What is the river nile famous for

what is the river nile famous for

Nile cruise holidays

The Blue Nile then heads northwest into Sudan. It travels for approximately km ( mi), flowing past Er Roseires and receiving the Dinder River on its right bank at rkslogadoboj.com Khartoum, the Blue Nile joins the White Nile and, as the Nile, flows through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria.. Source. Although there are several feeder streams that flow into Lake Tana, the sacred. Experience luxury Nile cruises with Kuoni. Follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs as you drift along Egypts famous river on a Nile cruise, moor up beside stunning historic sites and drift off to sleep above the gentle waves.

Rivers have been very faomus to men in all parts of the world since prehistoric times. They provide a source of drinking water, for obtaining food, to fertilize lands and way to transport goods from place to place. Rivers also provide an important habitat for wildlife. They play nlle essential role in the ecology of rainforest and wetlands. A list of the i important rivers in the world. The Sepik River is faamous longest river on the island of New Guinea.

Unlike many other large rivers, the How to connect to a remote desktop on a mac has no delta whatsoever, but flows straight into the sea.

There are no settlements of great size along the Sepik River. It is one of the last remaining undisturbed environments in the world. About 2, miles 3, km long, the Mississippi River is the largest river system in the United States and North America.

Along with its major tributary, the Missouri River, the river drains all or parts of 31 U. The famous Steamboats entered trade in the s. Cotton, timber and food were transported down the river. After the arrival of the railroads in the s steamboat traffic diminished although they remained a feature until the s. A few steamboats, such as the Delta Queen, have e survived as icons.

It originates at an elevation of only meter feet in the Valday Hills northwest of Moscow and discharges 3, km further 2, miles into the Caspian Sea. The Volga is of great importance to inland shipping and transport in Russia even though the river freezes for most of its length for three months each year. The 3, km- 2, mile- long Zambezi river is the fourth-longest river in Africa.

The river rises in a black wetland in north-western Zambia and flows through Angola, along the borders of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia again, and Zimbabwe, to Mozambique, where it empties into the Indian Ocean. The river supports large populations of many animals. Hippopotamuses are abundant along most of the calm stretches of the river, and many crocodiles are also present. The Zambezi also supports several hundred species of fish including large species.

The bull shark for example has been found far inland. It is an aggressive shark which has been responsible for several attacks on humans. The Mekong river is the 12th longest river in the world with an estimated length of 4, km 2, miles.

The river is difficult to navigate due to niel extreme seasonal variations in flow and the presence of rapids and whwt. The Mekong basin is one of the how to pay sbi car loan online areas of biodiversity ruver the world which is only surpassed by the Amazon. Since the building of the first Chinese dam however, many species have become endangered including the Mekong dolphin and manatee.

The 2, km 1, miles Ganges originates in the western Himalayas in India, and drains into the Sunderbans delta in the Bay of Bengal. It has long been considered a how to draw a school bus step by step river by Hindus and worshiped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism.

It has also been important historically: many former provincial or imperial capitals have been located on its banks. Situated on the banks of Ganges, Varanasi is considered by some to famuos the holiest city in Hinduism. Hindus scatter ashes of loved ones in the river and some believe life is incomplete without taking a bath in the Ganges at least once.

The river was one of the long standing frontiers of the Roman Empire and today forms a part of the borders of 10 European countries. It originates in the Black Forest in Germany and flows eastwards for a distance of some km rivrrpassing through 4 capitals, before emptying into the Black Sea.

Since the completion of the German RhineMainDanube Canal inthe river has been part of a trans-European waterway from the black sea all the way to Rotterdam on the North Sea. One of the most important rivers in the world, the Yangtze River is the longest river in China, and the third-longest in the world. The river is about km long miles and originates in a glacier lying on the eastern part of the Tibetan plateau.

It passes through the spectacular Yangtze Gorges, which are noted for their natural beauty, and flows into the East China Sea. One of the dams on the river, the Three Gorges Dam, is the what is the river nile famous for hydro-electric power station in the world.

Traffic includes commercial traffic transporting bulk goods such as coal as well as manufactured goods and passengers. River cruises several what is a gourmet restaurant long, especially through the beautiful and scenic Three Gorges area, are also popular.

The Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching north for 6, km 4, miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean. The river provided a crucial role in the development of the Egyptian civilization. Silt deposits from the Nile makes the surrounding land teh fertile because the river overflows its banks annually and the Egyptians were able to cultivate wheat and other crops.

The Nile was also an important part of the ancient Egyptian spiritual life. The god named Hapy was the deification of the annual floods, and both he and the pharaoh were thought to control the flooding of the Nile. At approximately 6, km 4, miles the Amazon River is the second longest river in the world, just slightly shorter than the Nile although reputable sources disagree as to the exact length of the two rivers.

The Amazon has over 3, recognized species of fish and new species are still being discovered. Along with the Orinoco River, it is one of the main habitats of the Amazon River Dolphin, the largest species of river dolphin, which can grow to lengths of up to 2. The bull shark has been reported 4, km 2, mi up the Amazon River at Iquitos in Peru.

Another dangerous fish in the Amazon is the notorious piranha which congregates in large schools, though only a few species are known to attack humans. What about Indus River nils has great importance nationally and international? It must be included to let people know about Indus Civlization. What about the St Lawrence? I saw a TED talks video where they gave an overview of the eco system at work there and what is holistic approach in health and social care magnificently it worked without our involvement.

Thanks for sharing! The major cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, such as Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, date back to around BC, and represent some of the largest human habitations of the ancient world. By posting a comment, you agree to our comment policy. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You Might Also Like. Comments What about Indus River it has great importance nationally and international?

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Experience luxury Nile cruises with Kuoni

Q-What are 3 facts about the Nile River?A-Interesting Facts about the Nile river: The Nile River is the longest river in the world, The Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea., The Nile has a length of about 6, kilometers (4, miles), Its average discharge is million litres (, gallons) per second. The civilization of ancient Egypt developed in the arid climate of northern Africa. This region is distinguished by the Arabian and Libyan deserts, and the River rkslogadoboj.com Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing northward from Lake Victoria and eventually emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile has two main tributaries: the Blue Nile which originates in Ethiopia, and the White. Jan 03, MS Alexander the Great Nile Cruises this elegant yacht is the ultimate indulgent Nile cruise, with luxury suites, a swimming pool and hot tub, and a barbecue deck for evenings beneath the stars. Oberoi Zahara Nile Cruises with fine dining, personalized spa treatments and impeccable service, a cruise onboard this sleek vessel is perfect.

Discover the Land of the Pharaohs on a Nile cruise , the ultimate adventure for those who want to visit the pyramids and other iconic Egyptian attractions. Cruising the Nile is the best way to explore the sights, with tour options ranging from short hourly trips to longer multi-day sailings.

Some cruises on the Nile offer high-end luxury experiences while others are more budget-friendly. Most Nile cruise vacations begin in Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan. There are several different Nile cruises available, each of which can complement a wider tour of Egypt if you want to explore beyond the riverbanks. Short Nile cruises lasting up to a few hours depart from Cairo. Alternatively, you can choose a multi-day Nile cruise between Aswan and Luxor, or vice versa.

For a relaxing evening out on the water, why not embark on a Nile dinner cruise. You will enjoy a buffet meal and live entertainment with traditional belly dancing performers, as well as seeing Cairo lit up at night.

To get into the spirit of Egypt, jump on a traditional Felucca sailing boat and follow in the footsteps of Cleopatra as you experience Cairo from the water. Some of the best Felucca tours include a meal on board while watching the sunset over the city. The best cruises in Egypt are undoubtedly the multi-day Nile cruises between Aswan and Luxor, and we will be focusing on these in this guide.

Cruises depart from both locations, which are easily accessed from Cairo and Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada or Marsa Alam. It also makes a great base for longer trips that give you a few extra days to explore Cairo.

Transfer to your cruise ship for lunch, free time, and afternoon tea. Enjoy dinner and evening entertainment before sailing to Kom Ombo. Day 2 Explore the temple at Kom Ombo and then sail to Edfu for lunch.

In the afternoon you will visit the Temple of Horus. Sail to Luxor during the evening. Day 4 Enjoy an excursion on the East Bank to visit the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, before transferring to the airport for your flight to Cairo or continuing your stay in Luxor.

Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan offer a reversed itinerary. Depending on your day of departure, you can find available cruises departing from Luxor or Aswan. If you want to add a few days in Cairo to your Nile cruise, then this is easily done in 6 days. The itinerary will be the same as for the 4-day cruise above, but with a couple of extra days in Cairo at the beginning. You will be able to admire the Great Pyramids, see the Sphinx and visit the Egyptian Museum, as well as taking a guided tour of the Old Town.

For a long Nile cruise holiday, combine a few nights on the water with a land-based extension to take in all the top sights. This Nile guided tour includes all of the above plus some nights in Cairo or in Hurghada where you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

Both Luxor and Aswan can be easily reached by air or rail from Cairo, and many Nile cruise tours include flights or train tickets in the price. It is also possible to book a private car transfer and rates are very reasonable. The best way to get to Luxor from Cairo by train is on the overnight sleeper, which takes 10 hours and is an experience in itself. Flights are more convenient and take less than 3 hours.

A journey with a private car and driver will be 8 hours, and there are no direct buses. The sleeper train between Cairo and Aswan is a comfortable and fun way to travel, with the journey lasting around 13 hours. Dinner and breakfast are included in the ticket price. Direct flights are the quickest way to travel between Cairo and Aswan, taking just 3. There are no direct buses. Most people travel between Luxor and Aswan on a Nile cruise, but if you want to go by land, both the train and private taxis take 3.

It is easy to combine a stay in Hurghada with a Nile cruise. The best way to reach Luxor and Aswan from Hurghada is by minibus, taxi, or private car, with the journeys taking 4. You can reach both cities by minubus, taxi or private car. It will take about 4 and half hours to reach each of the cities. By bus, it takes slightly longer. If you are staying in a hotel in Marsa Alam and you want to take a Nile Cruise, you can find several packages which include the cruise and both way transfer to Luxor and Aswan from Marsa Alam.

Most Nile cruises include airport or hotel transfers, as well as return flights or train tickets if you are starting your voyage in Luxor or Aswan. Full board, entertainment, and afternoon tea are usually included, and the luxury Nile cruise boats also have swimming pools on deck.

Although many Nile cruises include entrance tickets to monuments, others do not, so make sure you check the details before departing. An English-speaking Egyptologist guide will accompany you throughout the cruise. At Edfu, you will see the Temple of Horus, which is dedicated to the falcon-headed god and is one of the best-preserved monuments in Egypt. The unusual double temple at Kom Ombo is particularly impressive when approached from the water, and seeing the columns towering over the riverbank will be one of the highlights of your Nile cruise.

The temple pays homage to the crocodile god Sobek, and Haroeris, the winged medicine god. It is home to some intriguing hieroglyphs and crocodile mummies. In Aswan, you will enjoy a tour of the famous High Dam, and the sweeping views of the surrounding desert and lake. Next up is the Philae Temple, which was discovered beneath the water during the dam construction.

Built on an island not far from Aswan, the temple is one of the best things to see on a Nile cruise. Some of the longer cruises spend an extra day at Aswan, with an excursion to see the dramatic Abu Simbel Temples. Standard Nile cruise boats are comfortably equipped with well-furnished cabins, a large restaurant serving traditional and international cuisine, and spacious sun decks for relaxing after tours.

The beautiful modern boats used on luxury Nile cruises have excellent onboard facilities, with large public spaces, vast sundecks, and often a pool. Cabins have panoramic windows and sometimes balconies. Buffet restaurants serve high-quality food and there is usually a gift shop. Superior luxury Nile cruises are for those who like to be truly pampered on their vacations. These stylish boats offer spa services with hot tubs and saunas, and lavish outdoor pools on deck.

Rooms are large and well-appointed with a private balcony to enjoy the views. There may be piano bars and hair salons too.

MS Alexander the Great Nile Cruises this elegant yacht is the ultimate indulgent Nile cruise, with luxury suites, a swimming pool and hot tub, and a barbecue deck for evenings beneath the stars. Oberoi Zahara Nile Cruises with fine dining, personalized spa treatments and impeccable service, a cruise onboard this sleek vessel is perfect for those looking to relax in style surrounded by stunning scenery.

Those are the longest packages which include sometimes the visit to the main sights of the capital, or a day in Hurghada or additional activities, such as a hot air balloon ride. The price can vary substantially depending on the inclusions. Make sure to compare the prices offered by many websites online by using the search engine of TourScanner.

Some Nile cruises include attraction entrance tickets, but others do not, so make sure you check the details carefully. On the tours that include attraction tickets, you will have entry to sites in Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Luxor. Where entrance is not included, you will just need to pay on arrival, while still enjoying the services of a tour guide from the boat. Some tours offer optional excursions, including the Abu Simbel Temple, sound and light shows at Karnak and Philae Temples, hot air balloon rides, quad bike safaris by the Pyramids, and camel rides.

If you are visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, there is an additional entrance fee to the Mummy Room which is not included in the trip.

For the ultimate holiday in Egypt combine a few days of sightseeing in Cairo with a multi-day Nile Cruise. Day 1 Arrive in Cairo and check in to your hotel. Day 3 Spend the morning discovering the treasures of the Egyptian Museum , then in the afternoon sail down the Nile in the footsteps of Cleopatra on board a traditional Felucca.

Enjoy the sunset over Cairo. Day 4 Visit the landmarks of Coptic and Islamic Cairo on a full-day tour. Board the overnight train to Aswan. Transfer to your cruise ship and have the afternoon at leisure. Day 6 After an early start, you will explore Abu Simbel , home to some of the most historically important temples in the world. This evening you will sail to Kom Ombo.

Sail to Luxor this evening. If you are wondering when to go on a Nile cruise, we have you covered. The best time to visit the Nile is between October and April when temperatures are cooler and better for visiting the temples. Travel during the peak summer months between June and August is not recommended due to the intense heat in Luxor and Aswan.

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