What happens if you pee on an electric fence

what happens if you pee on an electric fence

If you urinate on an electric fence will it shock you?

Feb 08,  · 3. Yes, the urine will provide a conductive path, and you may well get a shock; but electric fences are designed to deter, and possibly stun, but not kill. The current flowing up a stream of urine from an electric fence would be modest: probably painful, but not lethal. What happens if you pee on an electric fence? "MythBusters" also found that peeing on an electric fence can be a shocking experience. Because the fence is higher off the ground than a train track is, urine won't have time to separate into droplets, and the current can travel up the stream. .

A Brooklyn, N. Matthew Zeno, 30, was returning home from a whta early Monday morning July 8 when he chose to relieve himself along the G-train subway line, according to the New York Post. But some analysts hzppens throwing cold water on these kinds of reports, saying it's not possible to be electrocuted by urinating on an electric line. A stream of urine pre separates into individual droplets, according to the what is simply vera wang program "MythBusters.

Nonetheless, though it may be rare, there are a handful of cases in which an individual always male, it seems has died when a strong electric current traveled whxt his urine stream. O'Malley's autopsy revealed "the burns on the head of the penis and on the thumb and forefinger electtric obviously electrical burns … The stream of urine had come into contact with the volts of the third rail. The current had coursed up the stream to cause the burns on his body as the electricity entered it.

Because the fence is higher off the ground than a train track is, urine won't have time to separate into droplets, and the current can travel up the stream. In any case, if you need to pee, it might be wise to find a restroom — or a nice, private bit of nonelectrified shrubbery.

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Jan 07,  · Urine is around 95% water, but it carries salt and urea which carry the charge. Mix this with volts of electricity and there could be a big shock in sto. Water and similar liquids such as pee are good conductors of electricity. When you pee on the fence, the electricity flows through your pee to the end of your penis (yowza) and the rest of your body, to ground. I think you’ll remember the penis part more than the rest. I’ve touched an electric fence. Nov 04,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Although tales about men suffering severe burns to their genitalia or even being electrocuted through urinating on electric fences or electrified train rails are common in urban legendry, such occurrences are exceeding unlikely if not outright impossible. Read about three-phase electricity fully before looking at the picture. An innocent Christmas celebration, a couple of beers led to an untimely end result when a Texas redneck tangled with a Texas lectric fence. Needless to say the fence won….

Here is what happened to someone that did just that on a 3 phase electric fence. So what is 3 phase, you might ask? Electricity is provided to each home as 2 of the 3 phases produced by the transformer on the pole.

Our lights and wall outlets are single phase at volts and our stoves, Air Condition, and large appliances use 2 phase which is two different volt legs or normally to volts. The difference between phases is that they each alternate between plus volts down to minus volts thus the name Alternating Current or AC. Your car uses a battery and that is DC or Direct Current. Each phase alternates through their cycle 60 times a second however they each are timed to start through their cycles one third of the cycle behind the preceding cycle so that none of the three are exactly at the same stage at the same time.

The third leg, as it is known, is brought into industrial sites to power up large motors pulling heavy loads. Ever wonder what would happen if you peed on a 3-phase electric fence? Take a look not for timid, gentle souls. This photograph originally accompanied an article authored by five Chinese doctors from the Department of Urology at the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing and published in the Asian Journal of Andrology , a case report from about a year-old man who sought medical attention at a clinic for genital herpes simplex.

A circumcision was performed and the patient was treated with short-wave diathermy that proved excessive, producing a severe burn to the penis that resulted in necrosis and gangrene. A year-old man was admitted to this Hospital for severe penile burn caused by excessive short-wave diathermy. Five days ago, the patient visited a clinic for recurrent genital herpes simplex.

Circumcision was performed and local short wave diathermy given immediately. The frequency of short wave source was Blisters and extravasation at the penile skin were seen 1 day and became black 3 days after short-wave diathermy. The patient could micturate [i. The whole penis was burned black and became indurated [i. He felt no pain in the penis even with needle puncture. Doppler sonography revealed no blood flow in the penis and severe burn and penile gangrene was diagnosed.

At day 31 after the treatment, the necrotic part of penis was resected with only about 1 cm of the penile stump left. Scrotal skin was mobilized and shifted to repair the penile stump. Pathological examination showed necrosis of the penis tissue and thrombi formation in the corpora cavernosa. Convalescence was uneventful.

The patient could micturate in standing position by pushing skin around the stump of the penis backward. Fact Checks. Photograph shows a patient who received a severe penile burn from urinating on an electric fence. Miscaptioned About this rating. Heed the Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the article described: A year-old man was admitted to this Hospital for severe penile burn caused by excessive short-wave diathermy.

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