How to uninstall whatsapp from iphone

how to uninstall whatsapp from iphone

Remove apps from iPhone

After making a backup of WhatsApp Messages and Photos to iCloud Drive, follow the steps below to delete WhatsApp from your iPhone. 1. Tap and Hold the WhatsApp icon on the Home Screen of your iPhone, until the WhatsApp icon and all other icons start to Wiggle and an X mark comes up near the corner of the app icons. 2. Method 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from the Home Screen You can go to the App Library or the Home screen of your iPhone and simply hold and tap the WhatsApp icon. As the app would start to wiggle, you can tap on the delete button from the top. Now, you will get a confirmation prompt from where you can choose to uninstall the app.

For some reason, I need to clear all WhatsApp chat history thoroughly hlw I am afraid of privacy leak. WhatsApp, one of hwatsapp best instant messaging, has been widely used by many people around the world. Users can use it to chat online, transfer files, etc. Meanwhile, this app will automatically save all your data such as chat log and documents.

Whether it is to whatsaop privacy or kphone up space, you would like to clear WhatsApp and make it unable to restore. Let's see how unonstall delete WhatsApp data on unihstall permanently. If you insist to delete all WhatsApp messages, and never want to get them how to sit down in minecraft, then FoneCope iPhone Data Eraser will be your best choice.

It can help you to erase all WhatsApp data permanently. Support to permanently delete photos on iPhone as well as other private files. Step 1. Step 2. Click the "Erase Private Data" option from the left sidebar to delete attachments and messages of WhatsApp.

Now you have successfully erased WhatsApp data permanently, protecting your privacy and saving device space. If you don't want to download any programs on PC ununstall just want to delete chats from WhatsApp on iPhone, you can do it manually. But whataapp is recoverable. Then tap "More" to enter the menu. Step 3. Click "Delete Chat" to delete the entire personal conversation.

Step 4. Choose another conversation you want to delete and repeat the above steps to manually delete it on the iPhone. After knowing how to individually delete WhatsApp message on iPhone, let's turn to how you can delete all archived chats on WhatsApp manually. But, also, uninwtall is recoverable. It is not a thorough deletion. Sometimes, people would back up personal data to Google Drive by connecting WhatsApp. Just in case, here also provide how to delete WhatsApp chats backup from Google Drive if you need.

Sign in to your Google Drive Account on drive. Click the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner and click "Settings". Click "Manage Apps" on the left. All apps connected to Google Drive are listed. In addition to removing WhatsApp data backups from Google Drive, iphohe can follow the same steps to remove other app hidden data from Google Drive.

It's easy to delete WhatsApp data on your iPhone, completely or manually. Whether you want to improve the speed of your iPhone or protect your personal information, this article shows you 5 ways, How to apply to us universities from singapore hope you can get help from here. Anyway, this is all about clearing WhatsApp chats from iPhone.

If you like it, please give us iphne thumb. Any comments are very appreciated, thank you! A smartphone geek who perseveres in generating esay-to-follow solutions to various Android and iPhone issues. Part 1. Support to permanently delete photos on iPhone as well as other private files Here I will kphone you how to delete WhatsApp data on iPhone permanently by using iPhone Data Eraser: Step 1.

Click "Erase Now" to permanently erase WhatsApp data. Part 2. Choose another conversation you want to delete and repeat the above steps to manually delete it on the iPhone Note: it only deletes the messages no delete other files that are stored on your iPhone.

Part 3. Part 4. Go to WhatsApp on your iPhone. Locate "Settings" at the bottom Step 3. Select the account you want to delete. Choose "Delete My Account" and type in your phone number Step 5. Android Recovery recover deleted voice recording Android recover deleted WhatsApp message Android photo recovery recover Android contacts.

Backup WhatsApp Messages On iPhone

Aug 21,  · Remove WhatsApp On iPhone Press the WhatsApp app icon on the Home screen until it starts wriggling. Now, tap on the small x icon on the WhatsApp app icon. Tap on Delete to proceed with the WhatsApp uninstallation. Jun 13,  · Open WhatsApp on your iPhone Tap on Settings at the bottom of the screen. Select Account > Delete Account. Enter your full phone number and select Delete my account. Jan 11,  · Merely uninstalling the app from your smartphone won’t solve the problem. You have to delete your account otherwise your data will continue to be with WhatsApp and Facebook. The right way to do this is to delete the account first and then uninstal WhatsApp.

Are you in a mood to change things up and planning to install a WhatsApp alternative app? Or maybe a situation demands you to reinstall WhatsApp. In situations similar to these you will have to uninstall WhatsApp.

In this tutorial, we help you with the same by taking you through the steps to remove WhatsApp from iPhone and Android devices. Before proceeding ahead we recommend you to take WhatsApp backup. It will help you in restoring the chats if you decide to come back later.

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. And go to Settings by tapping on three dots at the top right corner. Next, tap on Chats to create a backup. Now tap on Chat backup, and select a Google Account in which you want to create a backup.

After that, tap on Back Up to simply backup all your chats. Go to phone Settings , now tap on your iPhone profile name and select iCloud. Next, make sure iCloud and WhatsApp are enabled. After that, open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Then tap on the Settings tab at the bottom right corner. Following these steps, you can backup chats on both Android and iOS devices.

Long press on the WhatsApp app icon on the Home screen until it starts to jiggle. Tap on the x icon to delete the app. After uninstalling Whatsapp from your phone if you ever feel like installing it again. Then you can follow the steps given below to reinstall WhatsApp and backup your chats. Download and install WhatsApp from Play Store on your phone. Once the app installs open it and tap on Agree and Continue.

Now enter your phone number and tap on NEXT. After that, you will receive an OTP on your number to confirm it. Once your number is confirmed, it will ask for permission to find and restore your backup from Google Drive.

After that, enter your phone number on which you will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP you receive to confirm your phone number. Now tap on Restore at the top right corner to restore your chats. Finally, enter your name and add your photo to create your WhatsApp account.

So they uninstall it from their device, but after some time, they reinstall it due to lack of options. So, we hope that we could help you out in either uninstalling or reinstalling WhatsApp on your device with this article.

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