How to send someone a virus

how to send someone a virus

How Can You Send Someone a Virus?

May 11,  · How to send a fake virus to your friend!This is a % harmless virus, it is just a prank. Trust me, it will scare the shit out of your friends! EnjoyHere is. Jul 20,  · For starters, one thing you can do if you have his phone number is start posting his number all over Craigslist. Put ads up under the free section, ads selling stuff for really good prices that are in high demand. You will have his phone ringing non stop.

Discussion in ' Ethical hacking ' started by DamoegeSep 21, Log in or Sign up. How to send a virus via email DamoegeSep 21, SHARE 1. SHARE 2. You will need a senr or a joiner. You can put the file into another file that appears to be safe. SHARE 3. SHARE 4. Find the events or the detected drive on your PC like trojan horse, NakedWife, I love you, lindose, melissa, magistr, fun love and lion. Xend the Html and paste it in notepad or wordpad. Always remember the procedure what i said in the first.

Into your mobile, send the photo that you have downloaded and merge to the source of the viruses. This viruses made in between Cabir and Trojan or you call it lind the father of lindose. SHARE 5. I used to send them via messenger as a link-like file Example: www. SHARE 6. SHARE 7. Please any one can tell me how 2 send a virus via E-mail????????????????????????????? Master HackerNov 29, SHARE 8.

Read this from the top. SHARE 9. People like this need to be taken care of if you know what I mean Please someone take care of this fool. MMDec 7, SHARE Hi, I have a problem, some dude that wanted to buy something from me on the internet. Now he said he paid, and I started to get mails from barclays bank that they have the payment, and there waiting for me to sent the tracking nr.

But I already called to that bank, and they said, that this is impossible. Now I am stalling the guy, and I told him that I sent somsone package, but he keep asking for the nr, but when I say, wi will sent itand he has to the website with his info, he gives me a difficult time.

And the mails of the bank and him always comes in pairs, so something is sure wrong. So can somebody take care of this please And the bank but they even don't know the e-mail address theirselfs so. Thread closed as this thread is not leading to any healthy discussion. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. How to execute a proper lane change name or email address: Do you hoow have an account?

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Put the virus onto a website and send the url to email via a hangout, probably hidden by a short-url like bitly. Chances are the antivirus of the email service or from Google will catch the link and block it. The question is more what kind of malware do you want to sent to your victim and how do you want to create it so that it does what you want. Jul 18,  · my friend just screwed me over for the last time so i want to take care of him by sending him a virus. he deserves it because his computers his life and he cant live without it. in case your wondering what he did, i bought him concert tickets but he said he cant go because hes got other things to do, which he doesn't, hes just an asshole. i dont have a virus to send so i was wondering if.

Learn how to create a computer virus in seconds. You might be thinking of creating a computer virus by yourself? No need to worry, now you can know how to create a simple but dangerous Notepad Virus step by step with an explanation.

Some of the viruses are very dangerous to use at your own risk. Today every person is using a computer and almost every one of them knows about a virus.

We know every computer user or laptop user has been virus attack maybe once in their life for sure, and we all know what is a virus. As You Know virus is a malicious program that enters into the computer without your permission and can affect your data and operating system or even slow your computer. Well, viruses are of different types as there are Trojan horses, Worms, Spyware, and much more. Viruses do unwanted tasks like replicating themselves corrupting user files etc.

You can create a virus within a few seconds, and it is possible with some simple methods that Which I am going to discuss in this article. So here in this article, I am going to share that how to make a virus in notepad. Many people think that their only Coding method this we can Create a Virus but there is nothing like that. The tricks are based on the notepad. Just follow the below steps of the method for creating a virus within a few seconds. Some of These viruses are dangerous and can destroy your computer.

Before I have to tell you now that some of the viruses are Damaging Code and some of the viruses are irreversible and I mention In Small Bracket. Open Notepad and Paste the following code into it and save it as repeater. Now when you execute this it will delete the C drive completely, and the operating system of the respective computer will get corrupted, which simply means to say that it destroys your whole C Drive.

Note: This method is only for knowledge purposes. To stop this virus, you need to open Task Manager and select Details, and end the wscript. This code will pop up Repeatedly notepads on the computer until your computer freezes and crashes! Open Notepad, Paste this following code into it, and save it as crash.

If your is active at that time, then your antivirus program will simply remove this file in on the spot. This virus does not damage your computer this virus is used to check the security level of your antivirus or not else do. This notepad virus scripts to prank your friends.

You need to type the following code in the notepad and Save it as Virus. Now sent it to your friends. This is another dangerous virus that can freeze the computer or in another way stuck your computer in no-time.

This virus code will open different applications repeatedly which will force your computer to freeze. This virus can also damage your motherboard, so try this at your own risk. It is a simple notepad trick or prank trick that will let you see the string of green characters dropping down appearing randomly like a matrix or like hacking.

It has nothing to do or not damage you with your computer registry, batch, etc. You can use this trick to prank your friend with this code because the screen looks like a virus affected. Now save the file as Matrix-screen. Open Notepad and Paste the following code into it and save it as Disable-internet. Before trying this notepad virus, you have to know and please keep in mind that this is a dangerous and unrecoverable virus that can cause complete damage to your operating system. Reinstalling Windows is the only way to repair it from this dangerous virus.

This type of virus will shut down the computer. Well, this virus is harmless and for the prank, but can cause data loss due to Fore shutdown. Step 1. This computer will be shut down the Computer in 60 Seconds. Instead of 60, you can change the value put what value you want. It represents the time in seconds to shut down the computer.

Step 3. Then click on the Next button and type Firefox. Or whatever you want the name of the file. Step 4. Then you need to change the icon of the shortcut, choose the icon of FireFox Icon. Your virus will look like Google Chrome. That all. I hope that you understand it well. If you have any doubt or have know any other type virus script then share with us in comment box and also share that article with others.

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