How to pass a math test by guessing

how to pass a math test by guessing

How To Ace A Test Without Studying

Here's The Best Way To Guess On Multiple Choice Tests. Feb 23, Two members of our math department disagree on the best strategy for guessing when you dont know the answer to questions on a multiple choice test. .

I now realize that study is the wrong verb. You not only need guessnig KNOW material for a math test. It requires a shift in preparation. Also, there is no way to prepare for a math test the night before. There is no faking. Simple awareness of these factors can have a positive impact on your grade! But, as you might guess, there is more you can do. Step 1: Know your basic math facts! There are hundreds guesxing math games on the internet to help you practice your facts.

They are the foundation of math and will continue to hold you back if you cannot answer each of them in a split-second. Again, people with learning disabilities might never mat basic math facts. As you correct your homework in class, circle all problems you did wrong and take notes about how to do them correctly.

You will be far more productive in the long-term if you stick to a time-limit. Step 3: Know your math vocabulary. Step 5: When you first how many protons and neutrons does silicon have the test, write down any formulas or definitions you had to memorize. This will immediately free up some brain power for the rest of your test.

Step 8: When you are stuck, do as much as you can you may get partial credit. Then, skip the problem and move on. Come back to it if you have time. Step 9: After your test is graded, make sure you understand how to correct any mistakes you made. If you do not understand the material now, you will continue to ho problems in following chapters.

Math can be challenging because everything you learn builds on knowledge you should have learned before. If you miss something, it will catch up with you. However, if you:. Get more easy-to-implement study and test-taking rest For educators, click here. For parents, ny here. The most critical yo, organizing, and communication skills needed for school. Learn more here. Click here to learn more. How to Study for a Math Test. Susan Kruger Winter, M. From Failing to 4. Teacher Administrator Tutor Parent Student.

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Refresher: SAT Math Scoring and Organization

Math Study Guides for the. HiSET. . Math Test. These Study Guides have been developed specifically for students getting ready to take the HiSET Math Test, and assume that you already have competency in general math. Each guide is full of examples, explanations, and lots of practice problems. This is not a comprehensive math curriculum. Guessing Strategy 1: Process of Elimination. Being able to eliminate answers on ACT questions is arguably a more important skill than even being able to solve questions (or at least equally as important). The entire ACT math section is multiple choice, which is great news for guessing. May 29, Youre taking a multiple choice test and come across a question that you are completely clueless to answer so you take a guess and just fill in a bubble. Most of us have been there.

When you dig into the details, you learn that they just choose to define studying in a silly way. According to Youth Truth , a huge percentage of students are getting left behind. Students are doing it every single day. Some of them are readers of Smart Student Secrets that have learned our specific strategies for test control.

Most students have. But you can make it happen more often and even with perfect results. This article will go in a different direction than the book. The book offers tons of strategies to do well in school without spending more time studying. Here is the important part to remember about all of this:. The book can help you dig into the details and have some confidence in the system.

It can save you a ton of time but it also introduces new challenges. You need to be prepared to watch your results and adjust your behavior. These require thinking. If you want to pass a test without studying then you need to completely change your approach to the class.

You need to look at everything differently:. Assignments are a better form of test prep than studying. Teachers usually focus their assignments on preparing you for the test. Most students study using a textbook. That textbook was probably written by a teacher that has no idea what your teacher is going to put on the test. Your teacher wants everyone to get a good grade usually. They look good for it. Assignments are an easy way your teacher can prepare you for the test.

But pay attention to that statement for once in your life. Have you ever actually changed your own behavior based on it? Try this: You should treat your assignments like tests. Grind your brain over them. Try to figure everything out without looking it up or asking for help. The key is not making a habit of it. Keep your eyes on the teacher. Listening to your teacher for class can save you massive amounts of time studying. If the teacher emphasizes something, you need to notice.

Is your teacher telling you something important? By watching and listening closely, you can take a good guess. While studying you can get caught up making the same mistake and misunderstanding repeatedly. You can go over a sentence 10 times and miss something important while studying. If you find yourself caught up in anything the teacher says, you can always ask.

I remember when I used to get red marks on my papers. That strategy held me back for years. Look at your old work with the intent to never make the same mistake twice. Find where you screwed up and learn how to prevent it. Did you offend the teacher? I saw an improvement in my grades by looking at my assignments while in class waiting around. If I know the teacher is occupied for two minutes then I might start digging in. Every mistake you fail to learn from will leave a hole in your knowledge.

It will hold you back. It may even prevent you from understanding the basics. The Perfect Test Score Problem. Since there is no definitive pool of information you need to learn, this is virtually impossible. For a perfect , you need to learn all things. For a good chance at 90 you need to learn of them. There are facts you can be sure are on the test. Then there is almost unlimited information that could end up tested.

That skews this difference into a huge difference. The number one reason students struggle with tests is stress. Students go into the test expecting the worst. They give up before they even start the test. They dread every second of it. Stress kills your memory. Staying relaxed needs to be your top priority.

Listening in class is tough but just filling out a form we know how to answer it is easy. Your brain gets completely caught up in the moment. Answer all the questions you skipped over. You should have plenty of time. After you finish all the questions, check all of your work. This is particularly important in math classes. Stupid mistakes cost points. If you have time then do everything in your power to catch them. You NEED to sleep. Sleep is an essential bodily function. Skipping it creates an unpredictability with everything you do.

The same goes with food. It also goes with a workout. The same goes with just about anything you have a physical urge to do. This applies for drugs, caffeine, and lots of stuff that might be considered a vice. See the section on the perfect test score problem for a full explanation. You can put yourself in a good position to score near perfect on the test. There are ways to do that without studying.

The number one challenge will come from volatility. The 15MSS is the compromise between a no-study routine and a traditional study routine. It gives you top notch grades consistently without the risk of the occasional bummer. It also helps you handle a wider variety of courses. There are just too many things you need to memorize. Using the 15MSS you can handle memorization heavy courses without studying for hours a night.

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