What are the new presidential polls

what are the new presidential polls

Presidential Polls 2020

President Biden Job Approval The Hill/HarrisX Approve 61, Disapprove 39 Approve +22 President Biden Job Approval CNBC Approve 47, Disapprove 41 Approve +6 President . Election on Nov. 3 Tracking the state of the race between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, updated as polls are released. Hover over the dots for individual poll results.

Black voters and those under age 45 helped Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock unseat How to get girlfriends attention back incumbent U.

Kelly Loeffler of Georgia after Tuesday's U. David Perdue remains undecided. As the first U. In addition, the number planning to get vaccinated is up to 61 percent.

More are embarrassed than angry, while many feel scared. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans believe the election was stolen from President Trump, according to the latest Fox News national survey of registered voters. Trump ends with positive ratings for his handling of the economy, but mixed reviews from voters on other issues -- and for his performance overall.

For many voters, Biden was able to successfully position himself as a leader capable of uniting a fractured country. The presidential contest stretched into the early hours of the morning without a clear winner, as a deeply divided nation watched anxiously for ballots to be counted in several battleground states. For the total sample, it has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

When necessary, minor weights are applied to age, race, education and gender variables to bring the sample into conformity with the most reliable demographic profiles. Fox News polls are not weighted by political party. Anderson Robbins Research changed its name to Beacon Research in ; the polling team is unchanged since

CNN Poll of Polls As Of 11/2/20

Election Presidential Polls. Select one or more years, states and race types, then click "Apply Filter" to see results. Jun 28,  · When the dates of tracking polls from the same pollster overlap, only the most recent version is shown. Notice any bugs or missing polls? Send us an email. Download this data: presidential primary polls, presidential general election polls, Senate polls, House polls, gubernatorial polls, presidential approval polls, generic congressional ballot. Apr 20,  · Here are the most recent polls for the presidential election. You can use the button below to limit the display to the most recent poll in each state where at least one poll is available. Choose a location in any row to view additional polls and the current polling average (where applicable) for that location or see these maps.

Tweet us a question or comment. As an aside, I set a cutoff for polls as of 7 p. Eastern on Wednesday. But first, here are the post-debate national polls:. On average, Biden leads by 9 percentage points using a simple average of post-debate national polls, which matches his 9-point lead in our fancy-schmancy official FiveThirtyEight national average. On the other hand, the higher-quality national polls are showing worse results for Trump than the lower-quality polls, which is rarely a good sign.

More highly rated online firms — such as YouGov, Morning Consult and Ipsos — show Trump trailing by margins ranging from 9 to 12 points. At least some of the fluctuations in our national polling average seem to reflect shifts in the ratio of high-quality and low-quality surveys.

This can go through cycles, and recently the higher-quality firms have mostly been concentrating on state polling. To be more precise, Biden has gained 0. That brings the national and state polls into better alignment after a period where national polls suggested that Biden led by 10 to 11 points but state polls were more consistent with a lead of about 9 points instead.

Do I buy that there are these microfluctations between neighboring states? Florida and Georgia could use one or two more high-quality polls. That means Georgia needs to be taken seriously as a plausible — if unlikely — tipping-point state.

Texas is a step or two away from the rest of the Southern group, meanwhile, as Trump leads in our polling average by 1. That would make his map more robust. Good pollsters publish their outliers instead of sitting on them, and sometimes they turn out not to be outliers at all.

There is some evidence that the polls tend to shift against Trump following spikes in COVID cases in a state, potentially a foreboding indicator for Trump as COVID cases are also now rising sharply in many other states. By the Northeast, as you can see from the chart above, I really just mean … Pennsylvania, plus one stray poll of Maine. This region has been underpolled. New Hampshire has had no post-debate polling at all, meanwhile.

We go back and forth here at FiveThirtyEight about whether Pennsylvania counts as part of the Northeast or the Midwest. So it may be less correlated with them than usual. But one way or another, the final round of high-quality, live-caller polls in Pennsylvania is likely to make a big difference to our model.

Pennsylvania is by far the most likely tipping-point state. More polling of the Keystone State is surely to come soon. All Videos YouTube.

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