How to play crazy on you on acoustic guitar

how to play crazy on you on acoustic guitar

Crazy On You

Aug 06,  · Subscribe for new songs every week! out my theory and technique channel! Lessons With Me! Dec 05,  · ?? Please help support my lessons: For more information on this lesson and the TAB:

Also Available on MAC. The introduction, played on acoustic guitar by Nancy Wilson, is the by far most challenging part of this song. Nancy plays the part with a shuffle feel, commonly found in blues music. This means that the notes falling on the downbeats are slightly longer than the notes falling on the upbeats.

She emphasizes this rhythm on the open A string, played with a pick, while simultaneously playing an intricate melody line using the 2nd and 3rd fingers of her plxy hand. This mix of right-hand techniques is known as hybrid pickingand it will require a bit of practice to get it to sound smooth. To get your fingers used to this approach, just practice picking the fifth string — the A string — with the pick while plucking the 2nd string with the middle finger of your picking how to remove old blood stains from bed sheets, in a sort of pinching motion, so that both strings sound simultaneously.

Then, you can experiment with playing different sets of strings using this same technique. From there, try the same thing, but use your right hand's ring finger instead of your middle finger. Finally, try using the pick and two fingers all together to make three note chords and patterns.

This is the foundation of the technique used in this intro. As always, use Riff Tk to how to make 3d fonts this sequence down and build up your facility slowly. Though this section is extremely complex, Nancy Crxzy live performances suggest that it was at least partially improvised. Every performance is unique and features embellishments not found in the studio recording. Learning the part as recorded is challenging, but to use this material as a hlw for improvisation requires an even deeper mastery of the instrument.

After the introduction, the acoustic guitar moves to a more traditional rhythm role, with the meatier material appearing in the Lead arrangement.

Plqy the choruses, the electric guitar plays an iconic overdriven riff on the low strings. This pattern continues, landing on the G when the harmony changes to G and F when it goes to F.

You can also hear this line briefly quoted in the acoustic intro for some tasty foreshadowing. The lead part also features a number of truly tasty lines that manage to stay out of the way of the vocals during the hiw. The guitar solo is very melodic and consists mostly of sustained bends. Pay close attention to the intonation of these bend; listen carefully to the recording and to your guitar, and try to match your pitch to the recording as closely as hhow.

The bass tone for "Crazy on You" is also a standout. It sounds kind of hollow and slightly overdriven, while still providing a healthy dose of punch and low end. The part uses yuo mutes on the beats, with emphasis placed the non-muted notes uou follow.

This is a fairly common and extremely effective bass technique that helps the part lock in with the drums, making the bass guitxr rhythmic and percussive. Matt Montgomery has been a tk and composer for Rocksmith since Jarred McAdams joined the Rocksmith team in He studied composition at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and hold a Master's degree in composition from Mills College.

Jarred has served as a composer, performer, writer, and video producer for a wide variety of artistic and commercial projects, and has worked on a number of music game franchises since Read more. All Rights Reserved. Rocksmith logo, Ubi. Chat Twitch Facebook Twitter Youtube. See Acooustic News. Latest Articles. Rocksmith International en-us en-ca fr-ca es-mx pt-br.

Crazy On You

The guitar solo is very melodic and consists mostly of sustained bends. Pay close attention to the intonation of these bend; listen carefully to the recording and to your guitar, and try to match your pitch to the recording as closely as possible. The bass tone for "Crazy on You" is also a standout. Learn "Crazy On You" faster with Songsterr Plus plan! Nancy Wilson - Acoustic Guitar (steel) Track difficulty (Rhythm). May 21,  · guitar com. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. Search. Sign up Log in. More Versions. Official. Ver 1. Ver 2. Pro Play This Tab. Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. Use a mixing console in Pro version. How to play “Crazy On You”.

Click here for my Heart playlist featuring ALL parts to this song! In any case, this Crazy On You Intro guitar lesson will focus on the original recorded version so drop that pick and get ready for a fingerstyle workout.

Upon the first couple of times listening to this intro you may feel that everything is a bit random sounding with different notes flying all over the place. In reality though, Nancy Wilson does use a repetitive pattern within all of this complex picking and she simply plays the pattern then does a variation on it over and over again 3 times in a row followed by an ending.

It can be quite difficult to get every note to ring true in this fast acoustic guitar intro. The pull-offs are going to be especially challenging.

As always, it is about breaking everything down into sections and mastering each little detail by itself before putting all of those pieces together to form the entire intro. Also, the tempo is quite fast but by no means should you practice at that tempo. Especially if you are not used to this style of fingerpicking.

This is called muscle memory and is what your body uses for pretty much any rapid activity. The training that you do at very slow tempos is what programs your muscle memory in a certain way.

If you keep it clean and controlled it will also be clean and controlled when you speed it up. You need to grab your pick again for these rhythms because Nancy Wilson does some very aggressive strumming throughout. This constant fast strumming makes for a nice picking exercise! In the third video lesson I will tackle all of the electric guitar parts. We have that legendary main riff that is instantly recognizable by just about any rock music fan, plus lots of cool little guitar fills thrown into the pre-chorus.

I will also show you how to play both parts of the harmony guitar solo just in case you and another guitar player want to take a shot at it. They will both sound great on their own. After the harmony guitar solo, we have short interlude with a clean guitar solo over it. I will also show you how to play that guitar solo note-for-note. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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