How to use remote desktop app

how to use remote desktop app

How to Use Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Oct 06,  · To connect to a computer remotely, use these steps: Open Remote Desktop app. Click the + Add button in the top right. Click the PCs option. Source: Windows Central Under the "PC name" section, specify the TCP/IP address of the computer you're trying to . Nov 19,  · Open Finder from your dock, select the Applications option on the left side of the window, then select and open Microsoft Remote Desktop. Select the Add Desktop button. In the Add Desktop window, type your computer's IP address into the PC name field. Click the Add button.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client is a free Windows 10 app, available through the Microsoft Storeuseful when you need remote access to another Windows computer or device. This universal remote desktop client works both with devices available in your network and devices with public IP addresses that are accessible through the internet.

For example, you can use it to connect to a Windows computer from work, while you are working from home. Here's how to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop client in Windows 10 to work with remote computers and devices:. The Microsoft Remote Desktop app is not installed by default in Windows 10, so you need to install it manually.

To get it, click or tap on this link or open the Microsoft Storesearch for "remote desktop," and click or tap on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the list of results.

The fastest way to open anything in Windows 10 is to use the search. That goes for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app how to buy a us government savings bond type "remote desktop" in the search field on your taskbar, select the Remote Desktop app and then click or tap on Open.

Another way is to open the Start Menuand scroll through the All apps list until you find the Remote Desktop shortcut, and then click or tap on it. You can initiate a remote connection from devices running any edition of Windows 10, including Windows 10 Home. However, you can connect remotely only to computers or devices that are running Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, Windows 8.

To connect to a remote computer using Microsoft Remote Desktopyou first need to set up that computer to allow remote connections. For detailed instructions on how to do this, read: How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10 or Windows 7.

To connect to the remote computer, in the Microsoft What is a good stereo system Desktop how to claim personal injury from a car accident, click or tap on Add on the top-right corner.

When the universal remote desktop client asks you to "Choose what to add," select Desktop. Note that you can also specify the port to use, like, for example, OfficePC That's all you need to configure a remote desktop connection to another Windows computer, so you could simply click or tap Save. If you leave everything else as is, when you initiate the remote desktop connection, you are asked to authenticate with a user account that has remote desktop access.

However, there are a few additional configuration options that you might want to adjust first: read the next sections of this guide to find out what they are.

To make things easier and configure the remote desktop connection just as you want it, you can also adjust the following settings:. You can enter the name of the user account in the following formats: usernamedomainusernameor username domain. If you want the connection to be made even faster, you can also specify the user's password in the Password field. Furthermore, for a friendlier experience, you can also type a nickname for that user account, in the Display name field.

In the Display name field, enter a friendly name for the Windows computer to which you're going to connect so that you can identify it more easily. If you leave this field empty, the name of that computer is used instead. Click or tap on Show more at the end of the "Add a desktop" pane. Then, you can change the following settings for the remote desktop connection:. When you are done setting everything, click or tap on Save.

Then, you see how to uninstall half life 2 remote computer displayed as an option in the Group how to make a good slide presentation chose.

If you didn't specify a Groupthe default one is Saved Desktops. In Microsoft Remote Desktop's window, click or tap on the remote computer which you want to connect to. Then, the app connects to it and, unless you already configured the user account for it, the app asks you for the credentials.

Type the credentials of the device you are connecting to and press Connect. Next, unless your network administrator configured certificates for remote connections, you are informed that the connection is not certified by a trusted authority. If you don't want to see this warning each time you remote connect, check the option that says "Don't ask about this certificate again. Finally, you connect to the remote Windows computer or device. You can now see its desktop, and you can start working as if you were in front of it.

When you connect to a remote Windows computer or device, at the top of the window, you get two buttons: Zoom and More. Clicking or tapping on Zoom enlarges the remote screen for better readability.

Pressing it again restores the display to the full remote desktop view. The More If you want to change the settings of a remote desktop connection after you've created it, on the dashboard of the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, click or tap on the three dots button from its bottom-right corner. This opens a menu with a few options. The first one is Edit and brings up all the settings of that remote desktop connection, which we explained earlier.

You can also Remove the remote computer from your list of remote connections, make the remote connection "Start in this window," or "Pin [it] to Start" so that you can initiate it even faster.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app also includes a few other useful settings that apply to all your remote connections. To access these connection settings, click or tap on the Settings button from the top-right corner of Microsoft Remote Desktop. In the Settings pane, you can add a User account that's going to be available to choose in all the remote desktop connections you create or have already added, specify a default Gateway and Groupas well as choose whether all your remote connections are initiated in full screen.

Additionally, you can also choose how the remote desktop is resized when you adjust the Microsoft Remote Desktop window, choose when the keyboard shortcuts are sent to the remote desktop computer or kept on your local Windows 10 computer, and "Prevent the screen from timing out" when a remote session is active. Finally, you can make the Microsoft Remote Desktop client "Show desktop previews" see desktop previews of remote PCs on the app's dashboard and "Help improve Remote Desktop" which sends anonymous data to Microsoft about how you use the app.

To learn more about it, read How to remote access Windows 10 from Mac. Now that you've learned how to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop universal Windows app, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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How to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client app

Mar 30,  · How to start the Remote Desktop app in Windows 10 The fastest way to open anything in Windows 10 is to use the search. That goes for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app too: type “remote desktop” in the search field on your taskbar, select the Remote Desktop app and then click or tap on Open. Finding the Remote Desktop app in Windows Mar 31,  · To get started, download the Remote Desktop app from the Windows Store. After it's installed, click the Start button, scroll down the list of apps, and select the shortcut for Remote Desktop. . Mar 18,  · To use a remote desktop to connect to the desired computer, you first have to allow the remote computer feature to be active on the computer. Open up the control panel. Navigate to the remote desktop settings in the control panel by going to the systems and security options. Choose the option that says enable remote desktop.

You can use the Remote Desktop universal app as an alternative to the legacy tool. For Windows 10 , Microsoft offers two separate tools that you can use to connect to a remote workstation or server.

The two tools provide similar functionality, but they look and work differently. Whether or not you've already used the legacy version, you may want to check out the universal app. To get started, download the Remote Desktop app from the Windows Store. After it's installed, click the Start button, scroll down the list of apps, and select the shortcut for Remote Desktop.

Here, you have two choices. If your organization offers a feed of remote PCs already set up, click the Remote Resources option, and proceed from there. If not, click the Desktop option Figure A. Under User Account, click the drop-down menu, and either select your username or keep the option set to Ask Me Every Time if you prefer the latter for security reasons.

The connection then appears as a tile in the app's home screen. Click the tile to connect to the PC Figure C. Enter your username and password, and click the Connect button. A window appears asking if you want to accept the certificate and connect.

You're now connected to the remote PC where a few options are available on the Remote Desktop screen. At the top of the screen, click the Zoom button to zoom in and out of the screen. Click the ellipsis button to display a thin pane on the right. From there, click the Full Screen icon to toggle between a full screen and a smaller, resizable window.

Click the Disconnect icon when you wish to end the remote connection Figure E. You can minimize the window to shrink it to a Taskbar icon, click the Maximize icon to make the window full screen or the Restore icon to restore it to a smaller, resizable window, and click the X to close the remote session.

Click the X to disconnect. At the home screen, click the ellipsis icon for the connection you created. You can edit the connection to change the name, IP address, or credentials. You can also remove the connection. Select the option to Start In This Window to start the remote connection. You can also pin it to the Start menu for quicker access Figure F. Click the Edit option. At the connection's settings, click the Show More link.

Scroll down the pane to see additional settings. Here, you can save the connection to a group, set up a Remote Desktop Gateway if your organization uses one for remote connections outside the firewall, swap mouse buttons, tweak the display settings, and determine which local resources you want to use through the remote computer Figure G.

Finally, you can adjust certain settings for all remote connections. At the home screen, click the Settings icon at the top. Here, you can choose a user account for all connections, add a Remote Desktop Gateway, create groups in which to save connections, determine whether to start each connection full screen and in a new window, establish if the screen should be stretched based on the size of the window, set when and where to use keyboard shortcuts, and prevent the screen from timing out Figure H.

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