What happened to muslim girl magazine

what happened to muslim girl magazine

Malala: The girl who was shot for going to school

Apr 12, The video shows the beating persist, even as a teacher tried to pull the girls apart. Witnesses say the teenage attacker spit and tried to pull off the Muslim girl's hijab, or head covering. Oct 07, A year ago, schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen. Her "crime" - to have defended the right of girls to be educated. Her full story can only now be told.

Muslim Girl Magazine was a bi-monthly fashion, beauty, and lifestyle publication marketed for young Muslim women. Ausma Khan was the editor in chief. This article about an Islam -related magazine or journal is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. See tips for writing articles about magazines. Further suggestions might be found on the article's talk page. This teens magazinerelated article is a stub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 14, Teenage girls are preoccupied with a lot of things: "The Gilmore Girls.

At least that's the teenager Muslim Girl magazine, a bimonthly aimed at to year-old Muslim females, is targeting. The glossy, published by Toronto-based Execugo, is the ultimate hybrid: a mag for and about both regular teenagers and one of the country's least covered minorities.

ISBN Archived from the original on March 22, Retrieved October 13, Life Hacker. Archived from the original on Retrieved Then there was a period where I worked with an amazing Canadian publisher to establish the first magazine targeted to Muslim girls and young womenwe had distribution throughout North America, and for a short time the magazine was also a bit of a global phenomenon.

As editor in chief of that publication, I began to write more consistently, and got in the habit of ferreting out intriguing story ideas. San Francisco Chronicle. One of those niches is teenage how to encode and decode url in javascript, albeit young women who are less interested in how to charm boys or gush over the latest Justin Timberlake beefcake shots.

After the Sept. Belief Net. CBS News Broadcast. There are plenty of magazines aimed at young women, but what about young Muslim women?

Muslim Girl magazine has been published since January Ausma Khan is editor in chief. Good morning, thanks for being here. Where was it born? CS1 maint: discouraged parameter link. Categories : establishments in California Bimonthly magazines published in the United States Religious magazines published in the United States Defunct women's magazines published in the United States Islamic magazines Magazines established in Magazines published in Los Angeles Religious works for children Teen magazines Religious magazine stubs Islamic studies stubs Teen magazine stubs.

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When you first heard our name Muslim Girl, one of two things probably happened. If youre a Muslim, you were like, Yes, finally thats me! If youre not a Muslim, you might have flinched and thought something along the lines of, Ugh, not these people And thats why were here. Bibi Aisha (Pashto: ?? ?? ????? ?; Bibi is a term of respect meaning "Lady"; born Aisha Mohammadzai, legal name in the United States: Aesha Mohammadzai) is an Afghan woman whose mutilated face appeared on the cover of Time magazine in summer Dec 12, Sharbat Gula, who became an instant icon when she peered out from the June cover of National Geographic magazine as a year-old-refugee, is now the owner of a .

Sharbat Gula, who became an instant icon when she peered out from the June cover of National Geographic magazine as a year-old-refugee, is now the owner of a 3,square-foot residence decorated to her liking in the capital of her native Afghanistan. Sharbat Gula, known to much of the world simply as the "Afghan girl," received the keys to the home late last month in a ceremony led by Afghan government officials. It comes after three decades as a refugee in Pakistan and a tumultous last year back in Afghanistan.

Orphaned at age six during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, she had trekked by foot to Pakistan with her siblings and grandmother. Now she has become a symbol of a return to Afghanistan that hundreds of thousands of refugees are undertaking after decades away. Sharbat Gula was arrested late last year for using a forged Pakistani identity carda common practice among the 1 million Afghan refugees who live in the country without legal status. Read the news of her arrest. At the time, she was raising four children and was suffering from hepatitis C , which killed her husband years earlier.

After being detained for two weeks Sharbat Gula was released and returned to Afghanistan with her children. I have no other option but to leave. In alone, , registered refugees returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Tens of thousands more have been sent back to their homeland from Iran and Europe in recent years, often by coercion or deportation. An untold number of unregistered refugeeslike Sharbat Gulahave returned as well.

The Afghanistan government responded by ostentatiously welcoming her back. The message was: We can take care of our own people. Sharbat Gula was greeted by President Ashraf Ghani, who handed her a key to a new apartment and promised her children would have health care and schooling. But in September, her late husband's nephew, Niamat Gul, complained to Afghan media that the government had not paid their rent. Nangyal, the government spokesman, says her rent and living expenses have been paid since she returned to Afghanistan.

When she requested a more traditional home, he says, she was relocated to a room rental near the presidential palace until a permanent house could be purchased. Now, Gul says, people inspired by Sharbat Gula's story have come to take pictures and bring gifts to her new house. The new home has security, but they are cautious with who is invited in. Gul explains that the attention she's gotten since being identified as the subject of National Geographic 's cover puts her at risk from conservative Afghans who don't believe women should appear in the media.

Her name on the deed makes her among the 17 percent of Afghan women who own their own homes. The last 15 years have seen a flurry of media attention around Sharbat Gula.

An FBI analyst, forensic sculptor and the inventor of iris recognition all verified her identity. She appeared again on the cover of National Geographic , one of the few people to be featured twice. By then, Sharbat Gula was a married mother of three and had no idea that her face was recognized around the world. She told McCurry at the time that she hoped her daughters could have the education she never had. Now they will. Her daughters are enrolled in school for the coming year, says Gul, and "they will compete their education, Inshallah.

The Afghan government is encouraging her to expand that dream. Nangyal, the spokesman, has suggested she launch a foundation to educate and empower women and children, particularly those being repatriated, and she is considering it. Today, only half of Afghan girls attend school, and the majority of those who do drop out between the ages of 12 to In rural areas, the number of girls in school is now declining.

Human Rights Watch's Barr says that gender equality in Afghanistan lags behind Pakistan and Iran, which took in a combined six million Afghan refugees during the Soviet War.

Women and girls returning to Afghanistan must adapt to having a male companion escort them out of the house or make decisions for them. As Afghans come home in drovesAfghanistan is now likely hosting some three million internal and returning refugeesthese dynamics put women and children returnees at increased risk of sexual and gender-based violence, says Manizha Naderi, executive director of Women for Afghan Women.

All rights reserved. Known worldwide as the "Afghan Girl," Sharbat Gula is now 45 with four children of her own. A big home. Share Tweet Email. Read This Next The hidden world of whale culture. Magazine Planet Possible The hidden world of whale culture From singing competitions to food preferences, scientists are learning whales have cultural differences once thought to be unique to humans.

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