What would your warrior cat name be

what would your warrior cat name be

What is your warrior cat name and life? For girls.

Please enable JavaScript. Jun 25,  · What Would Your Warrior Name, Clan, And Looks Be? 10 Questions - Developed by: Cinderpool - Developed on: - , taken - User Rating: of 5 - 65 votes - 24 people like it The title says it all.

Rusty made a transition from a two legs cat and went on an adventure of a lifetime just like he wished. The cats in the books are different and being indifferent clans makes the differences more noticeable.

Wonder which cat you would be? Take up this test and get to know. Search Speak now. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. This is a role play question, or RPQ.

What would you do if another clan who was bigger than yours attacked you? Save your kits and then rip the next enemy cat who comes near your kits! Your best friend always goes missing from camp every day. One day, you see them slip out and decide to follow him. When he stops, an enemy clan she-cat jumps out of the bushes! You will Talk to your friend about it and tell them that its against the warrior code.

StarClan has just shared a dream with you that you need to go on a long journey. Just forget about the whole thing, it probably wasn't meant for you You are captured by Scrouge, he forces you to make a horrible decision, he will either kill your kits and mate or your leader.

You think and finally decide Let him kill your kits and mate, your leader is more important Related Topics. More Warrior Cat Quizzes. Featured Quizzes. The Office Trivia Quiz! The Ultimate Logical Fallacies Quiz! Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 Quiz! Quiz: Why am I so bored? Quiz: What U. How to be a better girlfriend to your boyfriend Should You Live In?

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Warrior Cats Name Generator

what would your warrior cat name be. 3 Comments. If you were a warrior cat who would you be? You can find out here. All names will suit your warrior cat. so please have loads of fun. Sorry if its not the best. Would you be a clan leader? Well maybe it's time to find rkslogadoboj.com could be one of five cats. Dec 18,  · What is your warrior cat name and life? For girls. Ever wonder what kind of cat you would be in the world of survival and loyalty? Take this quiz to find out! This quiz is accurate and fun! I will make one for boys soon.

Based off the books by Erin Hunter. Which clan do you belong to? What is your name chosen by Starclan? Your ambition burns bright like a fire. The desire that haunts you is power, not of a warrior but of a leader. All your life there has been someone ahead of you, and you are ready to take the lead.

In fights you are vicious and ruthless, blinded by dreams of becoming leader. But you have a really good life already--don't take it for granted. You believe that you can outrun your troubles, so most of the time you're running. Born in Windclan, family members and clanmates have always tried to manipulate your life. When caught in tight situations, you envy the great falcons soaring above the moorland. They get to come and go as they please, and they aren't trapped like you are!

You dream of running away, exploring life beyond clan boundaries. You want freedom. Stormy weather makes you feel content and connected. You have a strong connection to the spiritual world. You love people and are willing to defend your clan no matter what. Like weather changing from rain to sun, you often have mood swings. There are times when you dream of becoming a medicine cat, and you believe that it is your destiny to serve Thunderclan until you join the stars.

It was never your choice to become the medicine cat of Thunderclan, but you have grown to like it. You feel as if sickness is a battle to fight and you can sometimes be a little cranky and violent. You're fiercely loyal and willing to defend your clanmates using both medicinal herbs and claw. Clanmates love your personality and you are rather popular among the clan. You belong to Riverclan, the strong and silent warrior.

On the outside you seem passive and shy, but in times of conflict you become aggressive and ruthless. You have a gentle and caring spirit and you know some of the healing herbs too. You've always felt a strong spiritual connection with water, which gives you strength and confidence. One of your special abilities is that you can find out very much about a clanmate by the powers of observation. Your warrior name is Darkrose! As a warrior of Shadowclan, you are generally considered evil, but you find beauty in darkness as well.

You come from a broken home, so you spend most of your time in a melancholy state of depression. You believe that a finding a mate will finally make you happy, and you are a hopeless romantic. But what you are really looking for is not found in a mate, it is found in your heart. What's Your Warrior Cat Name? Which clan do you think you belong in most? Do you consider yourself good or evil?

What are you planning to do this summer? Join a sports team--I love running! Spend as much time in the water as possible! Just read a lot or keep to myself Whatever I want to do.

It's nobody's choice but mine. Party all night. I love the long summer nights! Introvert or extrovert? Do you want the first name of an animal or a plant? Something abstract, which you can't see but it's there. An element. What do you find a connection with? Darkness, solitude. Wind, or anything fast-moving. Storms and rainy weather. Nature and plants. Do you consider yourself violent?

I can be at times. Not at all. Which role would you like to have in a clan? Medicine cat. What is the meaning of life? Freedom and making a difference in the world. Power and ambition. I hope to find out. Finding someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Compassion and happiness. Protecting my family members and defending the innocent. Which word do you feel a strong connection with? Do you want a mate? My mate would only get in the way of things. I'm better off on my own. Depends on who I meet.

What is your dark side? I don't know. Facebook Comments.

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