What are the best electric guitars for beginners

what are the best electric guitars for beginners

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners

Jan 14,  · The Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar is the best guitar for beginners. Not only does this guitar come with everything you need to play like a pro, but it also comes with free downloadable guitar lessons from media. Feb 14,  · With this Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar, you will see another great versatile guitar that every beginner will love. With its maple bolt-on neck and its rosewood fingerboard, this guitar will set you up for a great tone and awesome playability.

Our guide to the most affordable, versatile and easy-to-play electric guitars in the current market. So, dive how to make a 3 musketeers candy bar and see what tickles your fancy. They also capture the effortless sustain, harmonic complexity and tonal balance we hear unplugged. This guitar represents all the things upon which the brand has staked its claim to fame: metal- and rock-ready performance guitars with speedy necks and bold humbuckers.

With two Jackson high-output humbucking ceramic pickup, expect loud, distortion friendly pups that deliver full, rich tones with long sustain. Its arched top, pearloid sharkfin inlays and all-black hardware make the guitar stand out from the pack, while bindings on the neck give it that high-end glamour.

Complementing the neck is a The S flectric its tone from two Quantum humbuckers. These pups boast great low-end response, beefy midrange and articulate high-ends — a perfect combination for heavier styles. On the hardware front, the S offers solid choices, including a fixed bridge with six fully adjustable saddles. This will aid with intonation and action adjustment, on top of providing arre of sustain. With a vintage-tint gloss neck and headstock and in a choice of Surf Green obviously the coolestblack or three-colour Sunburst, this guitar is guaranteed to turn heads.

The guitar features a body crafted from ash, a tonewood with decent resonance and a slightly scooped midrange — perfect for blues and indie genres. The ML1 also scores well for playability, with a rear heel contour — allowing easier access to upper frets — and rolled edges on its maple fretboard.

The latter makes practice that much more comfortable. When it comes to tone, this axe certainly does not hold back. Tone can be easily shaped with just two master controls — volume and tone — as well as a five-way pickup selector.

If your first steps in the six-string world lean towards jazz, this Indonesia-made hollowbody is a great option. These pups are also wired to a comprehensive set of controls: master volume, master tone, neck and bridge volume, and three-way selector. While these may seem daunting at first, they provide a good introduction into tone-sculpting.

In terms of build, the GT straddles the line between style and playability. It features a comfortable inch-radius laurel fingerboard, a thin How to write a research paper comparing and contrasting neck — varnished with gloss urethane for a smoother feel — and enlarged f-holes for improved acoustic projection.

The Bigsby trem also lends as much stability as it does street heginners. As its name suggests, this Mexican-made model is for the players. Its satin-finished neck is designed to sit comfortably in your hands as you conjure classic single-coil twangs from two alnico V Tele pickups.

As far as playability goes, the Fender Player Telecaster features a 9. These deliver guitxrs classic Tele tone, but also have an edgier profile that might be suited to those working their way up to fiery leads. The three alnico III single-coils, wired up in five positions, are partly responsible for that.

Like many Fender Strats, this nest has a lightweight alder body, maple neck and maple fretboard. Its C-shaped neck and 9. Dollar for dollar and feature for feature, the Epiphone Dot is arguably the best semihollow out there. In simple terms, the Dot is a budget Gibson ES And like the far more expensive guitar, this one has a laminated maple body and top, a mahogany neck, and a centre block running within the otherwise hollow body to help out with the sustain and feedback.

The biggest difference between beginndrs two besides the logos on the headstock, of course is in the pickups. And lest we all forget, the Dot clocks in at about an eighth of the price of a new Take its body for instance. Like Stratsthe Pacifica sports an alder body with contours, albeit upgraded with deeper cutaways. Its pickup configuration of two single-coils and one alnico V humbucker on the bridge yields clear, rounded tones with a boosted midrange.

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How to play chords like George Harrison. Guides Buyer's Guides. The best qre to buy in 10 best electric guitars for beginners. By Guitar.

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Which are the best beginner electric guitars?

So you're here on the lookout for one of the best beginner's electric guitar on the planet? That can only mean one thing: you've decided you want to learn the guitar, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome you to this super special club!

Learning the guitar is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. We should know, as between all of us on the Guitar World team have been playing for a very, very long time.

Acoustic vs electric guitar: which is best for beginners? That also positions us perfectly to help you find the best beginner electric guitar for you. Our guide is curated by experts who live and breathe guitars, so it should help you quickly find the right guitar for how you want to play.

We've played our fair share of beginner electric guitars over the decades, so we know exactly which ones to show you and which ones you should steer clear of. The quality and variety of beginner-friendly guitars is staggering, thanks to the improvement in manufacturing methods, which has raised the bar on quality control in the entry-level guitar market - so please excuse us if we sound mega excited, it's because there's just so much on offer in the way of top electric guitars for beginners right now.

In this simple, straightforward guide, we'll give you a comprehensive overview of what you should be looking for when searching for your first ever electric guitar. Claim your Fender Play 2 week free trial Head to Fender Play right now and sign up for an account; it's that simple. View Deal. When it comes to electric guitars for beginners, the choice you make will likely be based on a number of factors, including price, sound, versatility and aesthetics. Despite being almost 30 years since its initial introduction, the Pacifica still provides that perfect balance between price and performance, and does so without compromising on visual appeal.

First introduced in , the Yamaha Pacifica V has earned its place at the table of quality electric guitars for beginners. A juicy-sounding humbucker at the bridge ensures overdriven sounds are well within reach, while the two single coils pickups provide a superb breadth of tones. Neck Pickup , Tone 2. Both important ingredients when choosing your first electric. The SE Standard 24 is for those who need something special on a lower budget. As the name suggests, this SE features a 24 fret neck, allowing for those little extra flourishes in your playing.

The body has a carved top which makes playing incredibly comfortable, and the lower horn is also carved to make upper fret access super easy as well. So what better place for a beginner to begin than with their own slice of musical history? Two humbuckers deliver a great palette of tones, from sparkly cleans to thick overdrive, and everything in-between. The mahogany body and neck ensures sustain that goes for hours, as well as a super solid build quality. If country, folk and jazz are more your style, the Gretsch G Streamliner could be the best beginner electric guitar for you.

Coming from a brand with a rich heritage, this hollow-body electric delivers a much different playing experience to the other guitars featured in this list. For a start, the tones it produces are much more vibrant and expressive on account of its semi-acoustic nature. Where other guitars require an amp to mould and shape a tone, this guitar simply requires its inherent tonality to be made louder, such is the richness on offer.

The hardware is solid, and well above what you would expect on a beginner-friendly instrument - allowing you to focus solely on playing, rather than fighting to keep the thing in tune. The HH3 Hot humbuckers in the RS offer up a full sounding, punchy tone that will make both your clean and dirty tones cut through any mix with ease.

With a fairly flat The Epiphone G Pro continues this vibe by delivering good on the promise of rugged, rock-ready tones and exemplary construction. A nice touch comes within the pickups themselves, which are coil-tappable, meaning you pull the volume control up and it becomes a single-coil pickup. This makes for an extremely versatile, and incredibly attractive, electric guitar for beginners.

As many but not all beginner guitarists are young, it makes sense for us to include a guitar that suits those among us with smaller hands. Enter the Squier Bullet Mustang.

That said, having played one ourselves, we can confidently say that this guitar is no mere toy. Ibanez guitars will be familiar to anyone who listens to the heavier end of the musical spectrum.

These Superstrat-style guitars typically boast humbucking pickups, vibrato bridges and wafer-thin necks, enabling you to quickly traverse the fretboard at ever-increasing speeds.

Its ergonomic design makes it lightweight and easy to handle, and a pair of Ibanez humbuckers ensures even the gainiest of gain sounds cut through in a band situation. Rounding off the list is the Epiphone Dot, which marries vintage tones and vibe with incredible construction and playability. What we particularly liked about the Dot was its incredible warmth and clarity when pushed through a clean channel using the Alnico Classic neck humbucker.

Electric guitars, with one of the best guitar amps in tow, naturally, cover a lot of bases, and any of the guitars listed below provide plenty in the way of creative expression. Specifically, when looking at electric guitars for beginners, there are a few things that will crop up regularly. Body shape is the key one. Arguably the most famous shapes of guitars — think Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls — are all catered for at the newcomer's end of the scale. Even within these two niches there's plenty of variation.

Choosing the shape of your beginner electric guitar will also go a long way to dictating the style or versatility of music you want to play. Strats are great for a mix of pop, rock, blues and soul, and are still to this day one of the most comfortable guitars to play sitting down. Les Pauls, on the other hand, suit harder and heavier styles of music, along with indie, country and rock.

If you aren't sure what these are, learn more in our guide to the best electric guitar pickups. Pickups are the magnets embedded into the guitars body that convert movement from the strings into electrical signals, which an amplifier then converts into sound.

Single-coil pickups, as found on Strats, are versatile, clean and glassy, while humbuckers offer a lot more in the way of girth and provide a fatter sound. Often, it's in the hardware that the biggest differences can be found between low-cost guitars and their more superior stablemates. We promise you, one of the biggest joys in a guitarist's life is the inevitable upgrades. If you spend the time at the start of your playing journey working out what you enjoy playing, what is comfortable to you and what is important to you in a guitar, your future self will be blessed with a life full of incredible instruments.

Guitar World. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Yamaha Pacifica V The best beginner electric guitar for small budgets — a great all-rounder. Epiphone Les Paul Studio An affordable version of the stripped-back classic. Gretsch G Streamliner Big sounds and iconic looks for an entry level-friendly price. Yamaha Revstar RS A powerful workhorse for the modern player. Squier Bullet Mustang The best beginner electric guitar for kids.

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