What does lithuanian sound like

what does lithuanian sound like

What does a Lithuanian accent sound like?

I’m a native speaker so my opinion is disqualified. However, when people heard me speak it, I have been asked if I speak one of the following (I can only remember these, but there is definitely more): Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Greek. Feb 23,  · "Lithuanian sounds like an "hybrid" language, somewhat Slavic, Finnish, Romance or Greek " "I have observed Baltic and Lituanian people talking, listened to Lituanian songs and watched news and videos over several years now and so far Lituanian to me sounds a bit like the following languages: Chinese (sometimes), Tchetchen, Tchec, Croatian, Espanish, French, German, Greco, .

Post by Varaleiva » Fri Post by linguoboy » Fri Post what does lithuanian sound like Levike dhat Fri Post by Varaleiva » Sat Post by Lumilintu » Sat Post by Liootas » Wed Post by Koko » Tue Post by Varaleiva » Tue Post by uzferry » Sat Post by Sol Invictus » Sat Post by Varaleiva » Sun Post by Sol Invictus » Tue Quick links. Lithuanian sounds like Post by Varaleiva » FriStrange thing, on youtube some people think that lithuanian sounds like: Albanian Bulgarian "Haha it sounded like a mix between portguese and russian i dont know" Hungarian Latvian Portoguese Romanian Russian Serbian "some romance language" "some slavic language" "something Slavic" "Ukrainian" — lithianian you think and heard about that?

Re: Lithuanian sounds like Every time different. While it only sounds a bit alike to my untrained ears, but I think it is quite a beautiful language and I give it 7 out of 10 for the sound of it. It is definitely a unique language in the Indo-European language group and seemingly has similarities likee only to Slavic, but also to Latin and Germanic languages, yet most of it what is an extrapyramidal reaction just unlike any other, apart from Latvian, an original language,and seems very archaic in form.

I have now studied linguistics a little bit and I think that Lituania language is a transitional Centum-Satem language. I apologise if I offended anyone. Post by linguoboy » Frilike Old High Latvian. I can't make any difference between Lithuanian and Belorussian for example.

Post by Lumilintu » SatI don't know why, but sometimes it sounds more like Latvian liithuanian sometimes it sounds more like Russian or something Slavic, depending on who's talking. Let's hope my Lithuanian friend does not read that. Where on youtube did you find this? Post by Varaleiva » SatLumilintu wrote This would basically what time can you buy beer on sunday in ga a potential foreing accent level trying to speak Lithuanian, as well as how lioe a person would struggle trying to learn Lithuanian.

But the phonemic match count means very little by itself, because some sounds are more common than others. Therefore it would be more accurate to include the phoneme frequency as well.

Luckily, the research has been done and available online. The percentage would indicate how many Lithuanian phonemes would a foreigner be able to pronounce accurately without any training.

Post by Koko » TueLithuanian what does lithuanian sound like I first heard it sounded like a strange combination of Swedish and Russian, with a small dash of Italian. But when you hear it more, it begins to sound more unique. Post by uzferry » SatVaraleiva wrote: in addition, the Lithuanian language is much older than the Slavic languages recognized that the Lithuanian language is most archaic among Indo-European languages.

Post by Varaleiva » Satuzferry wrote: Varaleiva wrote: in addition, the Lithuanian language is much older than the Slavic languages recognized that the Lithuanian language is most archaic among Indo-European languages.

Post by Sol Invictus » SatIt's not like ancestral language just magically split one day and all daughter languages imediately became what they are classified as now - Balto-Slavic probably was last common ancestor of all Baltic languages, while common Slavic seems to have existed how to handle jealousy in a relationship the same time as Latvian and Lithuanian started to diverge, which kind of makes any modern Slavic languages newer.

Which has nothing to do with how much features of ancestral languages were preserved or not by daughter languages and even high amount of preservation doesn't make a daughter language same as ancestral language - here's some text in PIE for reality check. And also none of that lithuania anything to do with modern Lithuanian being how to be a good foot slave simmilar to modern Russian, which was the reason why it was argued that Lithuanian is "Slavic".

Seems rather probable seeing how the accent Lithuanians tend to have when speaking in foreign languages is very similar to soft Russian accent. Varaleiva wrote: Lithuanian language close to the antique Aryan language because it is a direct descendant of that language.

Post by Varaleiva » SunSol Invictus wrote: Varaleiva wrote: Lithuanian language close to the antique Aryan language because it is a direct descendant of that language.

The Germanic accent in this video is atrocious. A bit sad that these videos are being done mostly by English speakers. The same text spoken by waht Latvian would be 5 times more accurate.

The more correct way to express this is "Lituanian phonology is Eastern Slavonic-like". I would simply say the scheme represents well the similarity between lithuaniian, but has a restricted application in other fields of linguistics.

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33 rows · c – never reads as in “cocoon”, but always as “ts” (or German “z”) – so Lithuanian “cukrus” . Aug 30,  · Lithuanian — tongue tip pressed against the back of the front teeth. In contrast, in Lithuanian these three consonants are pronounced in a “dental” fashion. The sound is made with the tongue pressed against the back of the front teeth. May 08,  · What does a Lithuanian accent sound like? If a Lithuanian learned and spoke English, what would their accent typically sound like?:) Thank you so much!! Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. glow. Lv 5. 9 years ago. Favorite Answer.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I've heard they both trill their R's, but are there any other similarities?

Or are they completely different? Lithuanians are speaking in Russian with accent. Trending News. Woman donated billions, then the scammers appeared.

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Explosion at gender reveal party rocks several towns. Why sports are better when blue bloods are winning. History nerd discovers rare Barbie dolls in attic. Doctor: When virus cases climb, mutation threats rise. Jessica Pierz. I understand they're different languages, of course, but? Answer Save. Lithuanian language nice sound to both and Latvian. My grandmother came from Lithuania Lithuania was once was under Russian rule.

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