What shares to buy in south africa

what shares to buy in south africa

How To Buy Shares South Africa Ц Online Guide

These shares continue to be some of the BEST JSE shares to watch and buy in , although the majority of other investors will be thinking the same, so be wary of saturated buying. Some of these shares offer high dividend payouts. 10 Best Forex Brokers in South Africa for Rank. Broker. Sep 10, †Ј This trend is gaining traction not just from the national market but from investors from all over internationally who are looking into the best shares to buy in South rkslogadoboj.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

I like to think of them as wages. Instead of paying me to drive a truck, man an assembly line, or sit behind a desk, however, the company pays me to provide it with capital. But just as I have a limited amount of time to offer an employer each week or month, I also have a limited supply of capital.

Wyat in a stock without soutg is like taking ih job at a small technology start-up. Instead, they promise rapid growth and big dividends in the future. Stocks with high dividend yields are often a more prudent choice.

To calculate it, we simply divide the total afriva per share that the company paid over the most recent 12 months by the current share price. Yes, but without further research, doing so may africx to anxious, sleepless nights.

Because some companies are more generous with their dividend payments than they can afford to be. When the economy turned sour, it could no longer afford to service its debt, let alone pay wages to employees like me. So, it soon went sough. Similarly, companies with high soith of debt may be forced to cut their dividend if market conditions deteriorate. That leaves us but a group of companies that have some resilience to weather tough times without immediately cutting dividend payments to shareholders.

The payout ratio measures how much of each rand a company earns that it pays in the form of dividends. The higher the ratio is, the less cash the company is retaining for the purpose of growth. Such companies face the risk of being crowded out of the marketplace by larger competitors.

Thus, a steady dividend from them is less than a sure thing. Afrrica removes some interesting micro-caps whwt Verimark and KayDav Group from the list un contenders. We want to eliminate companies that shat their dividend at any time during that time period.

Because if they reduced their dividend one time, they may very well decide to do so again. No dividend cuts in past five years. What are the essential ingredients of a good income stock?

Your table is not displaying shxres I cannot see your final list. Same with your other web pages. Please fix, Africx would like to see your final list of companies. Just wanted to say that you write excellent, high quality articles. They are simple and easy to understand, straight to the point, informative and what are the best serums for face useful.

Ti to see someone giving out such buyy. For example, how the above 7 stocks fare a year from now compared to their counterparts. Thanks so much, Investor. I have got investments in preferance shares. I invested in these with the aim to enjoy a secure high income yield. The quoted price of these shares has dropped substantially since buying these shares. I am under the impression that some funds looking for high dividend yielding investments might be interested in these type of shares.

To those readers based in the US, sourh might be helpful to how to play texas poker on facebook that you can trade South African stocks through a Fidelity account. Saves you from having to open an account in SA. Nice one, Roman. Many companies have a policy of distributing a certain percentage of earnings to shareholders.

When this is publicized, it takes some of the guesswork out of forecasting dividend income. Thanks Ryan. Hi Ryan. This is somewhat a reflextion on good managment as well.

Foschini, Truworths and Lewis can also be found in the index. An eye opener especially impressed on how well retail business is doing as they are in the top three.

I am new to this business of investing on the stock market. Who are the 7 companies that you are writing about or did I miss it somehow. Sorry, Kevin. I recently moved the website to a new publishing platform and lost all of my data tables in the process. Look for it to be posted within the next two weeks. Nice afriac. Hi I have that I would like to invest yet I know nothing about stocks what would what is normal rate of heartbeat advise.

I live in the UK but have some money in South Africa that I would like to buy shares with, but once bought would it be possible for me to have them transferred to the London STock exchange.

Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing it. Love your article Ryan as a youth mid twenties please advise me where to start, I would really appreciate your email.

Buj, Sisanda. Have a look and let me know if you have questions. You can reach me in the comments or at ryan investinginafrica. I have small problem understanding the above results. As a first year BCom student we have not received any information that might help with the understanding of such information. If possible may you please enlighten me further. Dividends zfrica one of the two main ways to earn money from investing in shares. Here are a couple articles that can help introduce you to the topic.

Or would I have to go directly through a broker? While some of these shares may be skuth in certain Satrix funds, the only way to get targeted exposure to them is by going through a wht.

If you prefer not to open a brokerage account, you may want to consider the Satrix Dividend Plus Fund, which pays out a quarterly distribution based on the dividends that it collects during the period. Interesting list. Thanks, Brian. All major African markets require listed companies to abide by IFRS and most companies are audited by the same global accounting firms that most US companies are.

You are obviously not interested in the ethics of the companies you have in your top dividend payers. Take the example of Lewis. We have had a three year struggle sharfs behalf of a pensioner on the farm we live on. He was sold furniture with a repayment of R per month. What does boucher mean in french he only gets a Government grant, which at the time was R per month. On complaining to the NCR, nothing was done and I was told Lewis had added the grant of his common law wife to his income.

They were not interested that her grant was a temporary one that had to be renewed every six months. This is helpful to know, Kevin. Thank you. Actually, I am quite interested in the ethics of the companies that appear here. Hi Ryan Why did you remove Truworths from your list? Good catch, Isaac.

The share price has since fallen and bumped up the yield, meaning that Truworths now passes our dividend test, too. Where can I find a list of all the dividend paying stocks trading in Africa? I too, LOVE dividends! You can find good African dividend stocks soutu FT. Screen for African stocks and then sort by dividend yield. I enjoyed reading this. Very concrete defined strategies outlined and not just the same recycled content that you find on other websites.

Good job. What are your thoughts on investing in companies like Im, Woolworths and the popular Platinum and Gold mining companies that are involved in SA? Thanks, Navish, and your comment is not complete garbage at all. Checkers is a division of Shoprite Holdings. Shoprite and Woolworths may not be particularly appealing as dividend stocks due to their relatively low yield, but they are both fine companies and I have a beneficial interest in both of them.

Yes, Lewis used to be a fixture ro this list, but its headline earnings slipped So, while management held the dividend steady at R5. If earnings continue to weaken, it may be impossible for the company to avoid cutting the dividend. Good questions. The dividend yield percentage is determined by the current price of the stock. Tto is simply the total dividend declared by the company during the past 12 months divided by its current share price.

For example, suppose a stock was trading at a price per share of R

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Apr 28, †Ј SA actress Quanita Adams shares 80s and 90s hits on Sunday The Multiple award-winning South African actress shares her favourite feel-good songs from the 80s and 90s on #AnHourWith at 10am. 16 Author: Kabous le Roux. dividend yield = dividend per share / share price. Stocks with dividend yields above 5% are generally considered to be high dividend-payers. So IТll screen the shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for companies that meet this criteria. There are currently 71 JSE stocks with dividend yields greater than 5%.Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. What Shares Can you Buy in South Africa? If you want to buy shares in South African companies (or international firms that have a presence in the country), you will need to use a share dealing platform that gives you access to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Some of the most valuable companies on the exchange includes Prosus, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Naspers, Anglo American, Glencore, and BHP rkslogadoboj.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

In this guide, we explain the ins and outs of how to buy shares in South Africa. We explore key steps that you will need to take before getting started Ч such as choosing a suitable share dealing site, learning how capital gains and dividends work, and the steps required to place your first stock trade. So now that you know the ins and outs of how share trading works in South Africa, we are now going to show you what you need to do to get your hands on some stocks today.

Take note, our step-by-step walkthrough is based on popular stock broker eToro. You can, however, use any platform of your choosing, as the steps remain constant! Upon clicking it, you will be asked to enter some personal information. This includes your full name, home address, date of birth, and contact details.

You will also need to choose a username and a strong password. As such, you will now be asked to upload a couple of verification documents. Once you have uploaded the aforementioned documents, you will be asked to make a deposit. Supported payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, and South African bank transfers. The deposit will then be converted to US dollars, as this is the in-house currency used by eToro.

Although this will attract a 0. As soon as your deposit has been processed which is instant apart from a bank transfer , you can then buy some shares. Alternatively, if you have a particular company in mind, enter it into the search box and click on the corresponding result. To get your share investment placed, you will need to enter the amount that you wish to buy.

Before you can learn how to actually buy shares in South Africa, it is wise to buildup your stock dealing knowledge before taking the plunge.

This will ensure that you do not open a broker account and deposit funds without having a firm grasp of how the financial markets work. With this in mind, below we discuss the basics of buying shares in South Africa as a first-time buyer.

In its most basic form, shares are issued by companies as a means to raise capital. In return, by purchasing shares from the company in question, you will own a percentage of the firm. This would entitle you to dividends as and when they are distributed, as well as the legal remit to vote in shareholder meetings.

In order to issue shares, the company must be listed on a public stock exchange. This means that sellers can offload their shares to new buyers.

The specific price of the shares will go up and down on a second-by-second basis, which is determined by market forces. In other words, if demand for the shares outpaces supply, then in theory the price of the stocks will go up. Similarly, if there are more people selling the shares than those that wish to buy, then price of the stocks will naturally go down.

If you want to buy shares in South African companies or international firms that have a presence in the country , you will need to use a share dealing platform that gives you access to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. With that said, it is also worth expanding the horizons of your stock portfolio by considering international marketplaces. As we briefly covered earlier, you can actually check to see what stock exchanges your chosen broker offers before signing up. Regarding the former, you will be investing in the wider stock markets, as opposed to picking and choosing individual companies.

Alternatively, you might want to consider an ETF exchange-traded fund. This operates in a similar nature to a stock market index, insofar that you will be investing in dozens or hundreds of companies via a single trade. Some ETFs even track dividend stocks Ч which is ideal if you are looking for a diversified portfolio of income-generating shares. The overarching objective of buying shares is to make a profit.

This can actually come in two different forms Ч capital gains and dividends. When you buy shares in a company, the long-term aim to sell them at a higher price than you originally paid. You will need to pay capital gains tax on these gains if you are a South African resident for tax purposes. Some, but not all, publicly-listed companies pay out regular dividend payments to their stockholders.

In its most basic form, this simply means that the company in question is sharing its profits out to those that hold stocks. If this is the case, dividend stocks typically distribute payments every 3 or 6 months. When they do, the funds will be deposited into the brokerage account that the stocks are held at. Some South African investors will look to focus exclusively on dividend stocks, as this allows them to earn passive income. You then have the prospect that the shares will increase in value, which means you can earn dividends and capital gains collectively!

On the contrary, there is every chance that you will lose money. In fact, there are countless examples of companies that have not only failed to regain their former glory Western Union, MoneyGram, HSBC, and many others , but some no longer cease to exist.

As such, we would suggest reading through the following five tips before parting with your money. Diversification is one of the most important strategies that you can take when you invest in stocks South Africa.

In its most basic form, it means that you will be diversifying your risk by investing in heaps of different companies. In doing so, you stand the best chance possible of avoiding being overly-exposed to a company that goes down in value. In truth, buying shares in different companies can be a time-consuming and costly exercise. This is because you will need to place different trades Ч each of which will encounter a share dealing charge. The good news is that by opting for a stock market index or ETF, you can invest in dozens, if not hundreds of different firms via a single trade.

Some market commentators will suggest starting off with a demo account. As a result, you might be best to start off with a real-money brokerage account, albeit, with small stakes. This gives you the best of both worlds, insofar that you will be able to experience what it is like to pick a losing trade, while at the same time mitigate your risks by investing with smaller amounts. If you have virtually no idea how to choose which companies to invest in Ч it might be worth considering the merits of a Copy Trading portfolio.

In a nutshell, platforms like eToro allow you to mirror the trades of other investors. That is to say, not only will you be copying their current stock portfolio Ч but all future buy and sell orders.

This means that you will be able to buy and trade shares without needing to have any experience of how things work. Best of all, you get to explore the merits of each Copy Trading investor before parting with your money. For example, eToro allows you to check the historical trading results of the investor, and each trader will be assigned with a risk rating. South African share dealing platforms will always charge a fee of some sort. Not only will the size of the fee vary from broker-to-broker, but as will the pricing model.

For example, while some brokers charge a flat fee every time you trade, others charge a variable commission. On the one hand, stock investors are less concerned about short-term pricing trends. Instead, they are happy to play the long-term game by riding out market waves. On the other hand, it is still vital that you keep tabs on key news developments that can impact your stocks and shares investment. In doing so, you will avoid losing more than you would have done had you not sold the shares earlier.

If you have a portfolio that consists of heaps of different stocks, it might be worth using an automated news tracker. The likes of Yahoo Finance have a dedicated fundamental news service that will notify you when an important new story centres on your stocks. You can add as many companies as you wish without needing to pay a fee! If you want to buy stocks and shares in South Africa, you will need to use an online share dealing platform. Such platforms sit between you and the stocks that you wish to buy.

On the one hand, there are dozens, if not hundreds of regulated brokers that now accept traders from South Africa.

On the other hand, this can make it difficult to know which platform to sign up with. For example, while some platforms are known for offering low fees and commissions, others are popular for supporting e-wallets like Paypal and Skrill.

With this in mind, below you will find a range of considerations that you need to make before you invest in stocks South Africa. You will be depositing and entrusting your hard-earned money with your chosen share dealing platform Ч so it is imperative that the provider is regulated by a tier-one licensing body. By choosing an online broker that is regulated by at least one of the above licensing bodies, you can ensure you are able to buy and sell shares in a safe environment.

For example, the broker will need to ensure that it stores client funds in separate bank accounts from its own. It will also need to verify the identity of each and every trader that opens an account. Furthermore, the share dealing site in question will have its books audited by its respective license issuers. The next metric that you need to look out for before you sign up to a broker and invest in shares South Africa is that of payment methods. After all, you will need to deposit and withdraw funds into and from the share dealing site, so make sure that your preferred payment option is supported.

Most online brokers support South African-issued payment cards, which means that you will be able to deposit funds instantly. It is also important for you to assess what stock markets you will be able to access at your chosen South Africa stock broker. Some platforms in the space list thousands of companies from dozens of stock exchanges. If you have a slightly higher appetite for risk, it might be worth seeing if the broker gives you access to less liquid markets. You can check what markets the broker offers before investing in shares South Africa by browsing through its website.

It is also worth seeing if the broker offers stock market index funds and ETFs. This will be ideal if you have little to no experience of buying shares, or you simply want to diversify in a seamless manner. You also need to make some considerations regarding fees when you invest in shares South Africa.

This includes both trading fees and non-trading fees. Regarding the former, you will likely need to pay a trading commission or share dealing charge every time you buy and sell a stock. This might come in the form of a flat fee or a variable commission. A select number of brokers Ч such as eToro, do not charge any dealing charges when you buy shares without leverage. You also need to look at the size of the spread when buying shares, which is the difference between the bid and ask price of the stock.

Although we would suggest performing in-depth research on your chosen broker before signing up, we understand that this can be a time-consuming process.

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