What is the most stolen vehicle in the usa

what is the most stolen vehicle in the usa

The most stolen vehicle in America is this pickup

The Ford F-Series was the most-stolen vehicle in America in , ahead of the Honda Civic and Chevrolet's full-size pickups. The Ford F-Series pickup is a popular model with thieves. Ford Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs. Oct 22,  · The Honda Civic no longer claims the top spot of most stolen vehicle America. That spot now goes to the Ford full-sized pickup, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's latest "Hot Wheels" report. In the report that includes crime data from across the country, the NICB report ranks the Ford full-sized pick-up truck as the most stolen vehicle in Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

The Ford F-Series isn't just the most popular vehicle in the United States - a title its held for nearly 40 years now. It's also the most stolen, according to uda National Insurance Crime Bureau. The Bureau just compiled its annual "Hot Wheels" list of the top ten most stolen vehicles in the US, based on data fromwith Ford's full-size pickup truck claiming a rather dubious honor. The was the most stolen model year, and given the F-Series's popularity, the fact that it's a hot commodity with vehicle thieves doesn't come as a total surprise.

In fact, te held a prominent spot on the list vehkcle a number of years, but its move into the number one spot isn't exactly something we're celebrating. In other words, it's a veritable who's who of some of the hottest-selling passenger vehicles on the market today. The NICB doesn't compile a "per capita" list with number of thefts per number of cars on the road, so the list says nothing about the rate of theft for the various car models dhat.

To compile its list, the NICB analyzes data submitted to the National Crime Information Center by law enforcement agencies around the country, which seems like probably a good way to go about it.

There are, of course, reasons why a vehicle theft might not be reported to law enforcement, but it seems likely that such cases are the exception, not the rule. As for the most stolen single model year vehicle, that honor goes to the Honda Civic, with 4, thefts reported. Its next-closest contender was the Honda Accord 3,followed by the Ford F-Series 3, No wonder How to delete photos from my facebook page hold their value so well; it's near-impossible to find one without the VIN removed.

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Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything auto insurance related. We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by auto insurance experts. Things to remember Table of Contents. Motor vehicle theft has been on a steady rise in the U. Not worried about it? Feel like you have the Fort Knox of cars?

Maybe that false sense of security is what makes us easy targets. Thieves know how to manipulate your safety technology to help them steal your car. Check out the historical trends, most stolen cars by state, and other data visualized for your convenience. Using those final results, our researchers were able to determine not only which vehicles were stolen the most often in our country, but where those car robberies occur. Click here for our detailed methodology. The Civic was the number one stolen vehicle in not just one but two states, and it was a top five stolen car in nine states!

Since we began this study three years ago, the Civic has consistently been the second most stolen car in America , just under the Accord. In the U. The Ford Pickup truck has been a favorite among thieves for awhile now. The full-sized Ford Pickup was the number one stolen vehicle in Georgia, Missouri, and New Mexico with a total of 3, of them stolen in those three states in This is the third year in-a-row that full-sized Chevy Pickup trucks have been a top ten most stolen vehicle in America.

Many victims have woken up to their Chevy truck wheel- less sitting on cinder blocks. Even car dealerships have to worry about these thieves. Again we see a false sense of security putting car owners even car dealership owners at risk! The Nissan Altima is a top-six stolen car in the U. The stealth car thieves of today know how to use the advanced technology in newer vehicles to help them steal cars. Check out hottest new cars and insurance costs to learn how to protect your new vehicle.

Not only is this the 2nd Chevy Pickup truck to land on this most stolen list, but it is also the third straight year for full-sized Chevy Pickups to be top five most stolen vehicles in the country. In just two years there were 7, more Chevy trucks stolen in the U. Total Number Stolen: 16, Highest Ranking: 1st in eleven states!

The Honda Accord wins by a long shot for being the vehicle that is the number one stolen car in the most states. Below is the list of the 11 states where the Accord is the number one stolen car and how many were stolen:. And sadly, victims of auto theft like Andrew Freedman need their vehicles to survive. The third most stolen vehicle in the U. As we discussed above, the Ford Pickup truck has been a top-targeted vehicle for auto theft since we began this study three years ago, and there has been a steady increase in Ford truck robberies.

The full-sized Ford Pickup was the number one stolen vehicle in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas with a total of 10, of them stolen in those three states in This eye-opening video shows how difficult it can be to catch car thieves. One of the robbers was finally caught after stealing pickup trucks for over four years! Stolen vehicles are often connected to other crimes as seen in the above video. Not just one, but two Honda Accords are top five most stolen cars in America this year.

The winner, oddly enough, is one year older. In the past three years, there has been as many as 23, more Accords stolen than the model one year newer. The number one spot this year brings us to our forth Honda and second Civic for the most stolen vehicles in America. This shocking video will give you a clear picture of what happens to many of the Civics after they are stolen:. Thanks to selfish thieves, the Honda Civic he once relied on became worthless in under twenty-four hours.

They even took the windshield wiper blades. For this Virginia resident, it did not:. How common are heartbreaking stories just like this one? Well, here are how many Honda Civics our three studies revealed being stolen across our nation:. In only two years, there were 5, more Civics stolen — a distressing 13 percent increase! Above is the visual representation of where the highest and lowest rates of auto theft are located across America. Based on auto theft by population, the states with the highest rates are RED and the states with the lowest rates are BLUE see graphic above.

The Northeast is home to the majority of the states with the lowest rates of auto theft, and the areas with the highest rates cluster in the Midwest and along the West Coast. State: Rate per , Residents: 10 - Oklahoma State: Rate per , Residents: 10 - Idaho For the second straight year , Hondas have dominated the Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicle charts filling 40 percent of the list:. In our study , the Civic ranked the 2nd most stolen vehicle just behind the Accord at 1st.

Taking up another 40 percent of our top ten this year are the pickup trucks made by Chevy and Ford:. The biggest change we saw from to was for the Chevy Pickup which jumped from an obscure 57th place all the way up to 5th thanks to its off-the-charts 1, percent increase in the number that were stolen! In our study , the Chevy pickup was ranked 4th just behind the Ford pickup at 3rd for the most stolen vehicles in the country.

In there were , vehicles stolen from their owners in America. However, as we learned from the victims in the videos above, vehicles can be stolen even when the owner does everything right. It is essential that you protect your investment with comprehensive car insurance that covers you in the event of vandalism and robbery. The ranking system for our Most Stolen Vehicle countdown was determined by these main categories:.

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