How to retrieve my blackberry username and password

how to retrieve my blackberry username and password

BlackBerry ID Password Reset

Apr 26,  · From the home screen, swipe down and tap Settings > BlackBerry ID. See the BlackBerry ID Username field. On BlackBerry 7 to From the home screen, select Options > . Apr 26,  · From the BlackBerry ID login screen, select Forgot Password, Enter the BlackBerry ID username, select OK, enter the answer to the password recovery question and select OK.

This allows you to keep using your existing BlackBerry ID account and all of it's related services for example, BBM contacts, app purchases, device backup files, etc.

If you don't remember your password you can reset your BlackBerry ID password. Note :. To change your BlackBerry ID Username to another email address, complete the steps below for your device:.

From a web browser on any device or computer:. This what size are charger plates contains information previously documented in KB and KB Toggle navigation.

Knowledge Base. Tap BlackBerry ID. Tap the edit Edit button. On all-touch devices, press and hold the space bar to hide the keyboard. Tap the Submit button. Read the confirmation message, and tap Continue.

A message is displayed to confirm the change was successful. On the BlackBerry 7. Press the Menu key and select Save. Tap Submit. Enter your current username and password, and click Sign In.

Next to Detailsclick Edit. A confirmation email is sent to the email address. Note : If you do not receive the email message, see KB Open the email from donotreply blackberry.

In the message body, click confirm your email address. Was this helpful? Thank you for your feedback!

How to reset the BlackBerry ID password if it has been forgotten

Create a BlackBerry ID. Create a BlackBerry ID online > Already have a BlackBerry ID? Sign in to view or change your account settings Sign in > Reset your password > Change the email address associated with your BlackBerry ID > Check for a BlackBerry ID. Not sure if you have a BlackBerry ID? Check now >. To protect your BlackBerry ID login information if your smartphone is lost or stolen, the password reset email is not delivered to your smartphone. To receive your password reset email at a different email address, you must temporarily forward your email before you click the Submit button. Note: We do not recommend using a BlackBerry email address, such as [email protected], for your BlackBerry ID. Hosted email addresses filter password recovery emails as a security measure so you will be unable to retrieve your login information.

Toggle navigation. Knowledge Base. BlackBerry Device Software 5. If a BlackBerry Email account has become invalid and the password is unknown to re-validate, follow the appropriate steps below: From the BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 6 and 7: 1.

On the BlackBerry smartphone home screen, click on Setup 2. Click on Email Accounts 3. Click on Internet Mail Account 4. Highlight the BlackBerry Email account 5. Press the Menu button 6. Click on Edit 7. Scroll to the bottom of the screen expand Login Information 8. Click on Forgot Password 9. Enter the answer to the Security Question Check your BlackBerry smartphone Messages folder for the password.

Click on Email Settings 3. Highlight the BlackBerry Email account 4. Press the Menu button 5. Click on Validate 6. Click on Forgot Password 7. Enter the answer to the Security Question 8.

From the service provider BlackBerry Internet Service website login: 1. Locate the BlackBerry Email account 3. Click Edit 4. Under Password, click on Forgot Your Password? Enter the answer to the Security Question 6. Click Send The following message will be displayed, Password sent successfully. Was this helpful? Thank you for your feedback!

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