What is oscillococcinum flu medicine

what is oscillococcinum flu medicine

Oscillococcinum, the homeopathic solution to the coronavirus threat?

Sep 28,  · Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic preparation used to treat flu symptoms. Due to the questionable science behind the product and a lack . Sep 17,  · Oscillococcinum is used for symptoms of influenza infections ("the flu ") and H1N1 (swine) flu. Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for Flu (influenza) and H1N1 (swine) flu. There is no reliable evidence that taking oscillococcinum can prevent the flu.

To get an what is an excellent blood pressure reading how implausible this assumption is, read my previous post on the subject. The website of Boiron, the producer of the product, seems undeterred by plausibility and states the following:. While this text does not state that Oscillococcinum works for the coronavirus, one could easily read it as implying it, particularly if one also considers this tweet:.

Take non-drowsy Oscillococcinum the moment you feel body aches, headache, fever, chills or fatigue coming on. Take this websitefor instance:. And even some politicians promote such irresponsible nonsense. All the claims about Oscillococcinum have one thing in common: they are not evidence based!

Any notion that it might work against the coronavirus is pure fantasy. And the above statement by Boiron is based on two cherry-picked studies. The totality of the evidence, however, does not show that Oscillococcinum is effective. He was a member of the International Scientific Committee on Homeopathic Investigations, which ceased its committee activities in July Standard Homeopathic Company does not manufacture Oscillococcinum or any similar product, and had no interest in the outcome of the review.

Dr Frye received honoraria from the International Scientific Committee on Homeopathic Investigations, which was dissolved in July All payments and reimbursements for lectures have been from universities or professional or learned societies.

None of these lectures has been dedicated to the subject of this review. Some meetings have been supported by grants from commercial interests, including the manufacturer of the product that is the subject of the review. So, to be clear: oscillococcinum does not help against the corona or any other virus. Those who claim what do the illuminati want are either mistaken, or have a commercial interest, or both.

That oscillococcinum…. Summarized: oscillococcinum may well be the most hilariously stupid screw-up of homeopaths ever, stacking error upon mistake upon blunder from beginning to end, even when taking the principles of homeopathy seriously. Yeah, right …. So sorry you are stuck on our present pharmaceutical toxic treatment as diseases increase.

I am most likely one of the oldest and longest survivor of this. People without immune compromise, were shocked at the shortened duration of the common cold, and the flu, in addition to the subdued symptoms. Really, is medicine in this country so excellent. Give me a break. Want a list?

I have no idea how it would behave in the Corona virus. For anyone with the common cold and flu, it is extremely important to begin treatment at the very first sign of an impending infection. This will also shorten the suffering and time of infection. Take it when symptoms increase if you must. If you catch it early, you will feel better soon. Incidentally, homeopathic remedies are used and appreciated all over the planet. But, in the US, what would the pharm industry do if there were better remedies than theirs?

The pharma industry has done everything it could to prohibit use of tested homeopathics in this country. My body, my anecdotal. For almost forty years. So, it may not work for you, but it certainly has worked for me. Bravo Gail. Only when I switched to homeopathy did she regain her health and went from about 20 infections per year to a mere 2 or 3 how to download video in nokia lumia 610 most and much less severe than before.

The placebo and sugar pill stories are a joke. Big pharma feeling so threatened and rightly so. What a concept! Anecdotes are the lowest tier of evidence.

What do you mean by this? Low white cell count? Bone marrow dysfunction? Or do you simply mean that she had a lot of infections. Is that really true?

Or have you simply picked out one year when she had a lot more infections than usual? Were there really 20 separate episodes or was it a chronic infection that took some time to resolve? Either way, it is hardly surprising that subsequent years were better.

I should also point out that viral infections are very common in young children, particularly when they start kindergarden, as they are exposed to a great many viruses that they have never previously encountered. As immunity builds up against each of them the number of infections falls to the adult level of 2 — 3 per year. Finally, ear infections are also very common in small children as the eustachian tube connecting the middle ear to the nose is oblique and narrow and easily blocked by mucosal swelling during a viral infection; the air in the middle ear is then absorbed and the ear fills with fluid, providing a ready environment for bacteria to grow and cause a secondary infection; this situation often persists for long enough to cause serious hearing problems and poor performance at school, though it is readily treated e.

As the child gets older the facial bones grow and the eustachian tube becomes wider and less oblique, and therefore less easily blocked. Are you sure that what you are describing in your daughter was due to immune dysfunction?

If so, she must be pretty unusual. Anybody who really does have a problem with their immune system who then develops an infection requires urgent treatment to prevent rapid deterioration and the risk of death.

To rely on homeopathy rather than proper treatment which in this situation may well include intensive care is reckless and may lead to a manslaughter charge. It does not provide any benefit beyond that of sugar pills. It is a popular preparation, particularly in France and Russia. Very worrying is the possibility that increased production of Oscillococcinum could negatively affect the fois gras supply.

Very worrying is the possibility how to know bra size increased production of Oscillococcinum could negatively affect the foie gras supply. Practically speaking, all Boiron has to do is to safely store one litre of the 12C dilution which, after all, is just how to connect to database mysql water that should keep indefinitelyand take e.

Killing lots of ducks for this quackery pun not even intended is just plain stupid. Only to hit a concrete wall i. Which of course is strange, as all of homeopathy involves just one childishly simple production process: dilute-and-shake. Then again, they may even forego the whole process with ducks, mother tincture etc.

After all, it is literally impossible to tell the difference. Boiron is not shy to demonstrate its succussion dilute-and-shake processes on YouTube. Oscillococcinum is starting to sound as dangerous as fentanyl but I am relived that the what is oscillococcinum flu medicine of fois gras seems safe.

Nobody ask you to take it. Do whatever the f. I have used it and other people did and it obviously works. So no one cares about you stupid scientific research and i am not talking about other homeopathic drugs. Just about this one. Stop being a d-k and support pharmaceutical companies. And most importantly get the f-k out of here. So you are saying i should not use it even if it works.

The results are important. I am not fallacious if it work for me in this case. Looks like you are fallacious for making a comment like that …. How do i know ,i feel better the very next day or in couple of days with mild symptoms. And when i don t use it or miss to take when the first signs show i get real bad with terrible caught and body aches and running nose and been coughing for weeks.

How about that. If you believe in everything blindly like that you are in trouble. They can manipulate those studies like they did it for sure what happens to the body before death many times. Even if it is placebo i will spent my money with joy to feel better….

That is nice. This is just shows me i am on to something. I am not very comfortable for you. What is oscillococcinum flu medicine you are doing a terrible job. Good Luck!

Most studies need a preponderance of the evidence to obtain an approvable letter. Even IF, the illness went away due to placebo or time, who cares? Well said. My sons had the flu a day before a week long camp trip. We used this incredible stuff on him, he woke up symptoms free the next morning and off he went.

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Feb 22,  · The homeopathic medicine is pronounced oh-sill-oh-cox-see-num, or Oscillo for short. Its active ingredient is Anas barbariae hepatis, which translates from Latin to mean “barbary duck liver.” According to a review, Oscillococcinum is made from “a 1% solution of wild duck heart and liver extract, which is then serially diluted times with water and alcohol.”. Mar 24,  · Oscillococcinum is a brand name homeopathic product manufactured by Boiron Laboratories. Similar homeopathic products are found in other brands. Homeopathic products are extreme dilutions of some active ingredient. They are often so . Oscillococcinum's active ingredient is Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum CK, made from the heart and liver of wild duck and is diluted repeatedly until essentially no molecules of duck heart or liver are found in the actual pill.

An earlier version of this article stated that the manufacturer received a warning letter from the FDA about off-label claims. The statement referred to a warning letter sent to one Internet marketer who made off-label claims for many products during the influenza pandemic. The manufacturer requested the marketer to cease and desist making such claims, and ultimately stopped sales to this retailer.

Want to learn more about how you can help your patients this flu season? Check out this upcoming CE webinar on what makes this flu season different.

Influenza season is in full swing, and social media and the internet are full of "remedies" that promise to help restore a patient's full health in a seemingly quick and "natural" way.

One such product that has been gaining a lot of attention lately is oscillococcinum, which markets itself like a natural oseltamivir. The product has been around for decades and has enjoyed its share of both popularity and criticism.

Social media buzz is active with people attesting to its efficacy. Oscillococcinum's active ingredient is Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum CK, made from the heart and liver of wild duck and is diluted repeatedly until essentially no molecules of duck heart or liver are found in the actual pill. It is thought that because wildfowl are a natural resorvoir for influenza and nucleic and phosphoric compounds in the pill resemble influenza, that the combination contribute to antiviral activity, but the exact mechansim of action is not well described.

The product's website cites 2 clinical studies indicating that it decreases the severity and duration of influenza-related symptoms. Both were placebo-controlled studies, whose primary outcome included resolution of fever and other symptoms by or at 48 hours of treatment, and each study did show a statistical advantage over placebo.

Other studies, including multiple Cochrane systemic reviews most recently in , have been published. The review specifically commented on notable flaws and bias within the studies' methods. It concluded that there was no significant benefit of the product in preventing influenza and, based on 2 low-quality rated studies, that there was an absolute risk reduction of 7. The authors ultimately concluded that oscillococcinum may work, but the evidence was not strong or sufficent enough to definitively say one way or the other, particularly given the poor quality of the studies available.

Another review by Marrari et al. The authors' conclusion was in direct support of oscillococcinum's efficacy. However, the conflict of interest section at the very end of the article indicates that all the authors were employees of the product's maker, and therefore, the strong potential for a biased conclusion and recomendation should be considered.

Interestingly, there are not readily retrievable studies looking at the active ingredient, Anas barbariae , outside of oscillococcinum. Overall, oscillococcinum is relatively safe. The inactive ingredients include sucrose and the most common adverse effects seen in published studies were headache, rash, itching, and myalgia.

It is interesting that given the potential oscillococcinum showed in early studies, that subsequent large, well-designed studies were never conducted to definitively determine its efficacy. The product is still being marketed based off of 2 older studies. Such studies would provide valuable answers to the role oscillococcinum has in influenza mangement, but like with so many homeopathic products, it seems questions regarding that role will remain unanswered for the foreseeable future.

In the age of evidence-based medicine, what recommendation should be made when the evidence is inconclusive? The old adage "it probably won't help, but it won't hurt either" seems applicable. Homeopathic oscillococciunum for preventing and treating influenza and influenza-like illness. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Alternative and Complimentary Therapies. Oscillococcinum in patients with influenza-like syndromes: a placebo-controlled, double-blind evaluation. Br Homeopath J. Oscillococcinum for influenza treatment.

Ann Ist Super Sanita. January 8, References 1. Newtown Square, PA. Infectious Disease Retail. Streptococcal Pharyngitis Is a Seasonal Concern.

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