What is the definition of a whoremonger

what is the definition of a whoremonger


The definition of a whoremonger is a customer of a prostitute. A person who visits a prostitute is an example of a whoremonger. What does whoremonger mean? Historically, the word whoremonger referred to a client of a sex worker, or to a person who solicits clients for sex workers. Whoremonger is rarely used today.

Related to whoremonger: pimping. Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. A man who habitually consorts with or pays for the services of prostitutes. All rights reserved. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Mentioned in? Holour John sex trick whore whoremaster whoremongery. References in classic literature? I am not in the least provoked at the sight of a lawyer, a pickpocket, a colonel, a fool, a lord, a gamester, a politician, a whoremongera physician, an evidence, a suborner, an attorney, a traitor, or the like; this is all according to the due course of things: but when I behold a lump of deformity and diseases, both in body and mind, smitten with pride, it immediately breaks all the measures of my patience; neither shall I be ever able to comprehend how such an animal, and such a vice, could tally together.

View in context. In nineteenth-century Brazil, "old man Corregidora, the Portuguese slave breeder and whoremonger " impregnated women, whom he had enslaved, including his own daughter, "and fathered his own breed" C ; in twentieth-century Kentucky, his descendant Ursa is repeatedly urged by her grandmother and great-grandmother to "make generations" 10 in order to provide bodily proof of these traumas against the purported erasure of the historical record.

One whoremonger was accused of having "the parson's wife in thy chamber". One feels like a total tarse; Your guide to swearing like an Elizabethan. School takes a stand for acceptance and love. As we get to see more of him, it becomes increasingly clear that Putta can with equal facility and no real contradiction also merit the tags of Wife-Beater Putta, Uxorious Putta, Good Samaritan Putta, Whoremonger Putta, and Gambler Putta, among others.

Back to the future: tracking the moral imperative in, of, and through Samskara. Like his father--the inventor of an infallible "system" for winning at roulette, which the son would practice in Monte Carlo with disastrous results--William was always a grinning dunderhead, an optimist; he was also a womanizer and whoremonger. Yes, those vain fixtures of the night really made him shiver, made him believe that every female body must, sooner or later, be possessed of the same sort of lust--both slow and sudden--he experienced himself.

Five Silhouettes. After the meeting Grillo called Bersani a " whoremonger " on his blog. They refer to themselves as "johns," "hobbyists," "mongers" abbreviated from " whoremonger ""punters," "clients," or "customers.

She believes that by what do i need to register a car in texas the line, she will preserve the evidence of the atrocities old man Corregidora committed as a "slave-breeder and whoremonger " Jones Body politics in Corregidora. Falstaff may be self-serving, a whoremongeran occasional drunk, and a cynic about his own men whose lives are squandered by the war, but he values life above all else, and his own lusts endanger no one.

Renegades in the literature of war: from Homer to Heller. As a reunification loser, he embodies many of the Nazi-era stereotypes of Jews as "greedy whoremongerreligious charlatan, and capitalist schemer" J. The "Jew" in cinema: from the golem to don't touch my holocaust. Dictionary browser? Full browser?

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Define whoremonger. whoremonger synonyms, whoremonger pronunciation, whoremonger translation, English dictionary definition of whoremonger. n. A man who habitually consorts with or pays for the services of prostitutes. What does 'whoremonger' mean in the Bible? The more modern word for whoremonger is a "John"—someone who uses a prostitute. However, in the original language of the Bible, whoremonger (a word found in the King James Version of the Bible) is anyone who has sex outside of marriage. ‘Reviewing his early work, he commented: ‘Not a few whose sins were of the most flagrant kind, drunkards, swearers, thieves, whoremongers, adulterers, have been brought from darkness unto light, and from the power of Satan unto God’.’.

Historically, the word whoremonger referred to a client of a sex worker, or to a person who solicits clients for sex workers. Whoremonger is rarely used today. When it is used, it is often in a figurative or metaphorical way, especially one intended to criticize the person it is applied to as engaging in or promoting immorality, especially activity considered sexually immoral.

The first records of the word whoremonger in English come from the s. It contains the word monger , which is often used in compound words to refer to someone who sells a particular thing, as in fishmonger a fish seller or cheesemonger a cheese seller. This is especially due to its use of whore , a much older word that has been in use since before the s. Whore always carries this sense of disapproval, which is why its use is often considered condescending and offensive.

Whoremonger is relatively archaic—meaning it was once in more widespread use, but is rarely used today. It is perhaps best known for appearing in some translations of the Bible. Whoremonger is rarely used for either of its literal meanings. When someone does use it today, they usually apply it to a person especially a public figure like a politician or celebrity that they are condemning for encouraging some kind of shameful practice, especially what they see as sexual immorality. New Word List Word List.

Save This Word! See synonyms for whoremonger on Thesaurus. Set some time apart to test your bracket symbol knowledge, and see if you can keep your parentheses, squares, curlies, and angles all straight! Words nearby whoremonger whore , whoredom , whorehouse , whorehouse cut , whoremaster , whoremonger , whoreson , Whorf , Whorfian hypothesis , whorish , whorl. What does whoremonger mean? Where does whoremonger come from? How is whoremonger used in real life?

Words related to whoremonger hustler , pander , mack , panderer. Derived forms of whoremonger whoremongery , noun. Book Your Online Tutor Now.

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