How to play the sound of sunshine on guitar

how to play the sound of sunshine on guitar

Hear Eric Clapton's Isolated Guitar from "Sunshine of Your Love"

Dec 19,  · D D I opened up my hand he said, 'I'm glad to see, they can take away my job but not my friends, C Am G Em You see, Here I am, just waiting for this storm to pass me by [Chorus] D C G G And that's the sound of sunshine, coming down D C G G And that's the sound of sunshine, coming down [Bridge] Em That's the sound of the sun goin down G When the. Apr 16,  · Learn to play Michael's new song "Sound of Sunshine" with this chord progression for acoustic guitar.

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By Michael Franti, Carl Young, Jason Bowman - digital sheet music to download

Feb 15,  · Sound Of Sunshine - Michael Franti This song isn't out yet, but he's been playing it live and it will be the cover track of his next album called "Sound of Sunshine." He plays it with simple strumming and it goes to a simple rhythm, there is an equal amount of time from each chord to the next, that is why there may be one Bb followed by another. Oct 19,  · Splende un grande sole su di me [Chorus] D C G G And that's the sound of sunshine, coming down (il battito del sole) D C G G And that's the sound . And that's the F sound of D? sunshine, coming A? down A? And that's the F sound of D? sunshine, coming A? down A? Bridge. Gm That's the sound of the sun goin down. A? When the people of the world start to paint the town. Gm A day that's long is a day complete. A? So kick off ya shoes and relax ya feet. Gm They say that miracles.

Eric Clapton, that guy who among other things played lead guitar on Ringo Starr's "Everybody's in a Hurry But Me" in , turns 72 today. Throughout the day, we'll be showcasing several lessons and features dedicated to his influential fretwork with the Yardbirds, Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith and beyond. And what better way is there to spotlight someone's playing than with an isolated guitar track from a classic song?

Below, enjoy a fascinating clip that brings Clapton's lead and rhythm guitar parts from Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" front and center. Clapton's trademark "woman tone" is clear as day, as is the song's iconic riff and, well, every note Clapton played on the Disraeli Gears track. When it comes to improvised phrasing, there is perhaps no better blues-rock guitarist than Clapton, especially when heard within the context of his studio and live work with Cream.

He has the innate ability to move smoothly from one great, imminently melodic phrase into the next while also riding the groove and pushing it along. Be sure to check out the track below. If you're inspired to adapt Clapton's Cream-era fretwork into your own playing, try this lesson by Guitar World 's Andy Aledort. For more isolated Clapton tracks, head here and here.

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