How to play the heavy

how to play the heavy

play the heavy

Nov 26,  · HD version: tutorial video for playing the Heavy class in Team Fortress 2. Act the part of a villain; take the blame for unkind behavior. For example, She can't bear firing an employee, so she relies on Jim to play the heavy. This colloquial term comes from the theater, where heavy has been used for a stern, serious role or that of a villain since the early s. See also: heavy, play.

The Heavyas the class name suggests, is the full frontal attack force of Team Fortress 2. His class itself is a heavy weapon — big, slow, tough, and powerful; players can wade into battles where neavy classes dare not.

The Heavy's usefulness as a shock troop on the front lines, defense breaker, and wide-area defender should not be underestimated or ignored by either side. Botkiller Miniguns. Each bullet fired by Natascha greatly slows hit enemies for a brief period of time, but slows enemies down less if they are further away.

The Brass Beast is a craftable primary weapon for the Heavy. The Tomislav is a craftable primary weapon for the Heavy. It also features the "Silent Killer" effect of no maintained spin-up sound, though it still has a quiet jingling sound as the weapon is th.

The Huo-Long Heater's damage output is very similar to that of the stock Minigun. Hdavy ring of fire consumes 4 ammo per second, meaning that the Huo-Long Heater runs out of ammunition more quickly than other Miniguns.

The ring of fire is not generated if the Huo-Long Heater is out of ammo. The ring of flames is good for countering Spy-cicle wielding Spies — the fire often will melt it before they can land a Backstab.

The ring of flames does not protect you against good Spies, who will equip another knife that doesn't melt, or simply jump over the fire to backstab you. When eaten, the Fhe fully restores the Heavy's HP over four seconds; during this process, the Heavy becomes immobile and emits loud eating noises.

Consuming the Dalokohs Bar restores HP over four seconds when eaten, and increases the Heavy's maximum health to HP for 30 seconds. As with the Sandvich, the Heavy becomes immobile and makes loud eating noises. The Panic Attack pplay a craftable secondary weapon for the Heavy. The Second Banana is a contract reward secondary for the Heavy. This item functions similarly to the Sandvich. Pressing primary fire or the taunt button with the Second Banana active will cause the Heavy to consume it and heal health.

If the Heavy is at full health, the banana can be eaten repeatedly without recharging. Unlike the Sandvich, the Second Banana recharges in 11 seconds rather than 30, but only heals up to health at the same rate as the Sandvich.

Additionally, dropping the Second Banana with alternate fire functions as a small health kit, compared to the Sandvich which functions as a ppay health kit. In exchange for a slower swing speed, the Killing Gloves of Boxing grant the Heavy 5 seconds of guaranteed critical hits if he scores a kill with them.

The G. The Eviction Notice's improved attack rate makes the Heavy's melee attack faster than even most of the Scout's melee weapons, while dealing roughly equivalent damage. It also gives him a 3-second speed buff with a successful hit on an opponent. This setup is good for an all-rounded, objective oriented Heavy. The Gloves of Running Urgently will allow the Heavy, on the other hand, to get to objectives faster, but will reduce his max health. If neither the Fists of Steel nor the Gloves of Running Urgently will work, the stock Fists can be used in place of them.

On a Payload map, the Heavy can even use the bomb cart as an additional shield, as well as health replenishment, allowing players to escort the cart with ease.

The Hlw provides a modest amount of damage, but is incredibly devastating at close range. The short spin-up time allows players to switch from the Fists of Steel with minimal penalties, as the Minigun has a fairly fast spin-up time and the potential for high amounts of burst damage.

Due to the obstacles a Heavy with this loadout faces, a lunchbox item is preferred over any Shotgun. The Dalokohs Bar is only useful by giving the Heavy extra health in the event that there are no Medics nearby to give a buff, if there are none at all in the current team line up, or to heal HP when injured repeatedly thanks to its quick recharge rate.

The Second Banana is an alternative option that recharges just as quickly allowing you to heal HP instead at the expense of being unable to get yourself a pre-combat health buff. The Sandvich is much more useful for healing supporting Medics, and other teammates to guarantee longer survivability for all, and since you can gather more Sandviches by running over medkits at full health, there will be times where you will almost have an infinite supply of Sandviches, depending on the map, the locations, and the frequency of said medkits.

The Shotgun can prove to be a reliable backup weapon should the Minigun's spin-up rate proves to be too long; it can also be used on the way to an objective if the Gloves of Running Urgently are not equipped.

The Shotgun also deals a surprising amount of damage. However, while using the Shotgun, a lunchbox item cannot be held; this makes the Heavy more reliant upon Medics, health packs, and Dispensers. Gloves of Running Urgently. A good offensive-support setup for when facing non-Heavies in close-quarter heay, and when paired with a Medic constantly. Natascha's slow effect can be used to help teammates finish off any particularly fast enemies, and a Pocket Medic allows players to sustain fire even in the face of overwhelming force.

While replenishing health with the Sandvich will not always be necessary due to having a Medic along, the Sandvich can be dropped both to keep the Medic alive as well as keep other teammates in the fight if the Medic is too busy.

The GRU gives players a significant maneuverability advantage, allowing them to quickly respond to enemy movements or to reach objectives more quickly. Killing Gloves of Boxing or Fists of Steel. This set-up is for a strictly defensive Heavy whose main goal is to mow down enemy offensive pushes and stop them from advancing. The Brass Beast's increased damage allows players to counter Sasha-wielding Heavies, but its increased spin-up time and slow movement speed means that strategic positioning is required, preferably next to a Dispenser.

The Family Business can provide vital secondary fire in the event of an ambush where players cannot spin up the Brass Beast in time, and its choice over Shotgun is due to its overall benefit as an escape weapon.

Which melee weapon to use will depend on the type of defense needed. The Fists of Steel can be used to physically prevent enemies from accomplishing an objective by using the high ranged weapon damage reduction, but beware of Fo or other Fists of Steel-equipped Heavies.

The K. Due to the long spin-up time of the Brass Beast, the Shotgun is incredibly useful for utilizing the 5 second Crit boost.

Furthermore, the K. B can be used to decisively deal with any Heavies on the other team who attempt to use the Fists of Steel's sheer defensive potential to accomplish objectives, due to being able to kill such Heavies quickly with melee attacks without worrying about receiving double melee damage in return. Buffalo Steak Sandvich. This "official" set is very controversial, since the Brass Beast is a defensive weapon, but the Buffalo Steak Sandvich and Warrior's Spirit are more offensive in nature though the steak can be thrown to allies with low health.

This set is much-used in Medieval Mode, because the Steak Sandvich gives mini-crits, which work very well with the Warrior's Spirit to kill enemies with a few punches. Typically, this set defends with the Brass Beast, and if you need to eliminate enemies without the Beast's slowness, you eat the Steak and hit the enemies with your fists.

Hwo of the best setups for the offensive lone wolf. Due to the silent spin-up of the Tomislav, this build could also be used for flanking enemies and catching them off guard. Use the GRU and various side paths in order to maneuver behind enemy lines, use the Second Banana to heal any damage taken while flanking, then use the Tomislav in order to attack lone enemies from behind or from the side. If performed successfully, the enemy won't have enough time to mount a successful counterattack, often getting killed before they can even react.

Minigun or Tomislav. This setup is for a Heavy who likes to engage with his melee weapons, with the aid hiw the Buffalo Steak Sandvich for increased speed and damage, allowing him to surprise enemies with a couple Mini-Crit punches and retreat before extra fire can be drawn to him, or attack another distracted enemy.

The Holiday Punch should be used when you can effectively circle-strafe around the enemy, and cause them to laugh after punching them in the back.

Mini-Crits will not cause an enemy to laugh, but do provide Mini-Crit damage, so you must hit them in the back or get plsy random critical hit to cause them to laugh. The Eviction Notice has a faster firing rate than the regular Fists and variantsmaking landing blows much easier, although the damage per second is lower overall.

The Fists of Steel more than negate the mini-crits for all pllay damage, allowing you to survive llay longer. The Minigun provides a reliable weapon when the Buffalo Steak Sandvich is recharging, while the Tomislav can be quickly fired when the how to zoom into a picture run out and is great for switching from melee combat. This setup should not be used for direct combat if you are the only Heavy on your team and lack a Hsavy, as when the enemy sees a Heavy, they almost always direct their fire to him.

The Black Market Business set trades some of the Heavy's sheer firepower for what events occur during each phase of meiosis ability to ambush and flank foes more effectively. The Family Business can be used to finish weakened enemies outside of the Tomislav's range, heavh used as an escape weapon, or to provide cover fire when crossing open yow.

The Eviction Notice can be used to quickly dispatch unsuspecting Scouts and Medics from behind. Beware of Plzy, Natascha, or Brass Beast-wielding Heavies, however, as they will be able to quickly overpower you with their primary weapon. With how to play the heavy Sandvich to heal yourself, always make sure that a Medic or medkit is nearby.

Shotgun or Family Business what does btw mean texting Panic Attack. A set for Tto on an offensive push. The Huo-Long Heater is an excellent weapon for clearing heagy tunnels or congested areas, as the fire it creates will drive enemies backwards and ignite other Heavies, making it easier for you to finish them off.

However, the Heater uses up ammo extremely quickly, so use your Shotgun when engaging a lone enemy instead of wasting precious ammunition, use the Family Business for an increased clip size, but less damage dealt on the flipside, or use the Panic Attack if a close-range rush is incoming and you need a good amount of firepower in a hurry, despite not reaching the clip size potential of the other Shotguns.

The GRU can be used to reach contested areas quickly; however, it can be traded for another melee weapon's how to play the heavy if the map is small or an Engineer has constructed a Teleporter.

Huo-Long Heater or Natascha. Shotgun or Dalokohs Bar or Family Business. A set for Heavies on a defensive push, also mainly used for Spy checking and ambushing purposes. The Huo-Long Heater, while offensive in nature, can be used as a great Spy checking tool while also doing the Heavy's natural thing. Natascha's slow mechanic can be used in Spy-checks and help teammates in finish any particular enemy.

However, the Huo-Long Heater can use ammo quickly, so the Family Business or stock Shotgun can be used for backup when you are low on ammo. Natascha deals less damage at the other Miniguns, so use Shotgun is recommended. The Dalokohs Bar can be used as a more suitable alternative if you want to tank more damage; coupled with the Fists of Steel, it can make you even more of a threat to deal with while enemies try to attack. The Eviction Notice or Holiday What is a professional organisation can make you more of an surprise predator, if you want to go the ambush route.

Natascha or Brass Beast. This loadout is preferable for any player how to play the heavy wants to use Heavy in Mann VS Machine, as the slowing power of the Natascha, or the heavy damage of the Brass Beast, allows the Heagy to fill the roll of either team support or tank DPS. Most of the Heavy's points should be invested in his primary weapons, and as such, his primary weapons should do the most they can for him in return.

The Natascha allows the Heavy to slow what is the best way to send money to china enemies all at once, thus giving your team more time to dispatch enemies. By purchasing Projectile penetration, this increases the number plau enemies slowed per tick, as each bullet can hit and slow multiple enemies. Heavu a similar note, the Brass Beast allows the Heavy to mow down enemies with a constant barrage of stronger bullets, at the cost of movement speed.

Since the Heavy often sits next to the Dispenser anyway, the lack of movement speed on his primary is negligible at best. Add the Destroy Projectile upgrade to either of these weapons, and you'll see most threats rapidly dwindle in strength against a good team with a good Heavy.

The Sandvich and the melee weapons are all pretty much tools of the trade for the MVM Heavy, and thus have no required upgrades.

Heavy Bowgun Usable Ammo Types

Jul 21,  · Create and get +5 IQ. Artist: Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara) Song: Heavy Album: One More Light Tabbed by: 4_ever_dave [Verse 1] F#m A I don’t like my mind right now C#m D Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary F#m A Wish that I could slow things down C#m D I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic F#m A And I drive myself crazy C#m. The Heavy's own size added to the ring of fire that surrounds him can allow him to act as an even greater defensive figure, able to block off passageways and ward off enemies, while protecting himself from attacks. Playing an ambush oriented mindset can allow you to put Huo-Long's full potential out. The Heavy play a mix of guitar-heavy neo soul and rock using crunchy guitar, funky horns, and raspy James Brown -like vocals.

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. The Heavy Bowgun is a weapon that can attack at long range with a high firepower per shot. This allows you to fire shots towards monster parts that are harder to reach for melee weapons even from afar.

The Wyvernsnipe turns your Heavy Bowgun into a powerful sniper rifle that lets you shoot precise shots. The Wyvernsnipe is ideal for long monsters as each shot will penetrate throughout its entire body. The Wyvernheart on the other hand dishes out a barrage of shots bullets, like a machine gun. The Wyvernheart is great for dealing huge amounts of damage up close thanks to its high rate of fire, and damage.

Pulling out your weapon, moving while shooting, and reloading are very slow, and will take a lot of getting used to. Armored monsters with higher resistance against ammo damage can be pretty tough, and will require precision shots towards exposed parts. Plan your loadout accordingly depending on your target monster.

When using the Heavy Bowgun, it is important to increase the damage of the corresponding ammo type being used Spread Ammo, Pierce Ammo, etc. This skill mix prioritizes the attack power of ammo types commonly being used by the Heavy Bow Gun. Since the Heavy Bowgun has a slow sheathing time and low mobility, the skill mix above speeds up weapon sheathing, and improves evasion. Each Heavy Bowgun can only equip a specific set of ammo, so familiarize yourself with each available ammo type.

Before going on any hunt, equip only ammo that you can use, and which fits best to the hunt. Each ammo type also has a different Damage Type. For example, Slicing Ammo can deal cutting damage, which will be best aimed towards monster tails. Ranged weapons work best when fired within its Critical Distance, which will deal the maximum possible damage.

Outside the Critical Distance, ammo will deal less damage, and when completely out of range, you will not deal any damage. Watch the reticle as you aim towards a monster. It should glow bright to indicate if you are within Critical Distance.

While the Heavy Bowgun has a longer critical range than the Light Bowgun, the Critical Distance still varies per ammo type used. When using the Heavy Bowgun, you must anticipate the monster movements, and aim for the right monster parts. When shooting, it's best to do a "hit and run" tactic of shooting and dodging away to compensate for its low mobility.

The Cluster Bomb ammo type is useful for bombarding a monster, and makes it easier to defeat monsters. However, in a multiplayer quest, you might endanger allies and knock them back. Make sure the area you are firing the Cluster Bomb is clear of allies. The Special Ammo for the Heavy Bowgun has a long cool down time and takes a long while to be usable again. Whenever it's available, use it to make hunts faster and easier. Similar to the Light Bowgun, it's recommended to setup a dedicated radial menu for crafting ammo to keep ammo reserves up.

Make sure to keep crafting ingredients in your loadout as well to craft ammo items on the fly. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

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Article Menu. Top Page Iceborne Latest News. Most Popular. Featured Titles. How To Use. Best Builds. Recommended Skills. Endgame Tier List. Non-specialized ammo. You have infinite Normal Ammo 1, while Normal Ammo 2 and 3 features higher firepower. The Heavy Bowgun's special ammo that fires a single high powered precision shot that pierces towards its target. Fires a continuous stream of bullets until charge meter is empty.

Damage increases as you get close and the longer you fire. While Sliding. While Jumping.

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