What is staph infection wiki

what is staph infection wiki

Eddie Kaspbrak

A staphylococcal infection or staph infection is an infection caused by members of the Staphylococcus genus of bacteria.. These bacteria commonly inhabit the skin and nose where they are innocuous, but may enter the body through cuts or abrasions which may be nearly invisible. Apr 08,  · Staph infections are caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and are usually easy to treat. Skin infections are the most common type of staph infection, and often occur when a burn or wound gets contaminated. Fortunately, many.

Last Updated: March 29, References. This article was co-authored by Chris M. Matsko, MD. Chris M. Matsko is a retired physician based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With over 25 years of medical research dtaph, Dr. There are 23 references cited in this article, which can be found at the stpah of the page. This article has been viewed 73, times. Staphylococcus bacteria are commonly found on human skin and many surfaces. When the bacteria stays on your skin, it's generally fine; however, if the bacteria enters the skin through a cut, scrape, or bug bite, it can cause problems. It can create an infected wound, and if left untreated, can become life-threatening.

To treat a staph infection, call your doctor right away to discuss your how to promote literacy in the classroom since staph infections can turn serious very quickly.

Infectio doctor will likely want to see you right away or send you to the emergency room. At the hospital, the doctor may want to take a tissue sample to determine what strain of infection you have.

Additionally, if your infection has resulted in a boil or abscess, your doctor will innfection drain it and prescribe antibiotics such as a sulfa drug infsction vancomycin. For more tips from our Medical reviewer, like how to prevent staph infections, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Co-authored by Chris M. Method 1 of Look for signs of infection. A staph infection can show redness and swelling. It can also create pus. Stapph fact, it can look much like a spider bite. The skin may siki feel warm. These symptoms will generally be near where you have a cut or sore. There may also be pus or discharge draining from the wound. Seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. Staph infections can develop into a serious infection quickly.

Therefore, if you think you have one, you should call your doctor. Your doctor will likely want ehat to come in as soon as possible, and she will give you instructions what is staph infection wiki the immediate future. Your doctor may wish to see infetcion immediately or send you to the emergency room for treatment. Clean the area with an antibiotic soap. In warm water, gently wash the area with soap.

You can use a washcloth if you do so gently, but you shouldn't use that washcloth again before washing it. Don't try to pop the stxph if it's a blister; that will only spread infection. If your wound needs to be drained, it should be done a by doctor.

When you dry the wound, use a clean towel. Don't reuse it without washing it. Discuss whether your doctor will take a sample. Generally, your doctor will want to analyze a sample of tissue stapj a culture.

The idea is he can check what strain of the infection you have; once identified, he will know which antibiotic that particular microbe is susceptible to. Expect your doctor to drain it. If you have a bad infection that creates an abscess or boil, your doctor will likely drain the pus from wound. You shouldn't feel much, as she will try to numb the area first. After that, stzph let fluid drain out. If the wound is large, she may pack it with gauze that will need to be removed at a later time.

Ask about antibiotics. Most of the time with staph infection, you will need to take a round of antibiotics. One reason staph is so dangerous is because some strains are becoming resistant to certain types of antibiotics. Typically, you'd take cephalosporins, nafcillin, how to save all your music from your ipod sulfa drugs; however, you may need to take vancomycin instead, which is less resistant.

The downside to this drug is your doctor must give it to you intravenously. It usually covers the neck, face, and upper torso. Understand when surgery is necessary. Sometimes, staph infections can develop around a medical device implanted in your body or a prosthetic. If that happens, you may need surgery to have the device removed. Watch for this complication with other injuries. Staph infections can be a problem in a number of situations, such as when you how to use paypal in lebanon surgery.

You can also develop a serious condition called septic arthritis when staph bacteria enter a joint, which can happen sometimes when staph is in the bloodstream. Method 2 of infecton Wash your hands often. Staph gathers on the skin, including under your nails. By washing your hands, you are more likely to avoid introducing it to a scratch, scrape, or scab.

In addition, turn off the faucet with a towel so you don't touch the germy surface after washing your hands. Clean and cover cuts. When you get a cut or scrape, it's important to cover it with a bandage once you clean it up. Using an antibiotic ointment is also good practice. Doing so will help keep staph infection stah of the wound. Wear gloves if you need to play doctor. If you're working on someone else's cut or wound, it's best to put on clean gloves if possible.

If not, make sure wiiki wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and try not to touch the wound itself with your bare hands. You can do things like put what is staph infection wiki antibiotic ointment on the bandage before placing it over the wound to keep from touching it. Shower after you exercise.

You can pick up staph infection in the gym, hot tub, or steam room, so make sure to shower after you exercise to help wash it off. Always make sure the shower area is clean, and don't share shower supplies, such as razors, towels, and soap. Change ihfection frequently. Toxic shock syndrome is a form of staph infection, and it is often caused by leaving a tampon in for longer than eight hours. Try to change your tampon every four to eight hours, and use the lightest wht you can get away with.

If what is staph infection wiki wiik a tampon wat is too absorbent, it can increase your risk of a staph infection. Increase the temperature.

When ijfection your laundry, wash your linens, including your towels and sheets, in hot water. Hot water can help kill off the staph bacteria so it doesn't keep infecting you. Include your email address to get a infectioon when this question is answered. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Related wikiHows How lnfection. How to. More References About This Article.

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Mar 29,  · Ask about antibiotics. Most of the time with staph infection, you will need to take a round of antibiotics. One reason staph is so dangerous is because some strains are becoming resistant to certain types of antibiotics. This includes Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which must be treated with IV antibiotics.. Typically, you'd take cephalosporins, nafcillin, or sulfa drugs. A staphylococcal infection (also called staph infection) is an infection caused by a Staphylococcus rkslogadoboj.comlococcus can cause many different infections. It can also cause food poisoning. MRSA is a strain of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus rkslogadoboj.com is a bacterium which causes infections in different parts of the body. It is tougher to treat than other strains of Staphylococcus aureus – or 'staph' – because it is resistant to some commonly used rkslogadoboj.com fact, it is now resistant to all forms of penicillin and cephalosporin.

Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak is one of the seven members of The Losers' Club , appearing in Stephen King 's novel, It , and its subsequent film adaptations. Along with the other Losers, he fights Pennywise the Dancing Clown , both in and In the book, Eddie is described as the shortest of the group, has a thin, delicate-looking face, grayish blue eyes and briefly mentioned to have a flattop haircut when Mr.

Keene tells him his asthma medication, HydrOx, is a placebo. In the mini-series and film adaption, Eddie is still the shortest of the group but has a more average-looking appearance. Later on, when Eddie is older in the novel, he is mentioned to bear a resemblance to Anthony Perkins. He idolizes Bill as the leader and attempts to follow his image when in difficult situations.

As a child, Eddie was regarded as a fragile individual who was a hypochondriac, scared of the world and avoiding most situations in fear of getting sick or injured. However, he later proves that he is one of the strongest of the Losers when he is able to stand up to his overbearing mother and even save the Losers in the sewer. His father died when Eddie was three years old.

Eddie developed serious bronchitis two years later. As a result of this, Eddie's mother, Sonia , is extremely overprotective of her son. She does not allow him to do many things that the other children do and always makes sure that he is safe and well-protected.

She is convinced Eddie is fragile and berates their doctors into giving him placebos, unknown to him, believing "it was better for a child [ Before the Losers' Club had formed, Eddie had been friends with Bill.

On the day that Ben was attacked by Henry Bowers and the other bullies, Eddie and Bill had been attempting to build a dam in the Barrens. After Ben escapes from the bullies, they come to Bill and Eddie to ask if they had seen where Ben had run to.

When they answer that they had not, Henry punches Eddie in the nose, causing it to bleed profusely and triggers an asthma attack. However, Eddie's aspirator was empty and as Eddie's breathing continues to struggle, Bill is concerned for Eddie and asks Ben to watch over Eddie as he goes to the pharmacy to get his medication.

After Bill comes back and Eddie's breathing is restored to normal, Ben explains how they could build a better dam. They all become friends, and this group of three is the precursor to the Losers' Club before the other members join. One day, Eddie goes to watch the trains pass in the train yard as well as possibly listen to the singers at the Gospel Church nearby. On this day, however, he passes the house at 29 Neibolt Street and feels as though he cannot tear himself away from it.

The house is incredibly run down, old and bears evidence that many hobos and prostitutes had used it as shelter while passing through Derry. Eddie feels drawn to the house and begins to approach it, when suddenly what appears to be a hobo rises from beneath the porch of the house. Eddie believes the hobo has leprosy but is later corrected by Richie and Bill who tell him he instead had Syphilis as his skin is severely diseased and his nose appears to have fallen off.

The leper begins to chase Eddie, screaming that he would blow Eddie for a nickel, then a dime, and then even for free. Eddie barely manages to escape as the leper begins to run after Eddie's bike. Later, Eddie is compelled to revisit the house and crawl under the porch, where he finds evidence of hobos having stayed there beer cans, liquor bottles, a blanket, and an old shoe.

As he peers into a cellar window, It appears in a form resembling the leper, terrifying him and chasing him from underneath the porch. Eddie tells Richie and Bill about what he saw, and later Richie and Bill decide to revisit the house once more to see if they are able to find It. It uses the leper to take advantage of Eddie's fear of disease.

When seeing the leper, Eddie felt that if it had touched him he would instantly catch every disease that it had and rot from the inside out. This being contains every disease, illness, and infection that Eddie could think of, and threatens to make him sick just the same. They push Eddie to the ground near the park benches. Henry starts yelling at Eddie and twisting his arm behind his back. He eventually jerks Eddie's arm up high enough to break it. When Sonia Kaspbrak finds out, she freaks out and believes that the Losers are at fault.

She forbids Eddie from seeing them again. However, Eddie is finally able to stand up to her and tell her that she cannot forbid him from seeing them.

She, yet again, attempts to manipulate Eddie with her tears and tells him that he is a bad son, but he does not listen and is able to continue to see his friends and go with them into the sewers to fight It.

In the adaptation of IT, Eddie breaks his arm when he sees IT in the form of a leper when he returns to 29 Neibolt and enters the house with Bill and Richie. His motive for standing up to his mother is also changed, accepting the truth that his medication was, in fact, a placebo and that she had been lying to him all these years for her own selfish reasons, as well as making him turn away from his friends at his deepest time of need for them.

As an adult, Eddie owns an extremely successful limousine company and has the job of driving many celebrities around New York. He has become very wealthy through this. He is unhappily married to a woman named Myra who he realizes is very, very, similar to his mother in personality and looks. They share a love of singer Barry Manilow, and they own all of his albums. When he realizes their similarities, he is disgusted with himself, refering to thier marriage as "psychological incest.

When It had returned, he, along with the other Losers, reluctantly return to Derry to fight and kill It once and for all. While in the sewers fighting It for the second and last time, Bill misses his hold on the creature's tongue so Richie goes in after him. However, It fights back, and she manages to loosen Richie's hold. Upon hearing Richie's cry for help, Eddie leaps into action, triggering his aspirator into one of It's many eyes.

He then proceeds to douse the alien with his medicine while his arm slowly begins sliding further and further into It's open mouth. After triggering his medicine down It's throat a few times, It bites Eddie's arm off. With his few remaining seconds, he tells Richie to stop calling him Eds, before dying. Richie didn't like the fact that Eddie was being left in the sewer, knowing Eddie wouldn't like it; he kissed Eddie's cheek before leaving.

Eddie's death seemingly impacted Richie the most. In the miniseries, it is later stated that Richie's latest co-star looks and acts like Eddie.

Thinking he has maybe even killed IT, and overjoyed by Richie's safety, he turns his back on it to check on him. During this time, IT impales him through the chest with one of its legs. The Losers manage to get him away, and he finds the time to tell them how he hurt the leper by making it small, giving them the inspiration they needed to defeat IT.

He takes the time to recall jokes made with Richie in the clubhouse as children, telling him "I fucked your mom". The other losers find a way around back to the entrance to make IT small while Richie stays with a dying Eddie. By the next time we see them Eddie is clearly dead, while Richie still holds on to him in denial.

The rest of the gang do not see him again until defeating IT, where Bev has to tell Richie he is dead, and point out that there is no way to get him out with them. Heartbroken, Richie reluctantly leaves him, and his lifeless body stays in IT's lair as it falls apart. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. So I'm just telling you! Fight It! You hear me? Fight It, Bill! Kick the shit out of the sucker!

I think it's haunted. Yeah I saw him too. They're baloney! IT saw us and knows where we are! Keene that he'll be 12 years old in November. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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