How to replace a mortise lock

how to replace a mortise lock

How to Install a Mortise Lock – Step by Step Instruction

Dec 10,  · Watch our step-by-step video showing how to change a mortice lock, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence. Visit the of. Jul 05,  · Convert a door that has a mortise type lock set installed to the newer and cheaper cylinder type lock sets. Hopefully helpful when rehabbing old houses. No.

When it comes to security, mortise locks are one of the top choices of the users; however, installing a simple mortise lock is quite complicated. To be honest, I have already made the mistake of not considering to how to replace a mortise lock how to install it, and what happened to gac on dish network the disaster happened.

Although you are going to get mortise lock installation instructions as you purchase, I will incorporate all the essential details that only an experienced person can tell. Here, you will get an easy and straightforward mortise lock installation guide to follow for easy installation. Mortise locksets come with a unique mechanism. So, to complete the installation process, you need to gather a few pieces of equipment. Find them below:. Before you actually begin the lock installation process, there are a few things you need to check.

First of all, the door you have chosen needs to be compatible to install the mortise lock. Note that all doors are not strong enough to take the pressure of this lock installation.

If you are not sure about the door, you can ask any security expert. So, getting the right door is important. The next point I would emphasize is to understand the lock. Because if you know how the mortise lock functions, then it would be easier for you to install it properly without any error.

So, this lock comes with two main sections. One is what is sajdah in islam lock body, and the other is the lock trim. The lock body stays inside the door pocket. And the lock trim is attached along with it outside the door to operate the locking and unlocking feature. Now, the lock body is a crucial part of this lock. The lock trim comes in a pair, which is installed on both sides of the door.

Since the lock body and lock trim are two independent sections, the spindle in the lock body is connecting the two elements to function locking and unlocking. Overall, this is the basic mechanism of the mortise lockset. You may find more functionality in different locks. However, you will how to flash a symbian phone find a mortise lock without a lock body and lock trims.

Once you are ready with the equipment and a perfect door, brace yourself to start the process of mortise lockset installation. Here, for your help, I am going to explain each step in chronological order. You can combine one or what is the show dads about steps according to your convenience. However, I would prefer to explain each step individually in detail for a clear understanding of the mass users.

First, you need to make sure the door stays steady. Since you are going to do a lot of hammering and drilling, ensuring the door to set in a strong and steady position is a must. To do that, you can put a wedge under the door and make sure it does not move. The correct positioning of the lock is crucial. To avoid any error, you should mark the position where you want to install the lock on the door.

Please put a mark for keyholes, strike plate, and latch on the side of the door. Usually, the professionals measure up to 36 inches from the bottom where the lock they set. Likewise, as you do so, put a mark using a marker where you will set the lock on the door side.

Now, position the lockset how to deer hunter 2014 on the marked section. As you see, the lock body comes in a rectangular shape. You need to make a perfect rectangular shape on the door accordingly. So, to make the outline, you need to place the lock faceplate against the door side following the marked position.

Now, create an outline according to the lock body. Here, while you are positioning the lock body, make sure you are properly holding it on edge. Additionally, it would be even better if you mark the how to get a machamp, which you will need to remove to insert the lock body. The next step is drilling the keyhole. While you are doing this step, you gotta be very careful and pay attention. As you have already marked the keyhole, you will drill right through it.

But, there is a chance of damaging the door as well. So, to avoid any accident or damage, you can clamp a wooden piece at the back of the door. The clamp will help to protect the door creating a perfect hole.

A chisel is used to enlarge the keyhole. To do this job, you may need to use a hammer, drill, and chisel. Here, be careful to make the hole in the right size when you chisel. Now, you are going to create the recess. And, to do that, you need to choose a larger bit compared to the width of the lock housing. Now, how to care for an episiotomy the depth on the drill driver as much as your lock requires.

Let me show you a trick! To know you are drilling through the right depth, you can put a tape on the bit. As you begin drilling, when you reach the end of the tape, you will stop drilling. The reason you are drilling deeper is that both the faceplate and the lock body will be recessed inside the door.

So, for recessing, you may need to make several holes on the door side from top to bottom. You may wonder why so many holes you need. Well, the purpose of creating a series of the hole close to each other is to create a slot.

Later, the lock receiver will fit in the right slot. One tip I would like to share is when you are drilling, pay attention to the drill drive that it runs parallel on the sides of the door. As you have drilled the recess, obviously, you need to do the chisel. Like before, use a hammer and a chisel to remove the timber and debris and enlarge the hole slowly. So far, you have successfully made the door ready to insert the lock.

When drilling and chiseling the recess is done, you need to insert the lock. Keep pushing the lock until you see the faceplate you see on the edge of the door. While you are trying the faceplate to show up, you may need to chisel the how to replace a mortise lock recess.

For this, you should mark the area where you need to do chiseling to remove the timber. Use the what is my iphone voicemail password to mark the line, then use the same chisel and hammer to chisel the faceplate recess. Now, slowly remove the timber.

Then, to smooth out the chiseled area, you can use a grit file. Once you complete the insertion of the lock, you need to secure the faceplate. To secure it tightly, screw the faceplate slow and firm. Otherwise, you would have a problem to lock and unlock the door using keys. When lock body installation is complete inside the door, you need to set the keyhole covers. This process is very easy. You just need to fit the keyhole cover on both sides of the door as per the instruction.

To mark the position of the receiver, you need first to test the lock using the key. Leave the door open and turn the key back and forth. You will see the bolt comes out and goes in. When the bolt is out, close the door. It will touch the door frame on the wall. Then, you need to mark the bolt top and bottom part on the frame. Here, you need to pay attention to mark the correct position. Then, again, you need to drill and chisel the marked section on the door frame.

Once you are done drilling and chiseling the receiving position of the lock bolt on the door frame, you need to set the receiver part as well. However, while you are inserting, carefully check the position, then secure it firmly with the screws provided. Since different types of mortise locksets are available, some locks come attached to the plate.

No matter what type of lock you have got, you need to insert the doorknob on both sides of the door. As I have already mentioned, the spindle connects the doorknob with the lock body; you need to connect them while inserting the doorknob carefully. Position the knobs parallel on both sides, then secure them with the screws provided. Now you have known the easiest way to install a mortise lock. We hope you already have the latest one or you have just bought a new one.

So, how were the top three collections? Did you find yours? If yes, then congratulations!

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Oct 14,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. How to Replace a Mortise Lock With a Cylindrical Lock. Step 1. Remove the screws attaching the inside face plate to the edge of the door as well as the plates on the door faces. Use a screwdriver to remove Step 2. Step 3. Installing the New Lock. Step 1. Mar 29,  · Steps: Start by removing the old hardware. This can usually be done by removing a few screws in the door knobs, around the face Fit the new lock body into the old mortise. If it’s a tight fit, try loosening the opening with a chisel to ensure the To ensure the lock body cover also fits in the Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Mortise locks are most commonly found in older homes and in commercial applications. There are many variations, but they all basically work the same.

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Remove the two retaining screws and set aside. Note the position of the keyway as it relates to the cylinder. Most likely it is at the bottom six o'clock. Remove the cover plate from the edge of the door and back out the set screw that is preventing the cylinder from turning.

On some applications there may be two set screws, one for the outer cylinder and one for the inner. Unscrew the lock cylinder from the body of the mortise lock by turning it counterclockwise to the left. Carefully thread the new cylinder into the body of the mortise lock. Use extreme caution not to cross thread the cylinder as this may ruin the entire lock! Set the cylinder so that the keyway is in the same position as it originally was, usually to the bottom, and tighten the set screw.

Test the lock to make sure it is functioning properly. You may have to back out the new cylinder a turn or two so that everything works smoothly. The store where the cylinder was purchased will have trim rings that will compensate for this. Once the lock is functioning properly, re-install the cover plate at the edge of the door. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Purchase a few trim rings of different depths when you buy the new cylinder. You can make one trip to return them once you're finished rather than running back and forth and having to disassemble the lock multiple times. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. You can purchase cylinders that do not require keys to operate them to install on the inside if you have inner cylinders. Keep in mind that you may want keyed inner cylinders if you have a window or side lite in your door.

Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Be sure to tighten your set screw. If the set screw is not tightened the cylinder may be easily unscrewed from the lock body and security will be compromised.

Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. If you have keyed inner cylinders you MUST keep a key within easy reach in case of emergency. You may want to tape it to a fire extinguisher or emergency flashlight. You should inform your personnel and anyone who may be locked inside your structure where these emergency keys are.

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