding boxes and boxes of all of the additives inner your CPU.

Locate the panels, clips, and screws to your computer case. Using a screwdriver, cautiously eliminate the casing. Place all the additives and components in a secure, dry and smooth box and set them aside for the complete painting activity.

This is the second hardest a part of this venture, with paint elimination being the pinnacle in the listing. As with every other type of painting activity, you want to easy the surfaces and ensure that they are loose from any lump or bulge so that it will break the arrival of the brand new paint inside the casing.

Surely, the ultimate element which you might need to look is choppy surfaces in your new casing. Remove all of the stickers and labels within the casing.

This is the maximum tedious a part of the job, wherein you need to be very cautious now not to damage the casing itself in casting off the outer paint. Use grit sandpaper in doing away with all the paint and color for your casing. Get rid of all the present paint and sand down all the surfaces of the casing. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the edges which are nevertheless lined with paint.

As a lot as feasible, you can use only one path in sanding down your casing. This will make a perfect end and fantastic paint touches. You may now easily and get rid of all of the particles and particles that were left for the duration of the preceding step. Pour sufficient quantity of denatured alcohol right into a cotton rag and punctiliously wipe of the extra materials inside the sanded surface.

Be positive to dry the case first earlier than you may proceed to the subsequent step. After drying the floor of the casing, you can now spray a completely thin coat of paint on it.

Hold the spray can at the right degree and perspective with a purpose to spray the paint perfectly. You may need to preserve a distance of inches from the casing. A thin and even painting stroke might not be feasible without a steady hand, so be sure to keep the spray can as tight and steady as viable. Also, in case you come too near, you are much more likely to come to be with choppy sprays, if you come to a long way, you would possibly scatter the paint even to the unwanted elements of the casing.

Be certain now not to pass over the rims and corners of the casing. Allow the primary coat to dry. You may additionally test the again of the spray cans for commands on the drying time of the paint.

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